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4-5-1 Possession

A possession tactic for mid-low teams

By Updated on Jan 30, 2013   25939 views   1 comments
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Downloads: 3113 / Added: 2013-03-20
Hi Everyone,
I wanted to create a tactic for mid-lower teams to play attractive possesion football, without having huge budgets or already high class players.
I have tried it for 2 full seasons with St.Pauli in Bundesling and AEK in Greek Superleague. I have not tested at all with bigger teams but please feel free
and give me some feedback.

I used Classic tactics because it just feels better. With teams about the same or weaker or even a bit stronger I have averaged about 500 completed passes per game.
Obviously with much stronger opponents that number goes down drastically to about 300-400 but I still think that's a good number.Unfortunately this tactic is a bit
weak on the counter attack versus teams that have really fast wingers-strikers feel free to tinker with the tactic and tell me how it worked.
And long shots are still a big issues but I have found it is practically impossible to fix this since it's ME related and I have tried with more than 15 tactics, you can try
to tone down creative freedom but I have found it has an impact on Key or Killer passes and the ability for the star players to just do their own thing.
Here are some screenshots

Uploaded with

This is the Formation pretty basic 4-5-1

Uploaded with

I chose this passes stat because it's against an opponent at least 2-3 times better than my team and still got about 300 passes and won.

Uploaded with

These are my shots again in the same match vs OM

Uploaded with

And my fixtures with my St.Pauli team. I chose not to upload AEK fixtures because except my European matches the Greek league is quite easy and not competitive and can't compare with top Leagues

GK = Classic GK

FB= believe it or not this is THE most key position for this tactic so try to spend money for a good all around fb since there aren't many of those, at least cheap ones.
Look for : Speed Stamina Tackling Work Rate Passing
High Class Example = Dario Srna

CB= Again classic CB BUT! very very important he must have AT LEAST 12-13 pace acc. If you can't find a perfect CB sacrifice a bit strength or marking or heading stats.
Without Speed he will be extremely weak
High Class Example = Kyriakos Papadopoulos

DM= Aaahhh... The good old no nonsense DM. He is there to cut down opponents everywhere and give a 5 meter pass at most.
Look for : Strength Stamina Marking Work Rate Team Work Decisions Tackling Passing above 12 and speed not a priority but always good

Right CM = The two CM's have pretty much the same job but the right one is a bit more creative and attacking
Look For : Creativity Decisions Passing FirstTouch Technique Team Work and Speed(this means PACE and ACC both) over 12
High Class Example : Toni Kroos

Left CM = The lefty is also quite creative and an accomplished passer but can hassle and tackle when needed also tries to stay a bit more back
Look For : Work Rate Team Work Speed Passing Decisions and marking-tackling above 11
High Class Example : Bastian Schweinsteiger

Wingers = Again, Classic stuff. The good old selfish flamboyant pacey guy.
High Class Example : Frank Ribery

Striker = This one is a bit tricky like the FB.By no means you should use a striker that is a dedicated Target Man or a dedicated Poacher.
You need high technique flair and agility and at least 14 Speed and decent-good Passing. He will be a type of False Nine
High Class Example : well... Messi. And Neymar

Feel Free to give me feedback and tell me what hasn't worked for you or something you changed and worked much better
Have fun :)

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Downloads: 3113 / Added: 2013-03-20
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