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FM20 Tactic: Trio's 433 Domination

Dominate all aspects of the game with this FM 2020 tactic!

By on Dec 01, 2019   70000 views   11 comments
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Downloads: 14219 / Size: 45.7 kB / Added: 2019-12-01
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - FM20 Tactic: Trio's 433 Domination
I have been a player of fm now for a few years and about 2 football managers ago my season was not going very well so i decided to create my own tactic and things soon turned round so i kept the same tactic and tweaked it until i was fully satisfied and i now feel it was ready to upload for public use.

I always start a career with Scunthorpe united a low tier team and since i have been using this tactic i have won the premier league and champions league titles and both in a season during the couple FMS I have been using this.

One of the keys to this formation is.

The DLP (Deep Lying Playmaker) aim for world class this guy is going to be the heartbeat of your team he runs the show from deep in the pitch.

Also your SK (Sweeper Keeper) must have excellent one on ones stats aim for as high as possible.

Hope you enjoy this tactic and it brings you as much success as it has me.

On the screen shots is my second season so far in the premier league you can see I lost to Chelsea and Manchester United I was very unlucky in these games as I was either down to 10 men or conceded injuries to major players the Watford defeat was because I still had my b team and youth players in the team accidentally keeping youth and b team players in after a low key Europa League match.

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Downloads: 14219 / Size: 45.7 kB / Added: 2019-12-01
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Discussion: FM20 Tactic: Trio's 433 Domination

11 comments have been posted so far.

  • kamens2's avatar
    @trio you training on gegenpress or vertical tiki taka or just tiki taka ?
  • Trio's avatar
    hey just an update for the formation it currently works and is effective with all the new patches i have personally changed a few need to change the AP to attacking instead of support also change the lb and rb to not tackle harder in instructions and this last one is optional and is under trial but remove overlap from team instructions and Marko this formation works best with a CF if possible
  • Marko12101983's avatar

    Can I play with Advanced Forward with attack duty instead of Complete Forward with attack duty?
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    Hello, can you update your tactic for 20.2.3 ? plz
  • Trio's avatar
    @burnum thank you for the reply and your feedback also i am happy that it has provided a solid base for you in your fm journey good luck :)
  • burnum's avatar
    Works well for me with both, West Ham and Ajax. A lot of possession and we play the kind of football I was looking for ('Guardiola'esque'). However, I'm not a friend of overly aggressive football, so I instantly removed 'Get Stuck In' and also removed 'Tackle Harder' for the back-four and the DM - so only my 5 attacking players tackle harder when pressing the opposition. With that I want to encourage physical pressing and tactical fouls (if needed), while also preventing dangerous set pieces around our own box (by not tackling harder with the defensive players). I also removed 'Low Crosses' because I have strikers who are good in the air (Haller with West Ham, Huntelaar with Ajax), so I set it to mixed.

    Works really well with those tweaks.
  • Trio's avatar
    @mcswifty you have to be tough on the tackle as there are a lot of physical strength players in the premier league also i do like to genuinely encourage my players to get stuck in how has the tactic been for you?
  • Trio's avatar
    @burnum yes it appears that it is still working after the patch on my save anyway how is the tactic going for you?
  • burnum's avatar
    Any ideas if this still works with the new patch out today?
  • Den1s's avatar
    @mcswifty You can but I think they use it for more attacking styles where you don't have many people in defence, then it probably helps to concede less.
    But without good tacklers it can also cost you the game with a red card.
  • mcswifty's avatar
    Get Stuck In, and Tackle Harder on all positions except DC.
    Wonder how many cards you get throughout a season. :D

    No offense to the creator of this tactic.
    But wonder how come, all the typical successful tactics out there, all use Get Stuck In, and/or Tackle Harder on most players?
    Can't we get any tactical success without all this rough play?
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