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Club Banners & Adboards for FM20

This mod turns FM 2020 generic adboards into club-specific colors, flags, and banners, giving each stadium its own flair and feel and adding some much-needed individuality to the 3D match-game engine.

By on Sep 08, 2020   101112 views   37 comments
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Downloads: 24816 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2020-09-08
FM 2020 Misc Graphics - Club Banners & Adboards for FM20
Tired of looking at the same old generic stadiums and Football Manager adboards during nearly every match?
Hoping to add a little variety and diversity to your match-game experience?
Wanting to give each stadium its own club color and culture?

This mod turns FM 2020 generic adboards into club-specific colors, flags, and banners, giving each stadium its own flair and feel and adding some much-needed individuality to the 3D match-game engine.

One of the biggest complaints of the FM gaming system is how little diversity is shown in each club stadium, and how gamers can’t really adapt or change those stadiums. While this mod doesn’t adjust the physical structure of the stadiums, it definitely adds some flavor to each match experience.

NOTE: it DOES NOT mimic contemporary advertising adboards around a stadium. Please look for rabcp's excellent Adboard Patch for that. This is a fantasy mod that just gives each stadium a look mirrored around each team's fan culture and colors.

This mod was originally created for FM14, then updated and released for FM15, FM16, and FM18. All versions work with newer versions of the game, but each update has new teams added, graphics updated and refreshed, etc. Hopefully this version will work with future releases as well. All thanks to rabcp, jeffroberts, and others for allowing me to use their custom video adboards in this mod.
Most graphics created by myself, using images of team scarves, ultras photography, tifos and banners, and various PES/FIFA mods (thanks to those creators). As mentioned before, this mod has no basis in advertising reality or in mimicking the ads you'd see at a stadium; rather, it highlights the colors, flags, and banners of supporter culture, and hopes to at least enliven each stadium.
Views best with TV or Behind Goal angle, with camera at lowest point.

Club Banners & Adboards | What's included

11,209 images for roughly 800 clubs.

All clubs from the top leagues in Europe plus Argentina, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Japan.
Now with more South American, Central American, Japanese, USA, Russian, Scandinavian, Indian clubs.
Includes 48 national teams for the first time!

Download Options

I've created two versions, one with full custom video adboards, the other without them and with a rewritten xml file that accesses the default SI video boards that come with the game. That would be for people who either have too much trouble accessing the video files or getting them to work, or who just prefer not to use them, or to DL such a larger file.

FULL VERSION (with custom video ads) 1.29GB
Download Full Version (1.37GB)

LO-FI VERSION (no custom video adboards - only uses default SI ads that come with game) 748MB
Download Lo-FiVersion (0.74GB)

Club Banners & Adboards FM20 Preview

Club Banners & Adboards | How to install on FM20

1. Extract the contents of the file. You don't need special software for that as it's a .zip file.

2. Place the first "ads" folder (the one that has only the fm.xml file inside it) inside your FM20 user data folder, that by default is found at:
Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020

3. Place the large "pictures/ads" folder inside your FM "graphics" folder located here:
Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/graphics
If you already have a pictures folder, just place the large "ads" folder within it, so as not to erase whatever else is in your pictures folder, like logos, flags, city pics, etc.
If you don’t have a graphics folder, please create one, in all small caps. (Capitalization throws off the routing system).

Full route should now be:

Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/graphics/pictures/ads

4. If you've downloaded the full version with the video ads: Place the "simatchviewer_uncompressed" folder (this contains the video ads) into the "data" folder within your Steam installation folder (which is not located in the area of the first two folders), but is found in this pathway:
steam > steamapps > common > Football Manager 2020 > data

Full route should now be:

steam > steamapps > common > Football Manager 2020 > data>simatchviewer_uncompressed

(There is an existing fmf file there with the same name: just leave it).

You'll also notice another folder, with a file called bidstack_enabled.xml. This basically prevents the game from constantly loading and displaying random video ads if you're online. Place that in

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager2020 \Preferences\version 3

or for Mac: Library/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/Preferences/version 3

5. Please restart FM20 entirely. If you just refresh the cache, the game may still not realize there is an entirely new place to find its graphics. Only when FM20 is restarted will it find and read the new ads xml file, and also discover the video ads.

6. Go in-game to the Preferences > Interface screen; click on "Clear Cache". And then return to the same screen and click "Reload Skin". This tells the game that hey, there's new visuals to load, otherwise it may reuse older ones.

ENJOY! Issues?

Remember to restart the game after first installing.

Remember to clear cache and reload skin.

Pay attention to where you're placing the files.

Download Now
Downloads: 24816 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2020-09-08
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Discussion: Club Banners & Adboards for FM20

37 comments have been posted so far.

  • strangerthankindness's avatar
    Hi all, apologies for my long absence here. Been busy with real-world stuff and have only now gotten around to playing FM21. Good news is that this mod does work with FM21. Bad news is that as someone noted below, a lot of the stadiums' looks have been changed a bit in the game code, so that a lot of stadiums don't have any banners at all displayed. SI seems to have eliminated the middle rows of banners in many stadiums, and put huge gaps in the upper rows of a lot of the larger stadiums. I don't know if I'll do an FM21 update or not, but this mod does work in it if you just paste all the files and graphics into the same spots. Thanks to all those who have commented, and especially to those who have helped answer questions while I've been out. Much appreciated.
  • fmnewbie's avatar
    does it work on fm21???
  • JimmyR21's avatar
    Hello guys i try to put this on fm 2020 3-4 days i dont know what im doing wrong can anyone expain and help me?
  • nuggett's avatar
    I deleted all the files, reinstalled, refreshed the skin and started a a new career.

    It works! (Don't ask)

    Thanks for your help.
  • nuggett's avatar
    Yes - I am using this for FM20.

    I have deleted everything and reinstalled using one patch. I'll try it again.

    Not sure what you mean overwrite the xml file with each DL.
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    Nugget, bear in mind this is for 2020, the stadium models have changed in 21, so not perfect. There are 2 adboards patches, only use 1

    if using the big pack, you need to overwrite the xml file with each download

    i deleted everything, and started from scratch, works well
  • nuggett's avatar
    Anyone have anything??
  • nuggett's avatar
    Uninstalled and reinstalled the mod.

    Still not getting the upper level (or any team specific banners) showing up like I see in some of the pictures.
  • nuggett's avatar
    Thanks. Not sure what you mean a lot of the stadiums have changed, but my issue could be the adboards mode.

    I think I uninstalled the other mod, but maybe not fully.
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    A lot of the stadiums have changed.

    and this mod does not work if you have the adboards mod installed
  • nuggett's avatar
    I have installed the mod. I think it is working, but my upper level graphics are not showing up (based on other screenshots I have seen).

    Any suggestions - thanks.
  • jamie1983xxx's avatar
    Hello mate am i correct in thinking this patch does not work at all on football manager 2021? i have followed the instructions perfectly as i did in football manager 2020 and its now working. Thank you for your work. Jamie
  • mrgood's avatar
    @strangerthankindness Is there an option to choose between club or league ads. I prefer competition ads in CL and EL instead clubs.
  • henrpett's avatar
    Nevermind - I'm an idiot who can't read instructions.
  • henrpett's avatar
    I just cannot for the life of me get this to work in the release version, and this mod is one of my requirements for starting my FM21 save.

    Is there anything that might have changed in the full release vs the beta that might have impacted this? I swear I've spent 4 hours trying to get this to work doing everything I can think of.
  • campinho's avatar
    yes, it's working now. at least ad boards are working fine.
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    If you have them in 20, just move to your 21 file structure
    they work just fine
  • campinho's avatar
    i followed all the steps and it does not work for me
  • Accattone's avatar
    @PaulMalcolm67: I just followed the steps indicated on this post in my FM21 folders. I didn't do anything else...
  • PaulMalcolm67's avatar
    I must be doing something wrong is it okay if you can maybe message me and send me screenshots of where your files are if that wouldnt be a problem it would be really helpful thankyou
  • Accattone's avatar
  • PaulMalcolm67's avatar
    Accattone how did you get it to work for fm 21 for me the video adboards work but the club banners dont
  • dirkhochheim's avatar
    Thank you so much! Can you add a new one for the FM2021 mate? That will be amazing! Thank you for the great work!
  • Accattone's avatar
    Hi !! It also perfectly works with FM21 (beta, but I guess also with the definitive version of the game).
  • zamek9's avatar
    ok, work good

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