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Lower League Possession FM19 Tactic

Possession based FM 2019 tactic best suited to lower leagues sides. Tested with Crewe Alexandra. Inspired by Pep Guardiola.

By on Oct 24, 2018   87401 views   6 comments
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Downloads: 17682 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2018-10-24
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - Lower League Possession FM19 Tactic
Hello Stokealone here, this is my first time submitting a tactic to the website.

I've been a long playing Servant of Football manager and every year I try to create a possession based tactic for the lower leagues of football.

I got fascinated with how Pep played at Barcelona and everywhere he had been since, and thought why not try and create that in a lower league so that's where Crewe Alexandra came into the fold.

I've had a lot of people saying you won't be able to re create it without the likes of De Bruyne, David Silva... But who needs them when I have the likes of Callum Ainley, Sass-Davies and Niall Ennis as my Make shift Complete Forward.

So, anyway, into the Bread and Butter of the Tactic, there's nothing out of the Ordinary. Standard 4-1-4-1 Positive Mentality and Very Fluid Approach so all my players are constantly looking for Space.

I Tried to keep my Attacking instructions as Basic as Possible cause everyone knows the further you drop down the leagues the more basic you have to become on how you want your players to play.

So I came up with 5
  • Retain Possession (Self-explanatory)
  • Play out of Defence
  • Lower Tempo
  • Close Down Much More
  • Roam From Position

The Reason For Close Down much More is because the less time I can give the opposition on the ball the better. If you nullify the opposition threat they Rarely Score.

The only Player instruction is on the Goalkeeper to roll it out to Centre Backs and that just to Retain Possession.

Enjoy The Tactic Feed Back is always Welcome Message me on steam if you have any question or Feedback.

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Downloads: 17682 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2018-10-24
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Discussion: Lower League Possession FM19 Tactic

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • Damedius's avatar
    So I played with the tactic a bit. I changed some of the roles to better suit the players I have but kept the system mostly intact.

    Was projected by the media for 20th place but managed to be in playoff contention.

    Seems solid.
  • Damedius's avatar
    Downloaded and I'm in the process of trying it out.

    As other posters have mentioned. You aren't going to get a capable CF or RPM in the lowest leagues.. Part of the problem could be that I'm stuck only being able to scout England.

    The only RPM's and CF's in my save right now(within my scouting range) are in the premier league.

    I would say that an English team would have to be at least Skybet League 2 before teams would consider loaning out RPM's and CF's to them.

    My plan is go with a F9/AF to play instead of CFand the best B2B I can find to play as an RPM.
  • Stokealone-25's avatar
    Good I’m glad your enjoying it and yeah it’s seems lower than league 2 a AF works better I’m currently testing a 4231 attacking tactic in the VNN with a create a club I’ll post it when I’ve fined tuned it and got the results I want at the moment it’s scoring for fun but not that defensively solid
  • chodges89's avatar
    great tactic. playing with Bath City in VNS and couldn't get a run together. Started playing with this tactic and we're currently on a 10 game unbeaten run (including an 8-2 win against Hungerford). Playing with an AF as haven't got any players suitable for a CF.
  • Stokealone-25's avatar
    yeah you could try to change to a AF instead of a CF i noticed in the first season i could of been abit more clinical infront of goal but its with a player not brilliant at CF role could try a False nine and change the BBM to Attack and he should make runs in past your striker buddy
  • jbed3's avatar
    Enjoying the tactic, it really stopped the rot for me with Coventry. Not sure what was going wrong. Could do with being more clinical though, have you managed to develop it any further so you win more games? I went about 14 unbeaten after using this tactic but i think i won only 2/3 of those!
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