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FIFA Regen Faces / Ready-to-use with Newgen Faces Script!

FIFA 21 improved their regen faces this year, so I compiled them for people to use in their FM21 games. Sorted and ready-to-use with Krysler76's script!

By on Nov 15, 2020   20 comments
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Size: 518.9 MB / Added: 2020-11-15
Football Manager 2021 Facepacks - FIFA Regen Faces / Ready-to-use with Newgen Faces Script!


I've always despised the regen faces present in FM games, I hate them with a passion. Replacing them is generally the first thing I do on a new FM release. Last year, I've mostly just duplicated the regular facepack and randomly assigned it. However, I do like quickly being able to identify a regen simply by the face. So when I saw that EA did a damn fine job with their own regen faces on FIFA 21 this year, I created an automated process, ran it overnight, and got all these pretty little cutouts. And I figured I'd share them with you lot.

Krysler76's Script
This fantastic creator figured out a way to automate assigning regen faces based on ethnicity and hair colour! This facepack is designed to be used with his script, and are therefore pre-sorted. This also means there are duplicates here and there, depending. By clicking the link in this post, it will take you to a Mediafire folder with TWO files. The one called FIFA Regen Faces - SCRIPT SKIN TONE + HAIR is the one I recommend, and has full functionality with ethnicity and hair colour. The one called FIFA Regen Faces - SCRIPT SKIN TONE only sorts by ethnicity, should you want to only have that for some reason. So download them, and follow this link to instructions to use the script!

Also, a SUPER QUICK tutorial on how to make them work without the script. If this isn't enough, you'll have to be patient a little longer (see above), I won't answer questions about this in the comments.

1.) Find the face you want.
2.) Find the Unique ID of the player you want to have this face.
3.) Put the face in the "graphics" folder in your FM directory.
4.) Rename it the same as your Unique ID.
5.) Run fmXML.
6.) Reload skin in-game.
7.) Enjoy.

Examples! (I will update with FM21 screenshots soon)

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Downloads: 19269 / Size: 518.9 MB / Added: 2020-11-15
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Discussion: FIFA Regen Faces / Ready-to-use with Newgen Faces Script!

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • ShermWorm's avatar
    @RoMbA clutch
  • RoMbA's avatar
    @Abes897 you can use this. The process is the same.
  • Abes897's avatar
    Are you looking to repeat this on FM 22?
  • bestfootie's avatar
    Hi thanks so much for all this.

    I may be being silly, but if I've downloaded the Fifa Regen faces, but before I go ahead and just extract them, where will I find the instructions for what to do with them once extracted? Is there a read-me within the zip file?
  • zamek9's avatar
  • omann123's avatar

    I've got the same problem... did you find a fix?
  • DJAudacity's avatar
    Need help on MAC: ("ERROR : THE TEXT FILE \"Faces regens.rtf\" DOES NOT EXIST, PLEASE CHECK PART 3 IN TUTORIAL")

    I have done exactly as the tutorial says and talked with the author of the script on Discord. He says that for some reason it only works on some Macbooks. I am on Macbook Pro and running macOS Big Sur. Wondering if anyone has found a fix?
  • HotDogIgor's avatar
    can I put other photos into folders, for example, from df11 regen pack?
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @snakor: Yes, it's certainly possible, but I highly doubt we'll be making one :-)
  • snakor's avatar
    is it possible to make similar script for FM20?
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @Danish_Dynamite: I see, I'll fix it! Thanks!

    @Sampiesto: In theory, I could, it's not much of a hassle. The thing is, I generated ~2200 individual faces in FIFA, and while most of them are unique, there are also some duplicates. This leads me to believe that I'm approached the upper limit of unique faces from the FIFA generator :-)

    @Alexoo: Not quite. You have to run the script once in a while to replace the faces, usually I just do it once per season, but you can do it more often if you want. It won't 100% automatically do it as the season progresses, but once per season, with just a few button clicks, is better than manually doing every face :-)
  • Alexoo's avatar
    I just want to confirm, if this tool allows for FM21 to change all the regen faces in the game automatically as the season progresses, without the need of me doing it manually and ethnicities are recognised when it changes???

    Also thank you for working on improving the faces
  • Sampiesto's avatar
    This is great!

    Are you going to generate more faces in the future or was it to much of a hustle to do it? :)
  • Danish_Dynamite's avatar
    Hi GfxJG, great work in creating the cut outs and sorting the files. Will look forward to using this and the script once the game is officially released.

    FYI, the second link you provide above to the instructions on how to use the script is broken.
  • Krysler76's avatar
    The only skin tone version works with FM20, not the skin tone + hair colour
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @luizafc: The faces yes, the automatic script no :-)
  • luizafc's avatar
    works on fm2020?
  • Desertik's avatar
    Thanks @GfxJG :)
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @Desertik: The current pictures are from FM20, using the TCS skin. I agree FM21 pictures using available skins are very small, but I can only assume that'll change soon after the full release on the 24th!
  • Desertik's avatar
    Hi It's looks awsome ! What skin do you use for this ? Defaut skin and Wannachup use too small pictures .
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