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FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0

Over 103.660 changes up to 1st of October 2013 that Football Manager 2013 doesn't include!

By Updated on Oct 01, 2013   652645 views   396 comments
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Downloads: 193297 / Size: 156.0 MB / Added: 2012-11-15
FM 2013 Data Updates - FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0
Contains over 103.660 changes from 1st February 2013 until 1st of October 2013 that FM13 itself does not include !

Make your suggestions and feel free to tell me your ideas either on this topic or the comments below. Hopefully I can do something about it !

Updated: 1 October 2013 - Final Update
Released: 15 November 2012 - 1.0

Updates are scheduled to be released every 15 days, so you know when to expect the next ones.

What is included

The pack includes 4 editor data files as explained below.
  • Transfers Update

    1. Transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones.
    2. Contract changes to reflect corrected wages.
    3. Managerial changes.
    4. Passed away players/staff are removed from database.
    5. Corrected squad numbers.
  • General Changes

    1. Nationality changes.
    2. Favorite clubs, Favorite staffs and so on.
    3. Chairman changes. Newly created chairmen take the place of the one who left.
    4. In some cases adjusted personal attributes such as height and weight.
  • Wonderkids

    1. New young players created, who will become world class players in the future.
    2. In some cases adjusted CA/PA abilities of players under 21, and set wonderkids.
  • Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes

    1. Adjusted stats and current ability attributes.
    2. Adjusted potential ability.

How will this feature affect our games? Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes?
Yes, the CA/PA file is a new file beside the others. If you don't want this file, simply don't choose it when you start a new game.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Extract the downloaded zip file. You'll get 2 folders and 2 .txt files

Step 2

Open the "Files" folder.
Then move the .dbc files you need in your Football Manager 2013 editor data folder:

Win Vista/7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data/

Create the folder editor data if it doesn't exist.

Step 3

Start a new game.

In case you have more editor data files: When setting up a new game, do not have any other data update files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.
Files that add new competitions are OK to have.

Please consider donating

For my work I don't get any reward, only thanks. If you want to say thanks in another manner by donating, or ask for anything you want to edit (such as low leagues transfers, small nations transfers e.g. Singapore), or ask for an earlier link than the announced one... I can accept any offers in my PayPal account: [email protected]

When the money are sent inform me !
Thanks !


These FM13 Data Packs are created by pr0 on behalf of community.

Download Now
Downloads: 193297 / Size: 156.0 MB / Added: 2012-11-15
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Discussion: FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0

396 comments have been posted so far.

  • ruineves1994's avatar
    the promotions and relegations are updated too ?
  • leader's avatar
    thanks mate
  • fenderjazz's avatar
    is it possible if i playing fm09 and use fm13 database?
  • RSCA!'s avatar
    Thanx for adding Youri Tielemans after my reaction! You're great
  • pelleild's avatar
    Hey. I am from Denmark and i like Brøndby. Yes i do, they have Alexander from Recrativo Huelva on loan until summer 14 but i dont see it ingame?
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    • SEASON 2012-2013 SYNOPSIS.

    1. So far this year from the day the Football Manager 2013 went out, until the first official patch (13.3) with the winter transfers, my packs had reached over 47.278 downloads.

    2. After the official 13.3 patch and until the 1st day of the summer, the packs had reached 25.964 downloads.

    3. In the summer everyone showed their faith in me and in my work, reaching over 211.685 (!!!) downloads taking the total number of downloads in a year to 284.927 Downloads !! (and still counting..)

    4. The pack that was downloaded the most, was this from 3/9/2013 (3.6 Update) after the transfer deadline, which reached 56.178 downloads in only 13 days !!!


    The announcement i had promised some days ago was , that i am planning to release, along with my Transfers and Data Pack files for Football Manager 2014, a new file which will correct all these club & competitions names , which many of you had requested me to do last year for FM2013. It will be a new seperate file that will give you the decision to choose either to use it or not.

    As long as the FM2014 comes out , FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 , will be there to assist you with many add-ons, so you can have an updated and more enjoyable game!

    Thanks for the faith so far,
  • AceOfKillZz's avatar
    156 MB O.O
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs Final Update (by _pr0) is up !!!
  • necjeff's avatar
    Thanks for all the good work m8!
  • Fozinater92's avatar
    Javier Chevanton [Unattached - QPR]
    Billy Sharp [Southampton - Reading] 6 month Loan
  • Fozinater92's avatar
    Marlon King [Unattached - Sheffield United]
    Stuart Urquhart [Rangers - Coventry] Undisclosed
    Stephen McPhail [Unattached - Sheffield Wednesday]
    Nathaniel Chalobah [Chelsea - Nottingham Forest] 6 month Loan
    Mathias Kouo-Doumbe [Unattached - Northampton]
    Chris Baird [Unattached - Reading]
    Josh McEachran [Chelsea - Watford] Loan
    Lee Naylor [Unattached - Accrington]
    Tom Hateley [Unattached - Tranmere]
    Dany N'Guessan (Unattached - Swindon) 1 year deal
    Mohamed El-Gabbas (was of Lierse S.K.) signs for Swindon on 6 month contract
  • raydenvm's avatar
    Congratulations pr0! You've got FM Scene Award at True Football Manager blog.
  • Fozinater92's avatar
    Tommy Miller (Swindon - Bury) Free
    Luke Rooney (Swindon - Crawley) 6 Months Loan
    Paul Benson (Swindon - Luton) 6 Months Loan
    Marcin Wasilewski [Unattached - Leicester] Free
    Jack Grealish [Aston Villa - Notts County] 6 Months Loan
    Paul Rachubka [Unattached - Oldham] 6 month contract
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    Pre-Final Update is Up ! Downloading from 1st post as always ! Have fun :)

    FM13 Transfers & Data Update Pack 3.7 (by _pr0)
  • MartinsenSM's avatar
    are you gonna update the abilites of the player in terms of the new season on the new update?
  • brian18_fife's avatar
    can u update english prem squad nums most new signings are wrong thanks
  • bugarin14's avatar
    I downloaded update,I created folder - Editor data and I copied update into the file.But in choose data base screen the game still doesn't see new file.Any ideas ??
    Thank you !!!
  • Fozinater92's avatar
    Paul Benson (Swindon - Luton) 6 month Loan
  • Klintistvud's avatar
    Will You please update Croatian League:
    Hajduk Split:
    Haris Bukva (Sturm Graz) free
    Giorgi Iluridze (Dila Gori)free

  • the gaffer's avatar
    just finally got it to work. really like it should keep things interesting until fm14
  • Fozinater92's avatar
    Ben Alnwick [Unattached - Charlton]
    Romain Amalfitano [Newcastle - Dijon] Loan
    Shaun Cooper [Unattached - Portsmouth]
    Paul Rachubka [Unattached - Oldham]
    Martin Taylor [Sheffield Wednesday - Brentford] Loan
  • skywalker_79's avatar
    I know minor moan to a great deal of work but AFC Telford are in the Blue Sqaure South on the update yet they are in the Blue Square North IRL. thanks
  • Fozinater92's avatar
    Tommy Miller (Swindon - Bury) Free
  • xXRicardoXx's avatar
    Whene you start a new save, it starts in 2012. It could be in 2013.
  • xaulim's avatar
    which file to use for the editor to make some alterations in some players?

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