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FM20 Realistic Transfer Market Values

Real life transfermarkt data applied to 30 nations. This FM 2020 mod changes the way you build a squad, buy/sell players, how you approach competitions, manage money, etc.

By on Feb 27, 2020   44654 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 7621 / Size: 21.6 kB / Added: 2020-02-27
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - FM20 Realistic Transfer Market Values

FM 2020 Realistic Transfer Market Values - Change the Way you Play

This project was made as an attempt to provide a "better" experience in buying/selling, and a more realistic league landscape in the transfer market.

It's been a massive project, which started by extracting the information of every single player above 100 reputation, based in each of the 30 nations.
After that, extracting the current Transfermarkt values for all those players and comparing them for each reputation range.
Then coming up with a balanced, average increase/decrease based on the findings. Finally, testing the new values across the nations, to create a new, realistic representation.

Of course, market values are very subjective, constantly changing, and can never be fully accurate.
But in the end, this file seems to generally improve things.

Database Features:

Nations Changed: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA.

It's hard to list features, the best thing is to give examples:

Example - Chinese Super League:
In a default save, the COMBINED market value of the Top 13 players based in China was £311m / €374m / $406m.

Using Transfermarkt values, the combined value is £138m / €166m / $180m. A huge difference!

With this file, the new combined value is £195m / €234m / $254m. Much more realistic and reasonable.

Example of Real-life 2019/2020 Winter Transfers versus FM Transfers:

*Note: The Realistic Transfer Preferences file was also used*

xample - Real 2019/2020 Transfer Window versus new FM (for Top Division):

Example - Managing in England:

The most famous players are worth absolute fortunes. So, you can enjoy the extreme riches that the Premier League holds. But for a struggling relegation side, you'll have to make do with the Championship and similar-type players, as the top ones will be out of your reach. Poaching clubs like Barca and PSG may have a harder time prying away the top players, but when they do, you'll make a fortune.

Those outside the best, though, will struggle to bridge the gap, as player values have reduced. They will struggle as real-life Championship and lower leagues do, with players leaving for greener pastures and fewer profits from player sales. On the other hand, picking up new players will be easier, as they cost less, meaning an easier budget to manage, and more wiggle room for those high wages requested.

Example - Managing in Scotland:

The higher reputation player's values will have dropped, meaning that you will struggle more to earn enough cash by one or two player sales. Your high reputation players may be enticed more often to join other leagues. Doing well in Continental competitions will be more important for top clubs. But promising youngsters, backup Premiership players, and top Championship top players will have their values boosted. So keep hold of some good youth/backup, train them up, and make profit.

Buying outside your league may be more difficult at times, but Backup/low EPL players will be more in your price range, along with Championship players.

Example - Managing in Portugal:

Getting that elusive high reputation player(like Alex Telles) to bolster your squad will be even more important. They will have greater values, and earn you more money. Due to the higher values, you may be able to hold on to them a bit longer. But the rest of the players' values will be reduced some, and breaking into the big 3 and building your club's reputation will be more important.

Important Info:

1. This file will not make things right. It can be only better, or hit the target more often than it did before. Market values can be very subjective, based on opinion, and change day-by-day with each player's form/age/clubs/etc.

2. There will still be issues with the transfer market. This only changes values. Only SI can change wonderkid's value not rising enough, older players' values drastically diminishing, or clubs not having the money to buy players.

3. A specific player's value can't be changed. Any changes affect all players in that reputation range. So one player's value may be wrong, but the overall values of similar reputation players in that league should be on average good.

Before Using this Mod:

Because this is in BETA, and changes the finances, the way you will build the squad, the way you approach competitions, manage money, etc, PLEASE run a test save beforehand.

Take a look at some clubs' squads. See how it looks to you.

Keep in mind, some values may be very different, and not necessarily wrong! Just a new way to play, a new approach.

How to Make Your Own Changes:

If you find that you like the changes overall, but don't like a certain aspect, you can change this in the Editor!

For example, maybe you don't want top English Premier League players values to be so astronomical.
Simply open the Editor, load the file, go to Nations. Add Condition > Name > type in the nation's name.
Then Transfers and Contracts > Transfer Values > go to the top 3 reputation slots, and reduce the amount. Save, of course.
If you need any help, feel free to PM me your questions.


I obviously can't play hundreds of leagues to determine how the changes work or don't work. Things may need adjusted, of course. Any testing or feedback you can offer would be great!

Remember to not look at one specific player's value, but if you find that overall the values are wrong, please let me know!

Consider Donating

If you like this creation, and want to support the hours of work, please donate:

Download Now
Downloads: 7621 / Size: 21.6 kB / Added: 2020-02-27
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Discussion: FM20 Realistic Transfer Market Values

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • robbo84's avatar
    So i have come up with the idea that it would be good to somehow cap every teams transfer budgets but i don't know how or if it can be done? Transfers and spending on FM20 are so unrealistic the amounts the big teams spend especially in the prem teams is a joke, easily all top 5-6 teams spend £200mill plus every season so thought if i can somehow put a cap on spending that might make it more realistic???
  • OMG_iknothing's avatar
    nice mod
  • OMG_iknothing's avatar
    how do i activate this mod. What should i do after downloading the mod, where should i put the mod
  • LLovely's avatar
    Nice idea.. but crazy high market values and way to much 80+Mil. transfers.
  • Alohafatboiii's avatar
    You are, by far, a great person for you to do this.

    Some people are better than others with their work but you are great in your own work. There are ppl doing great work with skins, face packs, club kits. You think outside the box. There are ppl focusing on the transfer updates, you focus on the market values and transfer preferences on how club sign players, it's the small things that matter. YOU are the only person focusing on this complexity. THANK YOU.

    We need more ppl like you.
  • GfxJG's avatar
    At first glance, it seems like the "average" top team players (Think Fred, Lovren, Xhaka) are valued a little too low, I'll give it a playthrough, see how it goes, but I might try to adjust that a little later. Love the idea though!
  • fascinoso73's avatar
    Thanks OK
  • @Timo@'s avatar
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