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Newgen Faces Script (with ethnicity and hair colour)

This script allows you to add faces to your newgens faster and according to his ethnicity and/or his hair colour.

By on Nov 15, 2020   25 comments
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Size: 54.2 MB / Added: 2020-11-15
Football Manager 2021 Facepacks - Newgen Faces Script (with ethnicity and hair colour)


This script does not have faces included, you will have to download them, some examples of facepacks for newgens :
- Chilled_Moose Facepack : (you have to go to his patreon for more faces)
- Old Chilled_Moose Facepack :
- PES Facepack :
- FIFA 21 Facepack + script + faces already sorted :

You can use as many packs at the same time as you want.

The faces added to newgens works on all saves but the ethnicity will certainly corresponds only on the save you did.

The MAC script can have some fails due to I don't have a MAC, so please contact me on Discord Krysler#0067 if you see anything.


Download and install the script

First you have to download and extract the .rar file (with Winrar or TheUnarchiver) in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021, your Football Manager 2021 folder should look like this.

Install Python on your computer with the file "python-3.8.5.exe" (Windows) or "python-3.8.6-macosx10.9.pkg" (MAC) which was extracted in the last step.

Sorting the faces

The script will pick one face that corresponds to the ethnic group and/or hair colour of the player. For this you will need to have sorted faces, it will take some times to sort them but you won't have to do it again.

In Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\Faces ethnic script you must have ethnic folder (and hair colour folders in each ethnic folder), you have to put your regens faces in folder that corresponds, a face can corresponds to multiple folders, you just have to duplicate it.

Better look at ethnic groups
African : Just black african
East asian : Japan, Korea, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia
Indian : India, Pakistan, I don't think you will have many faces in this folder
Middle east : arabic countries, Algeria, Marocco, Egypt ...
Mixed : mixed between whites and blacks, can share many faces with african folder
North european : Scandinavia, Great Britain
South european : Mediterranean, east european

Faces don't have to be renamed, we don't care.

Warning : Make sure you have at least one face in each folder !!!

An exemple of folder sorted

Apply the script

When we installed the script in the first step we also installed views, they are very important because they help to export the datas (Unique ID, skin tone, hair colour). So when you go in the screens Team squad, Staff search, Player search, Shortlist you will be able to import the Script Faces view that corresponds to your screen.

Now you can go in-game and select the players you want to add a face, you cant just select your squad, make a shortlist, juste take all the player search list ...
You have to apply the view "SCRIPT FACES ..." on your screen.

Select all the players of your list with CTRL + A
Do CTRL + P to print the screen and select "Text file" (third option)
Rename the file "Faces regens" and save it in the Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021 folder
You extracted the datas and you have now a "Faces regens.rtf" file in your FM21 folder

Now you have to launch the script "Script_faces.bat"
If you are on MAC you have to launch the ""
The script will tell you if there is an error, you will have to recheck all the steps (apply the view, export the datas with text file), it will tell you if the player has already a face, if it added a face or if the player is a real player ...

Just return in game, clear cache and reload the skin. You should have faces attrbuted to your players selected ! Next time you want to add faces to players you will just have to remake the "Apply the script" part.


You can't publish this script on another website without my permission.

If you created a newgen facepack and want to do a version with the script and faces sorted, please contact me and we will work together.

You can contact me on Discord : Krysler#0067, but don't do it if you didn't really search by yourself and if you didn't read correctly the tutorial.

Download Now
Downloads: 7738 / Size: 54.2 MB / Added: 2020-11-15
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Discussion: Newgen Faces Script (with ethnicity and hair colour)

25 comments have been posted so far.

  • oskarangermark's avatar
    On Mac I get the error message "Inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation". I have redone all steps an extra time and I get the same error for both alternatives (skin tone and skin tone + hair color). I use the Python script for Mac.

    Any ideas on what might cause this?
  • archerkinghusan48's avatar
    Any way i can replace Real players faces with regen faces? I hate seeing that black faceless thing. I dont want real players facepack btw.
  • keysi's avatar
    Just wanted to say it's perfect, @Krysler76 and it works absolutely great ;)
  • lvckv's avatar
    Man these instructions are ridiculously hard to follow. Didn't have any idea what to do after installing Python basically...
  • NunoSoares0ficial's avatar
    Very good ideia and metod, for we finnaly get good regen faces in FM.
    But the fact that you only can update the faces of your team regens is a negative aspect. I personally dont like to have my players with a "type" of face, and the rest of the world with other. So, if you find a way of get all the players with the faces updated, that would be so great..!!
  • oko030's avatar
    A word of note for some who - like me - took 6 days of deleting & reinstalling to figure it out: certain 'skins' stop these faces from showing, no matter how many times you reload skin or clear cache (the FM Scout Instant Result skin was my issue). First make sure you switch to the original FM skin - reload, clear cache, etc. and the faces should show if you've done it correctly. Then you can switch back to whatever skin you want.
  • You de Mané's avatar
    Is this compatible with FM 2020?
  • SaVioLa20's avatar
    i cant do a even print screen . I try to change maybe for other key but still doesn't work. :(
  • DJAudacity's avatar
    Need help on MAC: ("ERROR : THE TEXT FILE \"Faces regens.rtf\" DOES NOT EXIST, PLEASE CHECK PART 3 IN TUTORIAL")

    I have done exactly as the tutorial says and talked with the author of the script on Discord. He says that for some reason it only works on some Macbooks. I am on Macbook Pro and running macOS Big Sur. Wondering if anyone has found a fix?
  • Benjamineyriey's avatar
    Just curious. What's Python used for?
  • Danish_Dynamite's avatar
    I found a solution to my problem below. The pictures added to players can be located in a subfolder called "IN GAME Faces Regens" inside the "Faces ethnic script"-folder with the sorted pictures. I could delete the pictures that were added for real players.

    Problem now is how to add pictures to players in my team, without mistakenly adding to the same real players again. Can I make a list with players I own?
  • Danish_Dynamite's avatar
    First of all thanks a lot for your work - its brilliant. I have encounter an issue though. By mistake I exported a text file with my entire squad, and the script has added regen faces for a few of my real players. I can see that the script has processed these as regens. Is there a way to remove the added face again for those players?
  • athletics4987's avatar
    Thank you for this!
  • Thor73200's avatar
    Je viens d'utiliser Newgen faces script dans la recherche de joueur sous recrutement , cela a fonctionner mais pas pour tous les joueurs car ils restent des joueurs sans images générées par le jeu. J'aimerais savoir comment on procède pour mettre à jour l'ensemble de la base de données avec laquelle on joue. merci d'avance.
  • gholliday87's avatar
    I'm having no luck with this! I'm running on a Mac, and I've used the player search view to get the list for every player in the game, saved it as 'Faces regens' then ran '', but nothing happens.

    Everything is in the same folder, which is '/Users/garyholliday/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021'

    Any idea where I've gone wrong?
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @Ice30 Just create a normal shortlist, if the player is a real player the script will skip him so I don't really see the problem here.
  • Ice30's avatar
    @Krysler76, and how to create lists of regens without the "hidden attributes" tab, which is opened only by the editor?
  • Calubis's avatar
    Perfect, that's working now, thanks guys! Fantastic work!
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @Ice30 Yes, why not ?
  • Krysler76's avatar
    The correct name for the .rtf file is "Faces regens", sorry for the mistake :)
  • Ice30's avatar
    Does this script work without a game editor?
  • Danish_Dynamite's avatar
    @Calubis, have you tried naming the text file "Faces Regens"? In the desciption above it says "rename the file 'Faces Regens' " but later it refers to "Face Regens.rtf", so perhaps the first one is the correct one.
  • Calubis's avatar
    I really don't know where I've gone wrong. I followed the steps exactly but when I boot up Script_faces.bat it returns the error message that Face regens.rtf does not exist when it is sat in the folder.
  • LuminousCarcass's avatar
    Thank you for cleaning up and fixing this script and for the detailed set up walk through.

    Anyone who plays more than 3+ years in their games would quickly see the benefit of this.
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    Very nice. Thanks
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