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European Super League (ESL) for FM17

ESL is a 10 division super league with 408 clubs; all 160 clubs from England + 248 clubs from Europe join the English leagues. Database for Football Manager 2017.

By Updated on Apr 11, 2017   49364 views   12 comments
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Downloads: 6683 / Size: 14.1 MB / Added: 2017-02-16
FM 2017 Fantasy Scenarios - European Super League (ESL) for FM17
The European Super League (ESL) is a 10 division league with 408 clubs; all 160 clubs from England + 248 clubs from Europe join the English leagues.

Update 1

  • Now 100% compatible with patch 17.3
  • Removed the `UEFA Champions League` and `UEFA Europa League`; the `ESL Champions League` is already a larger and more challenging tournament.
  • Created a 512 team `ESL Club World Cup` (all 408 clubs already in the ESL + 104 top clubs from around the world), with qualifiers, then 64 team group stage then knockouts.
  • Moved the winners history from the `UEFA Champions League` into `ESL Champions League`.
  • Created background images for the top leagues and cups, for skins that show background images.
  • Created trophies for the leagues and cups. The trophies come from the Trophies Megapack available on FM Scout.
  • Renamed `ESL League Cup` to `ESL FA Cup` to make it more clear that this is the main Cup.
  • Created the `ESL Europa League`, this is similar to the `Champions League` for the lower 6 divisions with qualifiers, a group stage and knockouts.
  • I worked for 3 days to optimize the schedule of the `Champions League' and `Club World Cup`, to try and reduce the schedule conflicts.
  • There are still some match days you will have to play with only 1 day rest between them, I tried very hard to eliminate or reduce these tight schedules, but it still happens.
  • You should just try to focus your main team on one cup, send your backup/reserve/youth squad to play in the other cups during the tight schedules.

Bring your A-game! Because this is the most brutally challenging but rewarding FM17 scenario on the planet!

ESL Summary

  • 3 weeks work, includes custom graphics, 30,000+ Database changes, 659 Awards, 4 Cups
  • High quality, very well balanced (hundreds of hours of simulations)
  • Very challenging due to the strength of the competition in each league.
  • Extremely active Transfer Market, multiple clubs paying +110 million (£) for top skills.
  • Transfers of +110 million (£) should start happening from 2019! In 2027 I saw 2x +100M transfers, to PSG and Ajax.
  • Talent from South America is easier to acquire, but still count as `foreign`
  • Bayern, Barca, Juve, R/A Madrid, Arsenal, Man U/C, Milan etc. are all in the new Premier League.
  • All 17 groups (in 10 levels) have 24 clubs (17 groups x 24 clubs = 408); with fast promotion from 4 spots in most divisions.
  • Rebalanced all Leagues reputations, Clubs and Nations Youth Ratings, Facilities; Players Wages, Transfers Values etc.
  • All clubs are still `based` in their own native country!
  • Includes the standard Transfer windows, 25 player squads, `3 from 7` subs etc.
  • All 96 clubs in the top 4 divisions enter a new super Champions League!
  • All European nations/leagues are still playable; I moved the remaining clubs up and I filled all the empty spots in each league. Norway was particularly painful!
  • UEFA and FIFA competitions remain the same! Except UEFA Champions League reputation and difficulty is reduced, the ESL Champions League is much harder!
Originally I wanted to create (another) World Super League with over 1000 clubs, but I found the game to be very slow, and the save file to exceed 200MB in just a few years. So I decided to `stream-line` the concept by only including European clubs, and make processing as fast as possible!

Goals of the ESL

  • Must be fast to process. Smaller than other Super League scenarios to keep it fast!
  • Include only clubs from Europe, leave all other leagues playable as they were.
  • Re-fill all the empty spots in each European league we take clubs from, so they are still playable.
  • Rebalance the other European leagues.
  • My league reputation/strength value calculation was taken by getting the average reputation of the clubs in the league and divide by 40~42 to get a new league reputation value. eg. If a league has an average club reputation of 5000 in it, 5000 / 40 = 125 reputation for the league Normally I divide by 40 for the top league, and divide by 42 for the lower leagues.
  • Keep the number of clubs as low as possible, but include every major club in Europe (248 clubs from Europe + 160 clubs from England).
  • Include as many clubs with 6000+ reputation as I can possibly fit in the structure.
  • Must be fast to climb the ranks from the bottom to the top; so include 4 promotion/relegation slots in each division where possible.
  • Must include ALL English clubs of the official FM release. Tier 1 to 6 (up to Vanarama National North/South, 160 clubs from England)
  • Include some semi-pro clubs from the other major European nations. So you can take a semi-pro club based in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, etc. to the top of the league.
  • Include some historic (but still active) clubs, such as Sheffield, the oldest club in the world as a playable club. (Sheffield is in Division 6.A)
  • All clubs are `based` in their original nation, so the players and youth are generated from their home nation.
  • Make the leagues extremely challenging! The average number of days between matches for a Premier League club is 4 days, but the system will check for clashes! So Good Luck! But I've seen multiple clubs win the double and treble, so it's possible!
  • Keep all continental (UEFA) and international (FIFA) competitions as they are!
  • UEFA Champions League is replaced (in spirit) by ESL Champions League; which is more difficult and has all 96 clubs from the top 4 leagues playing, so it contains all BPL clubs! UEFA Champions League is still in the game and playable but the difficulty is reduced because the top clubs are all in one league now, and the reputation of the UEFA CL is reduced to 140.
  • Keep the `width` of the leagues very small, so don't create 4~8 divisions in one level, because it slows things down and a lot of unnecessary processing.
  • Most `Divisions` only have 2 groups, eg. 1.A and 1.B, 2.A and 2.B except Division 6 because it has all the Vanarama National North & South clubs (44 clubs + other semi-pro clubs from Europe, so it has 3 groups, 72 clubs total)!

ESL Structure

All divisions/groups have 24 clubs; including the Premier League!

Premier League: 200 reputation, 4x relegation
Championship: 185 reputation, 4x promotion/relegation
League 1: 170 reputation, 4x promotion/relegation
League 2: 155 reputation, 4x promotion/relegation

Division 1.A + 1.B: 140 reputation, 2x promotion, 4x relegation, Top half of English Championship clubs
Division 2.A + 2.B: 120 reputation, 4x promotion/relegation, Bottom half of English Championship clubs
Division 3.A + 3.B: 100 reputation, 4x promotion/relegation, England League 1
Division 4.A + 4.B: 85 reputation, 4x promotion/relegation, England League 2
Division 5.A + 5.B: 70 reputation, 4x promotion, 3x relegation, Most English Vanarama National clubs + some semi-pro and pro clubs from Europe
Division 6.A + 6.B + 6.C: 55 reputation, 2 promotion, 1 relegation; semi-pro ~ Vanarama National North & South clubs + 50 extra European clubs!

Total: 408 clubs

In comparison, the BPL has 175 reputation, La Liga has 180, Bundesliga 176, Serie A 170 and Ligue 1 160

NOTE: Not all clubs are in their respective league, eg. Newcastle (In the Championship) easily wins Division 1, so it's moved to League 2, it normally also wins League 2 though.

ESL Features

  • 30,000+ Database Changes

  • 10 Levels
  • 4 cups
  • 408 clubs
    • 248 clubs from Europe
    • 160 clubs from England
  • 82 semi-pro clubs in Divisions 5 + 6

  • Custom League Logo Graphics (I'm not a graphic designer, so it took me a whole day to make them, hope you appreciate the effort!)
  • Includes several historic (but still active) clubs, such as Sheffield, the oldest club in the world as a playable club. (Sheffield is in Division 6.A)

  • 659 Awards
    • Top 4 division have 51 Awards each
    • All-Star XI, Dream Team, Golden Glove
    • 8x `Wonderkid` (<= 20 y/o) awards makes it easier to find them; eg. Best Wonderkid Defender, Midfielder, Winger, Playmaker, Striker of the Year
    • MVP of the Future, MVP of the Year
    • Attacking Defender of the Year = Defender with the most assists
    • Best GK, best CD, best FB, best Playmaker, best DM, best AM, best Mid, best ST and best Winger of the Year
    • 8x `Young Player` (<= 23 y/o) awards.

  • Increased the Transfer Market activity to/from Europe and South America
  • `Nations Treated as EU` now includes: South America, USA, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the whole of Europe
  • `Nations Treated as Non-Foreign` now includes all the nations of clubs in the ESL, so their players are considered `local` players.
  • Included ALL 23 official languages of the nations I took clubs from; in the list of languages in England. So there should be NO advantage for English speaking clubs!
  • Standard Transfer windows apply! Must declare a 25 player squad. Professional leagues have `3 from 7` subs.
  • Slightly increased the Wages and Transfer values of Top players with 160~200 skill. The top Transfer Value (191~200) was changed from 65M to 100M, and Wages from 300K to 500K. The lower skill values remain the same.
  • System WILL check for date clashes, so you should NEVER have less than 3 days between matches in the Premier League. However, the schedule of Premier League clubs is brutal, but I've seen clubs like Man Utd win both Premier League and Champions League!
  • All Cup Finals are played at Wembly!
  • Re-balance ESL clubs and leagues
  • Re-balanced the Youth Ratings, Youth Facilities, Training etc. For long term saves.
  • U23 & U18 Reserve Teams. All reserve teams play against others from their main team division.

Re-balance Leagues

I run many hours of simulations to find the optimal position/division of each team.
I started with each team seeded based on league and reputation, then ran several 1 year holiday simulations and recorded their league table positions; then promoted/relegated each team higher or lower based on average results of several 1 year run simulations.
In total, I ran about 16x 1 year holiday simulations and took the average position of each club for promotion/relegation.
But I still consider the bottom teams in the Premier League to be Yo-yo teams!

Clubs from various countries/leagues are never balanced against each other, they are balanced relative to the clubs in their own league/nation.
So when you have so many clubs come from various countries, you need to re-balance some values relative to clubs with similar strength/reputation.


All cup finals are played at Wembley!

Each Cup has 13 awards!

ESL Champions League

  • 200 reputation; Higher reputation than the rebalanced UEFA Champions League (140) (ie. I lowered the reputation of UEFA CL because it is weaker now because the other Euro leagues are not as strong anymore!)
  • Much bigger and harder than the official/origional UEFA Champions League!
  • 96 clubs start in the group stage compared to 32 clubs in UEFA
  • ALL 96 clubs from the top 4 divisions (Premier League, Championship, League 1 & 2) play a group stage then knockout.
  • Group stage has 16 groups of 6 clubs compared to 8 groups of 4 clubs in UEFA
  • Top 2 winners from each group (32 clubs) enter the knockout stage
  • Winner: 25,000,000 (£)
  • Loser: 15,000,000 (£)

ESL League Cup

  • 180 reputation
  • Replaces FA Cup
  • Played by ALL 408 clubs!
  • Winner: 8,000,000 (£)
  • Loser: 3,000,000 (£)

ESL Super Cup

  • 130 reputation
  • Played by ESL Champions League winner and ESL Premier League winner
  • Winner: 3,000,000 (£)
  • Loser: 1,000,000 (£)

ESL League Trophy

  • 110 reputation
  • Played by the bottom 6 divisions (312 clubs)
  • Winner: 1,000,000 (£)
  • Loser: 300,000 (£)

How to Install ESL in FM17

Extract files.

Copy the European-Super-League.fmf file to:
C:\Users\[__USERNAME__]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data

Copy the `graphics` folder to:
C:\Users\[__USERNAME__]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics

If you already have custom club logo packs, this will simply add a folder to your existing logos called: \graphics\Logos\ESL

If the custom competition logo graphics don't show, check the file paths and then goto `Preferences` -> `Interface` -> click `Clear Cache` ... then go BACK into `Preferences` and click `Reload Skin` on the bottom. This can be done anytime during a game!

NOTE: .fmf files must be placed directly in the `editor data` folder without sub-folders in `editor data` folder!

Start new career game, select `European Super League` from the `Database` Drop down box on top right, then click `Advanced Setup` and select England.

NB NB NB: Please disable all other custom leagues and database changes in the `Database` Drop down box!

Small or medium database is fine, as there are so many high quality clubs already loaded, unless you begin in a very low division.
The Top 4 ESL leagues (Premier League, Championship, League 1 & 2) are very competitive already and very fast to process.
So I recommend to just start with the top 4 leagues. Unless you want a longer game or you want to find a specific club!
I suggest taking a club in League 1 or 2 and try to get promotions to the Premier League.

Notable leagues you might want to include; Top level only: Brazil, Argentina; then maybe Mexico, USA, Colombia, they have the highest youth ratings outside of Europe!

The European leagues of Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal reputation is much lower now, they sit between League 2 and Division 1 in the ESL, so don't load them if you are not loading Division 1! But they can still be good for the Youth Intake values!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

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Downloads: 6683 / Size: 14.1 MB / Added: 2017-02-16
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Discussion: European Super League (ESL) for FM17

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • burdula's avatar
    well done ! but why top clubs dont buy players? or get them on free transfer
  • You de Mané's avatar
    Does this work with Touch?
  • Cavenaghi's avatar
    sounds amazing, are you able to do a world league with such structure ? that would be magnificent.
  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    All players of my main team go for nation games. Nobody left for games in ChLeague or Cup. So, I have to take U23 and U18 players. And as a result I loose.
    How to solve this?
  • flwikander's avatar
    hi, how can i change the registration rule in the editor to where players under 21 dont need to be registered ?
  • NRL1012's avatar
    This sounds awesome but I can't load it because when I try I cannot select England as a nation at all it comes up with the Red Exclamation mark ?? Any Ideas??
  • Deadlydel's avatar
    Loving the super league so far even if there is a lot of games per week. Think I'm going to have to throw a cup or two.

    My only concern is the registration of players. Normally Under 21's don't have to be registered for the league. I'n this i've ran into a scenario where i've had 3 right backs out (2 injured and 1 carded). One was a centre back who could play right back. Going into my youth squads doesn't help.

    I'm having to play players out of position.

    Is this an easy fix?
  • alex1133's avatar
    одна из лучших пользовательских лиг...Играю второй сезон
  • mantorras77's avatar
    another thing, you can't play this online as it gives errors for other users.
  • adhira's avatar
    Amazing job @darthfurion, one of the best custom leagues, played it for couple of season, had no glitches and it is very interesting.

    i just 2 requests if you can edit it it would be great

    1. UEFA champions league:- please if you can remove the competition, because after the 1st season there are only 4 big teams involved in it and by the final if they play each other in the knockout rounds 1or 2 of them will reach the final and 1 of them is only going to win it and the rest of the matches turn out to be throwaways. ESL has its own champions league which is amazing and has all the big teams.
    2. UEFA europa league equivalent:- if you can make an ESL europa league for the rest of the teams after the league 2(4th domestic league) because all the big players are going to be transferred in the ESL only. UEFA competitions just add to to the schedule without offering any competition after the 1st season.
  • mantorras77's avatar
    I want to say amazing work and great detail but having to play 3 games in 6 days is no fun for me.
  • pele03's avatar
    This, is amazing, the detail you put in it is amazing.
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