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FM Speeder

Increase your FM game-speed up to 50x faster! Video help available.

By Updated on Feb 20, 2016   367051 views   47 comments
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Downloads: 111489 / Size: 3.0 MB / Added: 2013-10-28
FM 2016 Tools - FM Speeder
Author: Stewiefool

Fasten up your FM gamespeed
Works for all FM versions FM2006 - FM2016

Check the 'How to use' FM Speeder Video made on FMSCOUT.

1) Run Football Manager
2) Start FM Speeder
3) Choose your speed

Important notes:

- Let this program run simultaneously with FM!
- Use this programm at your own risk.
- Save your game regularly, as some users sometimes may have a crash dump.
(I tested it myself. Never had a 'crash dump' in 4 seasons)

By using this tool, consider the following actions:
- FM "reward" button doesn't work --> Use the keyboard "backspace" button
- At some actions u need to press and hold the cursor.
(for instance: - players change, scrolling at menu bar)

Download Now
Downloads: 111489 / Size: 3.0 MB / Added: 2013-10-28
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Discussion: FM Speeder

47 comments have been posted so far.

  • mooman2012's avatar
    Hardly works on CM 03/04?
  • cjcowen94's avatar
    can this be updated to use for fm18
  • MadFabio's avatar
    Thanks stewiefool too nec!! ==> I appreciate your reply. So ask him why he did these two speed and to make one 1.5x :D :D Don't you need it?! ;)

    The game is softly delayed all time without speeder.
    (3.5 stars ingame graphic)
  • necjeff's avatar
    Hey MadFabio ==> Thanks for the information.
    Glad it still works for you! :)

    I did also never have any problem with the tool. It always worked great for my older laptop some years ago.

    A collegue of my (stewiefool) did make the tool some years ago.
    I only share the tool.
  • MadFabio's avatar
    @necjeff ==> Thank you so much man, it still works greatly.
    (Even if I dnt need it for match engine, because in FM16 you can speed that up by normal setting or using another addon, for example the "istant result").

    I never crashed. I use a Laptop Aspire 5750g, five years old.

    My request or question would be, why 6x and 50x? I think 2x or 3x and 10x maybe would be great for a lot of people.

    Thanks again
  • necjeff's avatar
    xecoz ==> i haven't seen your problem earlier.

    I don't use the speeder myself anymore so i don't have recent information about it.
  • xecoz's avatar
    Are you joking? like i didn`t try that. That doesn`t work. otherwise i wouldn`t post here lol
  • necjeff's avatar
    Click to "Normal speed" Xecoz :)
  • xecoz's avatar
    Hello, for some reason i can`t stop the speeder, any help?
  • necjeff's avatar
    @bug ==> yes you can!
    Just tick on the square near the text "I understand ....."

    The download button will work when done.
  • bug's avatar
    I can not do the download
  • manojl76's avatar
    necjeff i wont play in 3D

    in my game wont work
  • necjeff's avatar
    manojl6=> You can test it easily during a 3D match.
    The match should be over in 20 seconds when using 50x speed ;)

    It works in my game.
  • manojl76's avatar
    wont work in fm17?
  • necjeff's avatar
    This speeder was created in 2012.

    I think it still works roughly for:

    - 5 year old PC systems => During week process + match.

    - Newer PC systems => During match only.
  • downloadkct's avatar
    It does not work, period.
    I have a 8 core fx8350 and it only makes the screen to change things faster but the load is the same.
    Simulated 7 days without it, it took 28 seconds to load then i loaded the same save, loaded the same 7 days with both 10x and 50x option, they all took the same 28 seconds to load, the only change was the UI had its speed increased.
  • necjeff's avatar
    You have to start the speeder once your FM save is loaded, so i guess it will work also on mac :)

    Speed of processing data is variable and perhaps depending on pc system.

    Did you notice what happends by running the speeder when playing a 3D/2D match?

    The game is over by blinking twice with your eyes. :)

    I guess the effect depends from pc to pc.

    It's harmless in use, so everyone can find out by theirself if the speeder has any effect on their game :)
  • pontyjames's avatar
    can i use this on a mac?
  • Sarm's avatar
    I'm tested this, and this is result:
    without this "speeder" time of my loading day is 66 seconds

    after that, i'm again load same savegame, same day and try to load day with this "speeder" 10x options and result is 72 seconds.

    After, this, again all, but now with 50x options and result is 76 seconds.

    Finals result: this didnt real work, only creat "faster look" but loading proces are equal.
  • Stam's avatar
    @Nesa123t: This video should give you the answer :)

  • Nesa123t's avatar
    Does this help?
  • necjeff's avatar
    Just run it when you are playing FM.
    Just try it to see if it does make any difference for your pc.
  • Barcabonner's avatar
    how do iet this fm speeder in my game once I downloaded plee
  • necjeff's avatar

    As as as i know it should work with any version of FM.
    Run FM2016 and load game
    Then start FM Speeder

    Read comments below for more info.

    Known bug ==> use the 'backspace' button on your keyboard to backward pages
  • JeffreyFM's avatar
    is it ok for fm16?

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