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FM Guide: How to search for players in lower divisions

Easiest way to finding players in Football Manager, really useful for lower division clubs!

By on Sep 28, 2015   34731 views   5 comments
FM Quick Tips - FM Guide: How to search for players in lower divisions
I don't know if this will be useful for fm fanatics, but I decided to share my way of searching for players. This tip is very useful for lower division clubs - clubs which board doesn't allow club scouts to roam around the world to find good players.

Because of the low level of club scouting knowledge when you start the game your shortlist is obviously very short, usually only players from that country are on shortlist. For example i started playing with BSS and BSN division clubs and only English players are there. It's very tough to create good team with English players, because they don't want to play in BSS or BSN - they have higher reputation and reject any offer. To solve this problem and to find players from different country I use the following method... quick search option.

Using Quick Search

When you use quick search option it says that you need to put three alphabetic letters in the search to actually start searching. Because of that you must know player name at least a little bit to find player. If you put RO in search it won't search, but if you put RON it will start searching (rule of three) - then you can find players which name or surname consist of RON letters. Problem is that not a lot of players have RON in their name/surname. Which letter is the most common in peoples names? Letter A! Most names or surnames have letter A in it and to find 90 % of players in your database without scouts or shortlist you just do the following ...

In quick search put ... A(space)(space) ... now search engine will look for players which have letter A in their name or surname - which is basically 90 % of all players. We are not done yet! Click on first player - scroll down to the last player - hold shift - and click the last player. It will select all of the players which search engine found - a lot of players!

Now you click the right mouse button and add all selected players to your shortlist. It will take a while but all players that you find will be added to your shortlist. Just go to shortlist and there you will have most of the players in database on your shortlist. Ask your assistant to sort unrealistic players and start making signings! You will have players from other countries on your shortlist and not just players from country you are playing! Some sick players are willing to play in bss or bsn english division.

Extra tip!

Because you subscribe to a lot of players your inbox will be flood with news of those players! To avoid that - go to manage subscription - discard all or delete subscription and confirm action. Now you won't have ton of mail on your inbox and you will have huge shortlist.

I use this technique on low division clubs like - serbian second/first division ... asian clubs ... english 5th division ... basically every club that board doesn't allow scout roaming around the world.

Please give some feedback and hopefully you enjoy the read! See ya :)

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Discussion: FM Guide: How to search for players in lower divisions

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • CazzoPeloso's avatar
    But I want to know the player's can I do?
    Help me please!
  • Brover's avatar
    it doesn't worked for me in FM2017. The quick search option just show a quick preview of some clubs of the game if I put in "a (space) (space)"

    any tips ?
  • Cheb's avatar
    Good to read.
    So I have my shortlist and its filtered.
    How do you then know who's better other than scouting all? I.e. at lower clubs you don't have many scouts, is there a way to find the hidden gems quicker?
  • Speedy1989's avatar
    Main point of the article is to share this tip to lot of people who don't know about this way of searching players. I am using my method because my computer is little bit slow and when i use add all players to shortlist it freezes my computer. But i agree you can use method as jmxc99 mentioned as well.
  • jmxc99's avatar
    I just do a random quick search of players then click "Add Players to New Shortlist". After I name the shortlist all of the players are added to the shortlist. It is a lot faster than click on first player, scroll down to click on last player, hold shift and right click on last player.
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