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FM13: Bayern Munich Will Win The Champions League

Football Manager Predicts the 2013 Champions League Final

By on May 25, 2013   10963 views   4 comments
The FM Simulator - FM13: Bayern Munich Will Win The Champions League
FM13: Bayern Munich Will Win The Champions League

Football Manager is known to have one of the best, and more realistic databases in the footballing world. Football Manger predicted who the best replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson would be, how the Premier League table would finish four months early, and predicted the exact amount of points Arsenal, Sunderland, Stoke City and Liverpool would finish on. But who does Football Manager think will win the 2013 Champions League Final? We found out.

We put Football Manager to test. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, the German giants would play each other five times. We used the predicted line-ups, meaning any injured players could not be involved, such as Mario Gotze. Mats Hummels could only be placed on the bench due to injury, and Holger Badstuber was unavailable due to injury. The results, the stats, the players, everything would be analysed, to find out who Football Manager suggests will win the Champions League Final.

GAME 1: Bayern Munich 4-1 Borussia Dortmund

The first game showed Bayern Munich to be clear winners, storming the final against rivals Borussia Dortmund. But what exactly happened in the match?

So Munich dominated the game, with three first half Bayern Munich goals seemed to cancel out an early penalty for Dortmund, followed by Mandzukic following up to seal the victory. Arjen Robben was the man of the match, with a rating of 9.0. The other players stats can be seen below. Jakub Blaszczykowski was rated Borussia Dortmund's best player.

GAME 2: Bayern Munich 2-3 Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund overturned it in the second game, just coming out with victorius. But another 5 goals in the game. Is it a sign of how many will be scored on the night?

A close game, that Robert Lewandowski started nicely, with a brace within 17 minutes. Robben and Schweinsteiger equaled the game, before Felipe Santana headed home the winner. Robert Lewandowski was man of the match, with Santana just missing out. Bastian Schweinsteiger was the best player for Bayern Munich

GAME 3: Bayern Munich 2-0 Borussia Dortmund

A quieter game this time, in which Bayern Munich came out victorius. However, injuries to both Sven Bender and Thomas Muller could have been key differences in the game.

Marco Reus managed to score an own goal, followed by a Franck Ribery goal just three minutes later, to finish the game before it really kicked in. Borussia Dortmund couldn't find that goal to change the game, giving Munich a simple win.

GAME 4: Bayern Munich 2-5 Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund stormed away with the trophy in the fourth game, after a seven goal thriller, that still could have gone either way.

Marco Reus makes up for the own goal previously to score two, with Lewandowski and Grosskreutz both scoring after a Philip Lahm own goal. Bastian Schweinsteiger pulled two back for Munich, including a penalty, but they weren't enough. Marco Reus was named Man of the Match.

GAME 5: Bayern Munich 2-1 Borussia Dortmund

In the final game, Bayern Munich edge the final to win 2-1 over rivals Dortmund, but Dortmund throw away a great opportunity at the end!

Marco Reus scores yet again for the Yellow and Blacks, before Thomas Muller hits back with two goals. However, the big turning point is the missed penalty by Jakub Blaszczykowski in the 90th minute, which would have sent the game to extra time.

So after five tough games, Football Manager has Bayern Munich as the winners in the Champions League Final, after successfully winning three out of the five games. But who does Football Manager think will score, who will be the best player?

Player Ratings

Across the five games, we took the players ratings and worked out the average, to see who is most likely to perform well, or badly, on the big night.

The Bayern Munich squad seemed much better to that of Borussia Dortmund, had had all three of the highest rated players as an average over the games played. Bastian Schweingsteiger had the highest rating with 8.05, followed by Arjen Robben with 7.94. Franck Ribery came in third with 7.72, and then Dortmund players Marco Reus and Ikay Gundogan in fourth and fifth, with 7.60 and 7.54 respectively.

The Scorers

One of the main things in the match will be the scorers. The goals will decide who are the Champions of Europe. But who scored in the Football Manager Finals?

The Scorers

4 GOALS - Bastian Schweinsteiger

3 GOALS - Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski, Marco Reus

2 GOALS - Arjen Robben, Own Goals

1 GOAL - Mario Mandzukic, Jakub Blaszczykowski, Felipe Santana, Franck Ribery, Kevin Grosskreutz

Bastian Schweinsteiger looks like a great candidate to get a goal, as do Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski and Marco Reus. Many would expect those to be up there as a possibilty, as well as Arjen Robben, but the possibility of an Own Goal could be good. Who would score it?

Will be Bastian Schweinsteiger be the one to secure victory for Bayern Munich, or will Robert Lewandowski and Marco Reus form an unbeatle partnership to get their hands on the trophy?

The FM Prediction

Now, is the time, to see who Football Manager thinks will win, what the score will be, and who will score. Averages have been used, and maths has been done to find the suggestion, and this is it..


Schweinsteiger 38'
Muller 47'
Robben 72'

Lewandowski 25'
Reus 64'

Schweinsteiger, Mandzukic, Alaba, Dante

Subotic, Reus

Bastian Schweinsteiger

So, there you have it. Football Manager thinks Bayern Munich will defeat Borussia Dortmund 3-2, one year on from their final loss to Chelsea. It seems Robben will be the player to clinch the winner, but Dortmund will certainly put up a fight!

The UEFA Champions League is being held at Wembley Stadium, London on the 25th May 2013

Special thanks to JordanHDFifa for helping simulate the games shown above.

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Discussion: FM13: Bayern Munich Will Win The Champions League

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • Diazepamll's avatar
    cool :)
  • Kane's avatar
    @Louis O. There wasn't too much Maths, just working out the probability. And I have to say, it was Stam's idea, I just put it into practise!

    @Glenn T Thanks Glenn, it took ages so I'm glad you see that has been put it! Although I want Dortmund to win, I'm turning towards this scoreline, would be brilliant! ;)
  • Glenn T's avatar
    This is absolutely fantastic. Really, really nicely done. The amount of effort put into this is unbelievable and it would be awesome if Bayern do win with a 3-2 scoreline.

    Great job Kane!
  • Louis O.'s avatar
    You actually bothered to use MATHS! WHY DEVIL? WHYYYYYYY?!??!?!?!

    Nice idea here, interesting to see how accurate (or inaccurate) it is... :)
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