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Arsenal guide for FM15

A Football Manager 2015 guide all about Arsenal FC. Top tips to managing The Gunners, including suitable tactics, assessment of current material and evaluating options to strengthen the squad.

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Team Guides - Arsenal guide for FM15


Arsenal FC are one of the biggest names in world football and are drenched with history. With 13 league titles and 11 FA cups and 1 unbeaten season to their name Arsenal have earned themselves a place in English football history. Arsenal will not be too much of a challenge to win the title with, however you will need to beat some of the biggest clubs in football like Chelsea, City and Liverpool. Will you be able to get Arsenal out of 4th place and again compete with the big boys of English football?

Finances & Budget

You'll find Arsene Wenger left the club in a very good financial state as the club recorded a 108 million pound profit last season, however, you do have 250 million pounds of debt to pay off by 2030. The new stadium allows you to rake in around 3,000,000 pounds a game if you sell out the stadium, which is great news for any team! Arsenal have a massive budget of around 50 million pounds to spend (60 if you say you can win the tile) and 250,000 pound spare wage budget which allows to strengthen the team in every way possible. For their expectation of 4th and above this is a big help and may even allow you to challenge for the title.

Strongest Tactics

4-2-3-1 Wide

This tactic best allows you to take advantage of all Arsenal's best players and is my favourite tactic in the game.

The striker Danny Welbeck aims to be a typical lone striker playing a little bit deeper than usual as a complete forward, this allows him to link up with the rest for the team. The wingers provide width and with arsenal they can use their blistering pace to get into the final third. Ozil in playmaker aims to put through those magical balls he's known to produce and can use his dribbling to get in behind the opposition. The centre mids are there for defensive cover as well as passing options. The back four is just a standard back line with two central defenders and full backs on support. The most important team instructions would have to be more direct passing, pass into space, work ball into box and attack the flanks. These instructions utilise the teams passing ability and pace meaning that they can pass the ball accurately and have their pacey wingers latch on to them and collect them. Other options for this tactic are to make Ozil a shadow striker and Aaron Ramsey an advanced playmaker.


If you want to utilise Olivier Giroud you could use this tactic

Quite a basic tactic but if worst comes to worst you can lob the ball from anywhere on the field up to your target man Olivier Giroud. Your centre mids will look to blast the ball up the field to Giroud who will look to either flick the ball on to the wingers or if he's close enough to take a shot at goal. Once Giroud has received the ball primarily in the final third he can distribute to the inside forwards who could cut in and score or play a simple 1-2 with Giroud to give him a scoring opportunity. Team Instructions are very important here you need either direct passing or the more extreme version of "go route one" activated for the ball to be lobbed up to giroud in the first place. As well as that you need pump ball into box as well as exploit the flanks to make this tactic work, other options to add are winger player instructions to aim crosses at target man and to float or whip crosses.

First 11 Positional Analysis

With Wojciech Szczesny in your team you have the Goalkeeper position locked down for 10+ years. He's solid between the sticks and still has plenty of potential to fulfil, he's by no means the best keeper in the league but he's definitely up there. His backup David Ospina happens to be injured for around a month so make sure Szczesny doesn’t get injured early on or you might find yourself playing Matt Macey in goal... whoever that is

Right Backs:
At the begging of your game you may find the right back position a little shaky. Your three main options are Debuchy, Chambers and Bellerin however Debuchy is not the most reliable option and Chambers is only 18 years old. The best thing to do in that situation is squad rotation, Give Callum Chambers game time to develop but leave the more important matches to Debuchy. Chambers will turn into one of the worlds best right backs If you play your cards right

Central Defenders:
Mertesacker and Koscielny are your only reliable options, which is why I would recommend making signing one a priority. The defenders you do have are aging quickly and probably only have 2-3 years left so make sure you sort this out. Despite this, these two defenders are quality and very reliable.

Left Backs:
The full backs are very similar except you don't have a budding young talent to rely on. Kieren Gibbs and Nacho Monreal will do the job but if you have a little spare cash it could be a worthwhile signing

Right Midfielders:
Alexis Sanchez, The Ox and Theo Walcott are your options for the right, you will probably find it's a battle between Sanchez and Walcott for the spot while the Ox sits in the corner waiting for his turn. Fortunately the problem solves itself as Walcott is out injured for 2-3 months. if your worried about wasting Theo Walcott on the bench, don't. He can fill in as your striker and from experience i can tell you he does a great job. Don't forget about the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain though as he has the potential to become on of your best players

Central Midfielders:
You will have five centre mids to choose from. Four creative players in the form of Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta and Diaby then one more defensive player in Flamini, this is obviously a problem. For the time being Wilshere fits in as your defensive midfielder but you may want to strengthen it. In the more creative centre mid spot your best bet would definitely be Aaron Ramsey

Left Midfielders:
If only we had the same problems on the left as we do in the right, the left-winger position is one you really need to upgrade. You may find yourself deciding between playing the Ox there out of position, Santi Cazorla playing there where he really doesn't suit the winger role or Lukas Podolski who again just doesn’t fit in. Try signing a first team left-winger

Attacking Midfielders:
Attacking midfielder is really easy, you have two players to choose between and they both have mountains of quality. I would definitely make Ozil my starting player and have Cazorla as back up. Despite this if you need extra funds sell Cazorla, he's to good a player to rot on the bench and the Ramsey/Wishere duo can fit in as back up

Welbeck, Walcott, Giroud and Podolski can all play as your striker, if your going with my first tactic Welbeck and Walcott will do just fine but if your playing to a target man you might want cover. I'd definitely start Welbeck in most games but don't be afraid to play Walcott.


The main weaknesses in the side are the Centre Backs, Defensive Midfielder, Left Winger and maybe a back up fullback. Here are some of my suggestions for signings

Centre Back: Eder Alvarez Balanta, Matteo Mussachio, Aymeric Laporte
Defensive Midfielder: Sami Khedira, Lars Bender, Sven Bender
Left Winger: Memphis Depay, Xherdan Shaqiri,

Youth Development

If you’re like me and into youth development Arsenal will be great fun for you, with excellent youth facilities and excellent junior coaching you will find yourself raking in regens and maybe even discovering the worlds next star.


I really enjoyed my save with Arsenal, they are such a fun club with young exiting players as well as a huge transfer budget to bring in your own favourite players. Good luck with your save and who knows maybe you could make Arsenal go unbeaten in a season twice.

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