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4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.1 20.4 TOP for FM20 by ZION NEW!!!!

After having the most downloaded tactic for 2019, here's another one. A fast attacking 4-2-3-1 style tactic for FM 2020.

By on Dec 16, 2019   259163 views   29 comments
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Downloads: 81215 / Size: 44.0 kB / Added: 2019-12-16
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - 4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.1 20.4 TOP for FM20 by ZION NEW!!!!
WE ARE BACK!!! this tact is ultra-working!!! TRY IT!!!!

Sorry for being late, but this year I have found a lot of changes; more then ever because my team is composed of very young talent (18-23).

I don't know if this is really the case, but this year this game seems more competitive.

Anyway, very simple, still we have the 4-2-3-1 offensive tactic.


this is the link to LAST YEAR DESCRIPTION. Best advice for this version is to have - obviously - great team harmony, high morale and familiarity with the tactic. Once these points are reached, the team will play fluidly.

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Downloads: 81215 / Size: 44.0 kB / Added: 2019-12-16
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Discussion: 4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.1 20.4 TOP for FM20 by ZION NEW!!!!

29 comments have been posted so far.

  • amalsharon's avatar
    Hey if anyone wants the tweaked version hit me up @[email protected]
    I Tweaked for it to work against big teams and another to convert all the chances against small teams i'm getting 6-1 7-1 5-1 results a lot
  • ZION's avatar
    ZION Page Author4 months ago
    SpecialOne433 really dnt know, downolad and put it tact folder inside sport interactive
  • SpecialOne433's avatar
    I can't use the tactic, when I try it says "the file can't be imported", how can I solve this?
  • ZION's avatar
    ZION Page Author4 months ago
    Floren put down defensive line doesnt help, indeed it take it worst. dont use positive, never, or balanced or offensive, positive is useless. keep the idea that some teams are really strong, for example i always have big problem with "future" manchester united. your players must know the tact very well and have a top cohesion to have the best effect (this is for every module you'll use). with my Bologna i have a perfect balanced team , every player is almost perfect for the role they have. other important advice is to give order before match to give pressing on all your opponents and and put them on wrong foot. with stronger opponents also mark on the best players they have. cant to put up a tact and believe that the miracle start, is a simulation game so you need to do always some little adjust. anyway read also the link to my 2019 tact that i put in this description to check my method of training and others.
  • Floren's avatar
    All the matches I played are with positive mentality ( home & away). I also put the defensive line one click down but the result is the same
  • ZION's avatar
    ZION Page Author4 months ago
    hi Floren, when you play away try to put on positive or balanced, as i wrote in the description...
  • Floren's avatar
    this tactic is not good.. This work only at home games for me. I won 4-0 5-0 6-0 but when I play away the opponent has a lot of chances.. So don't use this tactic
  • Lucho_3's avatar
    i will try this tatic. I make my coment soon ;)
  • ZION's avatar
    ZION Page Author5 months ago
    upoaded new tact, I NEVER LOSE, this is very good. And more guys, i bought Vignato much before than real Bologna F.C. did ;D
  • makumba's avatar
    It's quite good tactic but sometimes I have to change my line of attackers and defenders players on the pitch. On away days I usually step back both lines. IMO this tactic should be moderated
  • ZION's avatar
    ZION Page Author6 months ago
    really sorry guys but i didnt have time to play in the last few month, dunno if i'll have. thx everyone for the fully heart comments
  • sjel's avatar
    super broken, doesn´t work anymore. i can even play for a month
  • Laziola's avatar
    This tactic is broken. Even if u got strong players, u will miss a lot, too much to win your games. If u win, it will be always 2-1 or 1-0 not more.

    This tactic is clearly outdated unfortunately.
  • PancioMateo90's avatar
    I was trying this tactic with few teams. This tactic is shit and dosent work anywhere.
  • sjel's avatar
    less shots and less possession than other team, how can i revert that?
  • PancioMateo90's avatar
    Hey there. It is a good tactic?
  • anak85's avatar
    Ok, if anyone is interested.

    I did two changes which seem to have helped a lot!

    I stepped back the "Attack" mentality to "Positive" as mentioned above by ZION.

    The line of engagement and the back line were both pushed backwards 2 steps. Also not preventing the goal keeper from distributing.

    I only had 1-2 balls over the top in the past 3 games but still feel I am getting enough press and winning back the ball.
  • anak85's avatar
    hey there, I am getting a LOT of goals over the top. Seems like the opposition has at least 4-5 one on ones with my keeper each match. Any pointers for me?
  • sjel's avatar
    nvm, i found it.
  • sjel's avatar
    training is the same? cus i cant find match preview :/.
  • ZION's avatar
    ZION Page Author8 months ago
    dears everyone, obviusly there are some terms for a tact to work. cohesion, kind of players, and others. if i play vs Barcelona, i dont left offensive module. i put positive or balance, and put pressing and marking on opponents. you cant put up a tactic and and just play
  • AD1990's avatar
    its not working brother
  • nauro's avatar
    Started using this tactic in my very first career in FM 2020 and so far it goes very well. I'm in november 2019 and my Red Bull Salzburg won all of the league games (except of one that ended with a goalless draw) and Austrian Cup games. So far we've played three games in Champions league winning 2:0 against Zenit, losing 3:4 against Lille and drawing 2:2 against Napoli. So far so good
  • valyp's avatar
    Almost lose my job in Seria A with Fiorentina, change this tactic with my tactic :P
  • rydberg001's avatar
    Have tested this tactic in division 1 norra in Sweden. Works great, had some trouble with team cohesion at the start but with a few signings im smashing even after promotions.

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