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4-3-1-2 RandydeB

An attacking tactic, that might give some great results from time to time.

By on Dec 01, 2012   54721 views   8 comments
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FM 2013 Tactics - 4-3-1-2 RandydeB
After using this tactic with a lot of success in FM 2012, I tried it again with FM 2013, damn what a shock the results gave, 6 games lost on a row.
So instead of hoping for the best yet to come, I adjusted the tactic a bit and it seemed to work better.
After the adjustments i tried it on different saves, and on different teams, from: Ado Den Haag and Ajax to Sao Paulo and from there on to Man utd. And all seem the teams seem to play quite aswell.

Don't expect to win every game with this tactic though, neither does it guarantee loads of possession in every match. But it still can provide a lot of goals with not to many goals conceeded.

PL Standings halfway the season

CL game against fiorentina

A decent amount of shots on target and the passing wasn't to bad either. Possession on the other hand was slightly in their favout but who cares, we won the game.
Also a screen of the amount of passes/crosses/shots from the game against fio

1st PL game of the season

So almost everything was in my favour in this game, but a well played corner gave them the 3 points in the end.

Semi Finale Capital One Cup

Poor Arsenal, they did better on passing and possession, but overall the match ended in my favour due too 2 nice counter attacks.

7-1 win vs everton

Poor Everton they conceded 4 goals, within 15 minutes, and before the 2nd half started they were 6-0 behind. So after that the 2nd half i placed the team on controlling the game and placed in 3 youngsters.

So far the tactic has been working quite well again, and no the results are not obtained with saving and reloading. Also since its a Multiplayer save, as seen that man city is also controlled, i don't think my friends would be to happy with such a way of playing :))

A few sidenotes on the tactic

Depending on the type of players you have, the LD can als be a CD.
The AP I am either using as support or attacking, depending on smaller or bigger clubs and the player I use at the time.
Same for the Ball winning mid, he is either supporting or defending.
I also tried a few games with 2x a trequarista instead of 1 and a poacher. But then ended up in having an attacking midfielder be the top scorer of the team :/

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Downloads: 9058 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2012-12-01
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Discussion: 4-3-1-2 RandydeB

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • Ikerccs's avatar
    Match Training ?
  • Ikerccs's avatar
    March Training ?
  • RandydeB's avatar
    the new and improved version of the tactic it works even better then the 1.4 version mentioned in the comments
  • RandydeB's avatar
    normally i don't use any shouts for this tactic so thats why they are not included. Instructions for the opposition i ask my assistent, and then take away the hard tackling.

    But those instructions are based upon who i play against and what i think should be done. I mean when you play against a half star opponent, giving instructions are more or less a waist of time, but then when playing against neymar you might consider to select all options except for hard tackling cause of the danger of getting to many fouls.

    if you plan to use shouts and you play against a team with an open mid field use exploit the middle, it will work wonders^^ and pass into space might be usefull from time to time
  • gotlandskommun's avatar
    okey.. do u use aany Opposit instructions? any shouts?
  • RandydeB's avatar
    just try both of them, it doesn't really differ much, the settings in the comment tend to give a bit more possession and better passes but less goals. In the end both work quite as well for me
  • gotlandskommun's avatar
    Which teams settings work best? original or what you wrote in the comments
  • RandydeB's avatar
    If this 1 aint working to well set the defensive line from 0 to 5 (in other words take it 5 clicks to the right).
    Put the width up just a little (4 clicks to the right).
    And put the tempo 2 clicks to the left.
    In some matches it works even better then the current settings.
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