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FM 2020 England Lower Leagues to Level 16

Unlock England lower leagues down to level 16 with the biggest English database for Football Manager 2020. Created by Dan BHTFC. Updated September 28th, 2020.

By Updated on Oct 28, 2020   178930 views   32 comments
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Downloads: 50235 / Size: 3.3 MB / Added: 2019-12-10
Football Manager 2020 League Updates - FM 2020 England Lower Leagues to Level 16
As always, this will be the biggest English database available to play for Football Manager 2020. The largest database on Football Manager will be back for another installment.

You can manage a club 16 leagues down the English football pyramid. By the time you reach Premier League (assuming you can win consecutive promotions every year), all real players would be probably retired and you'd be in a fantastic football world filled with newgens.

This England Level 16 database for FM20 includes real structure and rules, as well as all the cups (with future updates).
It's complete down to level 16. A Gargantuan task no doubt.

Released: 7 December 2019 (Level 10 - No League Cups for levels 9/10)
Updated: 28 September 2020 (Level 16)

English Playable Leagues after enabling the E20 database

  1. Premier League
  2. Championship
  3. League 1
  4. League 2
  5. Conference Premier
    • Conference North
    • Conference South

    • Isthmian Premier
    • Southern League South Division
    • Southern League Central Division
    • Northern Premier

    • Isthmian Division 1 North
    • Isthmian Division 1 South East
    • Isthmian Division 1 South Central
    • Southern League Division 1 Central
    • Southern League Division 1 South
    • Northern Premier Division 1 East
    • Northern Premier Division 1 West

    • Combined Counties League Premier
    • Eastern Counties League Premier
    • Essex Senior League
    • Hellenic League Premier
    • Midland Football League Premier
    • Northern Counties East League Premier
    • Northern League Division One
    • North West Counties League Premier
    • Spartan South Midlands League Premier
    • Southern Combination League Premier Division
    • Southern Counties East League Premier
    • United Counties League Premier
    • Wessex League Premier
    • Western League Premier

    • Combined Counties League Division One
    • Eastern Counties League Division One North
    • Eastern Counties League Division One South
    • East Midlands Counties League
    • Hellenic League Division One East
    • Hellenic League Division One West
    • Midland Football League Division One
    • Northern Counties East League Division One
    • Northern League Division Two
    • North West Counties League Division One North
    • North West Counties League Division One South
    • South West Peninsula League Premier Division
    • Spartan South Midlands League Division One
    • Southern Combination League Division One
    • Southern Counties East League Division One
    • United Counties League Division One
    • Wessex League Division One
    • Western League Division One
    • West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division

How to unlock England Level 16 in FM 2020

  1. Move the downloaded E20 - Level 16 with Jersey & Guernsey teams.fmf file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data\
    Create folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist already.

  2. Open Football Manager 2020 and start a new career, In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure this file is selected.

  3. It's highly recommended to disable "Do not Add Key Staff" and enable "Add Players to Playable Teams" in advanced options. Also make sure to load all players from England using the Advanced... Database Size options.


This database is created by Dan BHTFC and I'm sharing it here with his kind permission.
You can follow Dan on Twitter.

Download Now
Downloads: 50235 / Size: 3.3 MB / Added: 2019-12-10
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Discussion: FM 2020 England Lower Leagues to Level 16

32 comments have been posted so far.

  • gueon24hrs's avatar
    Hi, i've played using this database, my question is why do i get sacked even though i've achieved club's target? Thank you
  • Tsp702's avatar
    Hi, do you know if this mod will be updated for FM21? Super keen to start a career with my hometown again. Thanks
  • donpablo's avatar
    Hi, when patch valable for FM21?
  • Kyusai's avatar
    Why are you this amazing ?
  • Stam's avatar
    Updated the download link to the latest version (released on August 20th) which unlocks the English football pyramid down to level 16. Enjoy!
  • Hyperdruid's avatar

    Have just downloaded the file but get error message when trying to start new career mode "Requires minimum of 20 teams for Southern League Division One Central, found only 19"

    Please can you assist on fixing this issue?
  • Degsy's avatar
    Downloaded this today. Game says it needs to be verified in the editor first.
    Checked it in advanced rules and it says there is a promotion/relegation problem in the County Leagues.

    24/06/20, County Leagues, Promoted and relegated teams do not match up for County League (0 relegated) and Level 10 (4 promoted) (extra teams requested=0).
    Check to make sure Level 10 uses Flexible Format Rules.
  • Mozza1979's avatar
    Hi, will it have prize money if you say win a counties league level? I can see there's nothing listed in the database, so does it automatically work it our, or just pay none?
  • lucas1's avatar
    Hello, I need your help, why don't you promote me in the jackson championship? .
  • leoabelson's avatar
    link doesn't work on Mac
  • Rols574's avatar
    download link isn't working
  • ollytbrown's avatar
    The database download isn't working even though I'm following all the steps, can someone help? The database does not turn up when i click in career
  • lukesims's avatar
    can you use this data base for the create a club mode?
  • rhyst87's avatar
    I had the same problem as "CRASHxtrm", in that I've put the file in the right place but can't access it in the database drop down
  • realIK17's avatar
    Hi I removed some clubs and added my senior team to a league in level 11, my U21 to level 12 and U18 to level 11. My senior team was promoted twice, but my youth teams stayed at the same leagues for two years despite winning their respective leagues. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Do I need to use FM2020 editor to edit the leagues? Thx
  • CRASHxtrm's avatar
    I've put the downloaded file to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data and it still doesn't show up when I am creating a new career. Please help me with this
  • Average_GamerUK's avatar
    Does this fix the issues with League one? Do they still have 23 teams in the second season instead of 24?
  • Stam's avatar
    Level 12 is out now. Download link updated.
  • CalamityAndy's avatar
    Hi, just downloaded this and also getting the error about 21 teams in the Midlands League, won't let me choose English leagues
  • cruiseylee78's avatar
    Just tried to start a new game and getting 21 teams from midland league is stopping the database work?
  • newtestleper's avatar
    An update is needed to make it compatible with 20.3, yes?
  • Spilulu's avatar
    Level 11 is out now
  • newtestleper's avatar
    Don't know if it affects gameplay, but every club has at least two duplicate fixtures in their schedule.
  • moschops's avatar
    Also I noticed that northern division 1 only promotes 1 team. The new rules as of this year are the top 3 are promoted
  • spoonyuk3's avatar
    Does this work on mac? if so where do you save the file?

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