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FM File Editor

FM File Editor lets you easily manage lnc files typically for real name fixes and such.

By Updated on Jul 30, 2021   5968 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 684 / Size: 139.3 kB / Added: 2021-07-20
Football Manager 2021 Tools - FM File Editor
FM File Editor is a simple Windows Application where you can easily create new, open existing and save lnc files. Normally you have to open the lnc files in an text editor such as Notepad and edit the specific lines yourself, remembering the syntax, delimiters and everything. FM File Editor makes this a lot easier.

Right now you can edit:
  • Players
  • Clubs
  • Stadiums (where applicable)
  • Nations
  • Cities
  • Competitions
  • Awards

It also handles short and long names very easily. For example a club will have one entry and you can then give both long and short name and the program will make the two required lines when saving as lnc file.

It does support languages as well but you can only have one language variant for each item in a single file. If you need to add more languages then just create a file per language.

You will need to download zip package and extract the three files and then run the .exe file.
The program requires .NET 5 Framework installed on your Windows PC.

DISCLAIMER: Use it at your own risk but lnc files are more or less risk free because you can add and remove them from your save games whenever you want to.

Download Now
Downloads: 684 / Size: 139.3 kB / Added: 2021-07-20
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Discussion: FM File Editor

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • pontyjames's avatar
    is there a Mac version?
  • keallu's avatar
    Version 1.0.2 released.
  • amrd_arema's avatar
    I have found the solution, we need to install both .net runtime and .net desktop runtime. Thanks, this app is really helpful.
  • keallu's avatar
    Sorry for my late replies.

    amrd_arema: What are your specific problem with .NET 5? You can download it here:

    Select to run desktop apps. That should work. Otherwise please provide me with any error message or such that you get.

    daveo72: Sorry. Only works for Windows.

    AtlasFR: Feature suggestions are very welcome. You can just write them here or message me directly. The 3Letter is for competitions, right? I have already looked at that property. I'm not familiar with the gender property.
  • amrd_arema's avatar
    .NET 5.0 problem, how can we fix it?
  • daveo72's avatar
    does this work on mac?
  • AtlasFR's avatar
    Hi keallu,

    First of all, I apologize for my poor quality English (I'm French).
    A big thank you for this tool which works perfectly for me, I have been a confirmed user with LNC files for several years already
    Could I contact you in an "easier" way to suggest that you improve this tool?
    I am thinking in particular of the GENDER attribute, very useful for determining the type of pronoun in Latin languages (including French) but also the 3LETTER attribute... I have a lot of other ideas in stock ha ha !!! ^^''

    Looking forward to discussing with you in the future,
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