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Fez's Enhanced Turf Textures FM23

New enhanced look of grass textures for Football Manager 2023. An exclusive release by Fez. Updated on November 25th.

By Updated on Nov 25, 2022   128132 views   29 comments
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Downloads: 47648 / Size: 18.7 MB / Added: 2022-10-24
FM 2023 Misc Graphics - Fez's Enhanced Turf Textures FM23
Following my work New Turfs for FM22, I have once again added new and improved grass textures making the game look more realistic.
Winter, mud and grass turfs done.

Enhanced FM23 Turfs Preview

How to install Enhanced Turfs on FM23

1. Extract the contents of the downloaded .7z file with a free tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac OS.

2. Move the extracted art folder to your FM23 user data folder.
/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/

3. Run Football Manager 2023 and go to: Preferences > Interface
Clear Cache. Return to the same screen.
Enable: 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences'
Reload Skin.

Download Now
Downloads: 47648 / Size: 18.7 MB / Added: 2022-10-24
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Discussion: Fez's Enhanced Turf Textures FM23

29 comments have been posted so far.

  • Lord Duffucus's avatar
    @Appy_Ammer - Yes, there is a flat option in the FM23 pattern files too (I've had a look through the resource archiver too) but I don't know how you'd apply that only to the synthetic pitches. You could take all the others out and only be left with the 'flat' one, but it would then be on all pitches. Makes you wonder why it's there as an option though if it doesn't apply to the synthetic pitches because I'm yet to see it on any pitch as yet!
  • Appy_Ammer's avatar
    @Lord Duffucus and @Fez007 - I was following the SI forum discussion and wandered over here. I used the Resource Archiver to look at fm2017 pitch textures and compare them with the file here. I noticed that in the patterns folder there is a '', this would appear to give the 3G synthetic pitch you're looking for as that is the only one without a pattern BUT... I haven't a clue where the file is that corresponds with that dds file. Is it hard coded? If we knew where that is then I guess you'd get the desired pitch effect you're after.
  • Lord Duffucus's avatar
    @Fez007 - Yes, I'm sure it's not straightforward! Thanks. SI used to not put patterns on the 3G pitches but for some reason they do now. In real life, any patterns get flattened out as soon as anyone starts playing on them! Thanks for looking into it - I know some people on the SI forums have found ways of doing their own patterns so in theory, having no patterns should be do-able but I'm no expert in these things!
  • Fez007's avatar
    @ Lord Duffucus, I wish it were basic. I've just started a game with Livingstone from Scottish Premier. They have synthetic turfs and yes should not have patterns. May not be possible to remove them but will look into it.
  • Lord Duffucus's avatar
    @Fez007 - Hundreds of clubs have them - the 3G surfaces is what I mean. I figured that if the texture was changed at source then it would show on all 3G pitches accordingly? Basically just needs the patterns taking off really to make it look more realistic so you know that's what you're playing on. Thanks for the reply.
  • Fez007's avatar
    @Lord Duffucus, I haven't touched the synthetic textures but if you can tell me which clubs have them I can look into it.
  • Lord Duffucus's avatar
    Hi Fez - Could you do a texture for the synthetic pitches that doesn't have any patterns/lines? They don't tend to IRL so it would me more realistic if synthetic pitches were just one solid colour, like they used to be on FM until a year or two ago? Just makes it that bit more realistic. Love your work, thanks.
  • Fared's avatar
    Indeed. It finally worked...don't know what happened.
    Thank you for your answer and for this addon !
  • Fez007's avatar
    The download link is working fine. Just tested it, maybe check your security settings.
  • Fared's avatar
    Hi !
    For information, the download link seems like it doesn't work anymore...
    Got this message :
    "Restricted Access
    Downloading files directly on our download servers is only allowed for FM Scout users. Go to to find the relevant download page of the file you're trying to grab."
  • Fez007's avatar
    @abc_sco No not at the moment. Thank you.
  • abc_sco's avatar
    @Fez007: are you working on update on your Turf Patch Files? Greetings
  • thegoon65's avatar
    i dont have a user data folder or data folder? Do i just create one?
  • squad's avatar
    thanks fez I've been using for years
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    All the sounds are done, metzfm file has crowd chants and even swearing
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    Thanks Fez007: i hope you have more time and work on Update for Turf Files.. Thanks for your Time and Work! Cheers
    Edit: my wish is, that is possible to edit stadiums, then we have more realiistic stadiums, but i think, that never happened.
    ( to edit audio files: chants, tunnel anthems, and so on..)
  • Fez007's avatar
    May work on the winter grass texture when I have more time.
  • Fez007's avatar
    Update: small change to wintery pitch, image below. Very difficult to add white to the grass, as it looks grey in game.
    Download link updated.
  • doubleedge's avatar
    You might need to update the snow pitch texture as it looks like a ice rink
  • Fez007's avatar
    I don't understand, update what exactly? If you mean the download link, it's done already.
  • sunsetsamosa's avatar
    Could you update this :-)
  • GMM's avatar
    Great !
  • Kad38's avatar
    thank you THE BOSS @fez007
  • Fez007's avatar
    UPDATE: Made a small adjustment, added a little more green and vibrancy. Comparison below.
  • del8boy's avatar

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