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FM Speed 2020

Speed up your FM20 game up to 500x with this tool. Based entirely on Cheat Engine with 2 versions. The successor of FM Speeder 2017.

By on Jan 30, 2020   116863 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 25481 / Size: 5.8 MB / Added: 2020-01-30
Football Manager 2020 Tools - FM Speed 2020

Updated speeder tool for Football Manager 2020, based entirely on Cheat Engine, with two versions.
To extract the contents of the .zip file, you will need the password "fmspeed".

>> FM Speed (CE NO required)
You do not need Cheat Engine, but you will have to put the executable in the list of allowed items of your antivirus so that it is not deleted.

>> FM Speed (CE required)
Requires Cheat Engine Installed to function
No need to touch your antivirus

Creator: Tulio Santos, 2020

I recorded a video for my channel. Go to 3:45 to see FM Speed 2020 in action.

Download Now
Downloads: 25481 / Size: 5.8 MB / Added: 2020-01-30
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Discussion: FM Speed 2020

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • downloadkct's avatar
    Placebo meets FM.
  • cld35's avatar

    you don't need this app , use cheat engine alone
  • Arcosseno's avatar
    Doesn't speed up processing time, just the animations. So, it speeds up just a bit.
  • diegodomajnko's avatar
    good night. can i use fmspeed on macbook?
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Two important things for newbies
    1. This is not a virus, it's like a "crack" file so your antivtirus will detect it as a virus.
    2. This program doesn't speed up game (processing next days). It changes animations moving faster. So don't be foolish, quicker animations doesn't make your FM faster. It depends on your CPU.
  • joaquin87's avatar
    Works better than Cheat engine or why this would be useful?
  • petraxil's avatar
    I have a stupid question (and sorry for that ) but can this harm the pc's hardware ? I mean the Mobo or the Processor .
  • Stokie1863's avatar
    I cant even get this up & running. Any English speaking tutorials of this???
  • Victorhugo4222's avatar
    I have not noticed any difference in speed using this even when i switched too x500. Am i maybe doing something wrong?
  • Ricoo's avatar
    Can anyone please tell me how to install on MacOs Sierra? Have Winebottler installed but their is not any working cheatengine available yet. Need help please because FM is running to slow with 2 stars only.
  • TheCheadleEnd86's avatar
    Is there a way to keep the fm as I want to keep it on my taskbar but when I do it says the cheat engine icon, anyway to fix this?

    also @giannisthereal99 it's not a virus
  • Doddo04's avatar
    For me it works perfectly too
  • Broz's avatar
    For me it works perfectly. Ty
  • giannisthereal99's avatar
    it is a virus
  • Super_Sub's avatar
    During a game while using fm speed it would auto pause and it was impossible to continue the game no matter what i tried.
  • Bartdude's avatar
    Don't bother, it's junk, as was the previous version
  • GfxJG's avatar
    So... What exactly does this do? Speed up the individual matches? Speed up animations? Because it obviously can't make my computer faster.
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