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FM14 Legends of 80s

A database of 8220 footballers of the golden 80s era, including real rosters, leagues, rules and countries from back then. Plus all the old graphics from faces to logos and stadiums. A trip down memory lane for Football Manager 2014.

By Updated on Nov 16, 2014   122674 views   58 comments
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Downloads: 13375 / Size: 14.1 MB / Added: 2014-01-20
FM 2014 Data Updates - FM14 Legends of 80s
  • editor data-missing players
  • fix finance
  • update faces folder
  • update stadium folder
  • add new competition
  • European Super cup
  • Toyota Cup
  • Metropolitano & Nacional Argentino

The following patch regards leagues and teams dating from the season 1979 onward. This date was used as a reference point to catch up with some players at the dawning of their careers such as Gerd Muller, and some others at their beginnings such as Maradona. We're talking about players born approximately between 1948-1964, and not above. It would be foolish to see Platini as a teammate of Zidane (the purpose is to conquer titles with the good teams back then). The database covers around 7,000 footballers of that golden era.

The rosters are real, there are leagues with teams of that era, the three European cups involving the participating countries back then (for example there are no teams from Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia) but they're included in countries like USSR, Yugoslavia, West Germany etc. We have in place the limit of 2 or 3 foreign players, the old point system of 2-1-0 and maximum roster limit from 23 to 25 individuals, as well as some future transfers remained in history.

The database was created over the existing one to prevent crashing, so it's important that you add photos of 80s players (around 3,800) in order for their profiles to not show the pics of players from today.

We have the old club logos, using stadiums of that era such as Comunale-Juventus, coaches from that time, as well as the pics of the old kits.
Included for the first time the NASL with teams in the likes of NY Cosmos with Pele, Beckenbauer, and other major aces.


image hosting over 5mb

How to install

Download the basic editor data file using the big red "Download Now" button on this page. Extract its contents to your "editor data" folder:
...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data

This file contains all of the changes I talked about above.

When starting a new save with this database, do not select small or large database size, but instead go to "Advanced" and load all players from top division clubs of the following nations: Czech, E.Germany, W.Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Greece, USSR, Yugoslavia, Italy, England, Scotland, Romania, Poland, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkia, Portugal, Hungary.

Have fun!

Extra Content Downloads


As a basic skin will use the opz_elite MODIFIED enough. Please download and put it in your "skins" folder:
...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\skins


Download and extract the next file in your "faces" folder:


Download and extract the next files in your "logos" folder:
...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\logos


Download and extract the next file in your "kits" folder:
...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\kits


Download and extract the next 2 files in your "stadium" folder:
...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\pictures\stadium

Backgrounds (Optional)

Download and extract the next 2 files in your "backgrounds" folder:
...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\pictures\backgrounds
This is optional because some backgrounds have intense colors and make reading hard. And even though it looks quite impressive, for some teams it's not relaxing to the eye.

Download Now
Downloads: 13375 / Size: 14.1 MB / Added: 2014-01-20
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Discussion: FM14 Legends of 80s

58 comments have been posted so far.

  • meis214's avatar
    thank you. now it works!

    I noticed that after the first year, I was with Ajax, several players in my team changed the name into the actual player (ex: bouma instead of meutstege, and many others). Did I do something wrong?
  • cris84's avatar
    I have problem with Enlish league in that patch. When I start game I have info about wrongly date of FA Cup , then crush and I can't choose english league. Plaese help.
  • filippoT's avatar
    download the two files below
    you have built within the Graphics folder, 5 new folders F1, F2, F3 ... and put in the files PNG (from rar files below) fewer than 800 in each folder, and config file also(from faces.rar ) ,the same for everyone (f1,f2...), or run the batch file (from faces.rar also) in each folder individually to make a new config file
  • meis214's avatar
    Hi, I've tried all the solutions in the past comments, but I can't see the faces... maybe the problem is that i downloaded only this file that is just an update? Do I need the originale facepack file? Where can I download it?
  • filippoT's avatar
    the faces folder contains many png files,try to separate the facesfolers in 2 or 3new folders ..use the same config file for all
  • JTCA's avatar
    Great db and a beautiful job! I'm just having problems in making the facepack work... I took all the usual steps, but it still isn't working! George Best has Cristiano Ronaldo's face for God's sake!! And Eusébio has Drogba's! Can anyone help me with this?
    P.S. I did clear cache and i dont even have any other facepack in the graphics folder...
  • njt01's avatar
    Great db I downloaded it the only problem is that when I was adding the countries not all of them appeared has anyone else had this and if so how do you solve it please
    thanks Nathan
  • derkaiser50's avatar
    I get a crash dump error when I try to start the game, how to solve?
  • filippoT's avatar
    did you load in editor data an other (your) file ?
  • Eddielogy's avatar
    England database couldn't load due to unable to meet total team quota. Anyone can help me solve?
  • filippoT's avatar

    good morning
    I might update for those who loaded the db after the 1431 Update, and knowledgeable roster of seasons will find some changes. Because all the work was done before 1430 the new update has little affect the roster and names .... now on, edit 1 to 1 teams and will follow new update. eg the Real Madrid 's palyer Pizzi has renamed as Xavi and Damiani of Naples has renamed as Robinho, if this happens in your game you can expect the update
  • nicolasdegouy's avatar
    Dude, do not need anymore, since it was discovered. Whenever I buy a game or program, I generate an ISO of it for granted, but my brother just downloaded a version and installing this. It seems that this error is common in the pirated version. Now everything is Ok! Thank you for your help!
  • filippoT's avatar
    ??? print screen pls....If anyone has itself found to tell us
  • nicolasdegouy's avatar
    The picture does not appear, but if I do a search with these names, these players shows
  • filippoT's avatar
    ie we see the photo of the player with a different name ?
  • nicolasdegouy's avatar
    Hello, first, great job, this update is so much fun, but I have some doubts: The names of the players and coaches are purposely changed? Cruyff is as Nan-Soo Varela, Carlos Roberto as Socrates... Do you have any method names are the same?
  • filippoT's avatar
    LA AZTECS ...I think as Johan Crujff
  • Choochi_Pastol's avatar
    Where is Cruyff?? I can't seem to find him..
  • filippoT's avatar
    excract all filles from rar file,and then copy paste in editor data folder(must be empty) in c:/my documents.../fm2014
  • harleybecks's avatar
  • filippoT's avatar
    hi,I find only one Dalglish

    and the Rangers is Premiership

    As for the finances of groups I have not even bother !

    probably have to do update in the comments below you'll see that you'll find the link
  • kmtw's avatar
    It all works fine but I noticed three problems. There are two of Kenny Dalglish and one of them is transferring to Berlin at the end of the season. Rangers are not in the Scottish first division, and the finances are not very fair. For example, Cambridge are in the same league as Chelsea, Cambridge are worth 500k and Chelsea are worth 120m.

    My editor also can't find the database files, I'm not sure if it is the editor's problem or what.

    Other than that, awesome database, I can see a lot of hard work has been put into it.
  • filippoT's avatar
  • filippoT's avatar
    what you mean; what file are you talking about
  • craigemb_u redzz's avatar
    I've followed all of the steps and downloaded all of the files that I need to but the file isn't their when I start a new game D:

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