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FIFA World League 5.2

A brand new league based in England and made up of 476 of the best teams in the world from Real Madrid and Barcelona to Ceske Budejovice and St. Johnstone.

By on Jul 09, 2015   23911 views   5 comments
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Downloads: 3349 / Size: 149.2 kB / Added: 2015-07-09
FM 2015 Custom Scenarios - FIFA World League 5.2
It's back!!!
Based on the amazing league made by AFILMFORTHEFUTURE on steam (original DB), I have revamped the league and cups, and fixed the errors.

What is the structure of this league?

There are 20 main leagues. A premier league made up of 20 teams and 19 more divisions with 24 teams each. Teams are sorted purely by reputation.

Are there any cup competitions?

Of course. In fact, there are four: the FIFA World League Cup, FIFA World Lower League Cup, FIFA World League Trophy, and the FIFA World League Community Shield. The League Cup and Lower League Cup are straight knock-out competitions for each half of the league. The FIFA World League Cup is the most prestigious cup competition in the world.

NEW - The FIFA Trophy is a post-season competition, featuring the winners and runners-up of the top 16 leagues in a simple knockout competition, leading up to some nice pre-transfer window bonus cash for the eventual winners and runners up of the trophy.
The Community Shield is a match between the League Cup and Lower League Cup winners that takes place at the start of the season.

There is a rule for every league not allowing more than 11 foreigners in the match day squad - I have kept this rule despite disagreement from many other users, as it makes sure that each country still gets class players. For example if I were playing as Kaizer Chiefs (South African side), I would not be allowed more than 11 non-South Africans in my Matchday squad, forcing me to field my local players and giving them valuable match time. This is as opposed to me having a team full of Brazilian or Spanish talent, leading to the South African national team having players without match playing experience.

Sometimes with custom leagues the team has the same nationality as the league so their regens are from the wrong country. Will this happen in the FIFA World League?

Nope. Each team retains their original nationality so their regens will come from their own country.

Can I play with other nations at the same time as the World League?

Sure. I've edited the other nations to make their leagues playable although remember they no longer include the teams that have now moved to the World League.

How to add FIFA World League to Football Manager 2015

1. Download this file : FIFA World League 5.2
2. Move the .fmf file to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data (if the folder does not exist then create it)
3. Start a new game and choose the extra file.

I have a website and I'd like to share your file on it. What should I do?

If you wish to re-post this update please credit me. If you want to edit it and post please ask me first.

I think I've spotted a bug or I have a suggestion for how to improve the file. Would you like to hear it?

Yes please! The file is very complicated and there may well be issues with it that I haven't seen yet.

Also, if you have any suggestions on how to improve it please let me know!

Where the hell is Ajax [or your favourite team]? Don't you know they won the Champions League?

Ajax are in Division Two. Teams are sorted purely by reputation according to SI researchers. This is the fairest way I could think of and sorry if you're favourite team is lower than you expect. It's pretty easy to edit the leagues so please go ahead if you want to make changes.

What else can I expect?

Lots of fun!!! With bonuses for every game (including for the losers) it avoids clubs going bankrupt due to the travelling expenses.
Choose from 3 out of 12 subs to give yourself full flexibility during the match

List of changes

  • League Twenty and the development leagues have been removed due to errors.
  • Lower League Cup and the main League Cup have had their seedings removed to bring back the magic of the cup through random cup draws.
  • A new post-season cup has been added with the winners and runners-up of every league involved.
  • All errors have been fixed and the database has been verified.
  • Only tested on the English league.

Download Now
Downloads: 3349 / Size: 149.2 kB / Added: 2015-07-09
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Discussion: FIFA World League 5.2

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • thesacrisant's avatar
    Hey,interested in a international club football pyramid with promotion/relegation?
    Teams do not get moved to a foreign league,keep their nationality and keep playing their own national leagues and cups along my UEFA Football Pyramid.
    UEFA Football Pyramid :
    BENE League Football Pyramid :
  • alcateia12's avatar
    The update is pretty cool! But there's one thing I notice: a lot, and by a lot I really mean a lot, of coaches are fired, mostly because of the fact their clubs could be on the wrong division. For instance, I'm coaching Southampton, currently placed on Fifa World League Division Seven and, besides me winning all the matches and being first on the league, the direction is unhappy with me, my coach situation is precarious, and I dont get it why. I think its some kind of bug in these situations, lot of clubes well placed on their leagues without coaches, or soon to be without coaches.
    Besides that, it's a hell of a challenge, it's pretty cool! I'm addicted to this and hope not to get fired from my club! :D Thanks for the update!
  • unes.sw's avatar
    Hello , Pleas i need a data base file with real madrid and fc barcelona in England league , does anybody here can me it for me PLEAAAAAAS
  • espanholito99's avatar
    dmpcs, does the last teams in the last division get relegated and swithced by others?
  • DjafteKurafte's avatar
    what the hell to pick here? :/
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