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Football Manager 2015 Release Date

FM15 release date has been officially confirmed. The new game will be out on November 7th.

By Updated on Oct 10, 2014   81933 views   10 comments
News - Football Manager 2015 Release Date
Sports Interactive announced that FM 2015 will be released on November 7th. Unlike recent years, they didn't reveal any of the game's new features with their first announcement. Head to the Football Manager 2015 new features page to read all the details.

- Beta will be made available 2 weeks before final release.
- Demo should be out about a couple of days before final release.
- The handheld edition (for Android and iOS) will be released before Xmas. No date has been set as yet.
- No decision has been made regarding another Vita game, but it's not looking good at the moment.

Out November 7th on PC, Mac & Linux!

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You can pre-purchase FM15 from our store to enjoy early access to a fully-playable Beta version of the game which will be made available roughly two weeks prior to the official release date.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2015 Release Date

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • ThePh4te's avatar
    According to pre-order, release date will be 15th of November.
  • Stam's avatar
    @Tjozzy: I think the documentary movie is a big deal for them and I believe that's the main reason behind all this delay. Hopefully they'll reveal a specific release date tonight.
  • Tjozzy's avatar
    It is in no way shape of form any one's fault from this site.
    But I am not here to slag off FM BUT it has been strange this year, sure we've all heard or read rumours of bits.... Same game as 14 etc etc.
    It is fishy how NO release date has been set, it's all well and good saying they've said November but every year it is clearly given by this time, so unsure why or what is really going on.. Although there is the documentry happening tonight so i think an exact release date and features will be known and released as soon as these Documentries are under way.
    I pre ordered from Amazon and have already been informed of delivery on NOVEMBER 4TH.
    So to my knowledge that will be the release date, although I cant find anywhere online to confirm only what Amazon have told me, so I AM expecting the game on the 4th.
    But very disspaointed by the makes etc, they have kind of let down a lot of loyal fans this year, I can only hold a small glimmer of home that the game isn't going to be bad like we predict but has all these jazzy things that they're keeping as a surprise! haha.
  • Stam's avatar
    @Goonerous: The release month is November, officially confirmed. There's no specific date set yet though. How is that misleading? Whenever SI decide on the actual day, we'll update the article.

    @Louis-13: There's no new information on the matter just yet, besides the rumors that suggest it will be late November (around 27th).

    @andonisimpsoni: I'm used to that, it doesn't bother me. We can't talk about the possibility of working on GS15 until we get our hands on the public beta though.

    @RyanGooding: We'll see. First signs (estimate date on various e-commerce sites) point towards the end of November sadly.
  • Goonerous's avatar
    Poor and misleading article. No official release date on here. I want my minute back.
  • Louis-13's avatar
    About a month ago you told us during November... Nothing new...
  • xCeeTee's avatar
    Yeah, I agree with the LAN connection. Sometimes I wanna turn Steam off, and worse yet those people that don't have internet (god bless their souls lol) can't even play!? I'm personally hoping for late November just so I can get the game when it comes out haha
  • andonisimpsoni's avatar
    Is genie scout 15 out yet?!?!? Why isn't it out yet???!!

    Hahaha too early? taste of things to come stam/eugene
  • freggiiee's avatar
    I think LAN connection should be made available again into FM15 instead of always playing online always. Like in FM12
  • TheRyanFM's avatar
    Hopefully it is worth the wait and is early November and not late November!
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