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RDF Training Schedules & Development Guide for FM21

This is a guide, not an exploit. Want the best way to develop players? Also, we have over 30+ training schedules to help adapt to any scenario.

By on Nov 29, 2020   185504 views   34 comments
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Football Manager Guides - RDF Training Schedules & Development Guide for FM21

Now, we know it's very simple and easy to allow the assistant manager to control training. I used to do it all the time also, believing controlling training is too much effort and time consuming. During FM20, I found myself to be wrong. Not only did I learn how to do it at a good pace, it was also very rewarding after seeing the results.

This year, I feel fatigue plays an huge role in both match performances and training performances so these schedules are there to help balance a few things. We want a nice balance between Injury Risk, Fatigue, Tactic Familiarity, Happiness, Sharpness and Team Cohesion. Allowing your assistant manager control this means you have less control over those important factors. One thing the assistant manager usually does also is use physical sessions during the middle of the season, which I believe is a bad idea for many reasons, one major one is the physical strain and increasing Injury Risk

This bundle includes schedules for tactical styles, development schedules, preseason schedules, general schedules AND even schedules built around Knaps tactics. They all contain a schedule for
- Weeks with only one match
- Weeks with two matches
- International break schedule (development)


Credit to Rober82 & Cadoni for their advice. The results we've managed to get together have been superb, and finally gathered about as much information as we could.

I, just like many of us here, followed the same advice in training. And that's to train players in the roles/position they're playing in. We got the impression that made them understand the tactic more and automatically become adaptable to it.

Well, we recently figured out that there might be more than one way to do things.
We then had to question, is there a better way to have more control over a players development in training?

For example, Mason Greenwood is a special player. He has great physical attributes and height but his heading was on 7 and bravery was on 10. If I then train him as an AF because that’s what my tactic uses, I could be missing out on exploiting his physical attributes. So I then gave him the training focus “Aerial” to improve his heading and bravery. After 4 seasons, the result was incredible…


Our aim soon became to focus a player's yearly development on a certain attribute, or two, for a player to improve on to make him a better player. The game is filled with players who are insane finishers, but lack composure, or great at everything but make the wrong decisions.


Do we need 12 world class coaches? Does it make a difference? No one knows.

Picture your team training right now, the team is split into 3 sections. GK unit. DEF unit and ATT unit. Can you picture 5 ATT coaches coaching the ATT unit? Probably not, because it shouldn't happen. I did wonder what the fascination was in signing 12 coaches. I personally believe you don't need many coaches, but you can still do that as well if you want to.

However we recommend fitness first if you need to choose because of coaching limits.

3 GK Coaches

- 1 General (the best one)
- 1 Shot Stopping
- 1 Handling

7 Coaches

- 1 General (the best one)
- 1 Defending Tactical
- 1 Defending Technical
- 1 Attacking Tactical
- 1 Attacking Technical
- 1 Possession Technical
- 1 Possession Technical

All of them must have same style & preferred formation as you.

3 Fitness Coaches

- 1 General
- 1 Strength
- 1 Quickness

Recommended traits
- Personalities: Model Citizen, Model Professional, Professional or at least Fairly Professional & Perfectionist
- Determination
- Level of Displine
- Motivating
- Working with Youngsters
- Tactical Knowledge (for coaches in general)
- Man Management (For AM, U18 Manager, U21 Manager, HoYD*)

For the Assistant Manager (AM) I recommend the following:

- Personality
- Level of Discipline
- Determination
- Motivation
- Tactical Knowledge

Since AM will take care of training:

- Attacking
- Defending
- Mental
- Technical
- Tactical

This also applies to U21 & U18 Staff.

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Downloads: 48124 / Size: 601.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-29
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Discussion: RDF Training Schedules & Development Guide for FM21

34 comments have been posted so far.

  • MShoo93's avatar
    Are these training schedules still good for FM22? I couldn't find more recent downloads for FM22.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    @alrightson ,

    Just ignore them. Their complain is due to hidden attributes and have zero knowledge about development. Keep going!
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    @bigmen ,

    RDF has new training for FM22.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    @DexterHovis ,

    Personally, I am ignore advices from background staff, especially for training. That's because AM is doing a terrible bad work regarding development and choose what it's on his preferred tactical style.
  • DexterHovis's avatar
    A question please. Do you ignore those players who complain that their individual training is no longer suitable or do you alter the individual training?
  • bigmen's avatar
    Do these files work with FM22 or are you going to create a new guide for FM22?
  • alrightson's avatar
    Same question as jamstertrouble. Player training happiness? how to stop players complaining it is not beneficial or not suited to them?
  • Legend's avatar
    Is it usefull to use these training schedules at Under 23 an 18 teams?
  • MattCassel's avatar
    I've tried downloading this but it wont show in the schedules folder. Any help?
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    1. Download & Extract Files: Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > schedules

    2. Load Files: Training > Schedules > “Custom Schedules” > Get More > Select Schedules > Confirm > Save

    3. How to Use: Training > Calendar > Dropdown “Custom Schedules” > Select
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    You have to replicate it for FM19.
  • MAF77's avatar
    RDF refer to the AM coach assignment in the training tabs. The one where you assign coaches to specific training.
  • cavalier1875's avatar
    I'd like to ask why it says "First thing is first. DO NOT LET YOUR ASSISTANT TAKE CONTROL OVER TRAINING!" on the first line and then "Since AM will take care of training" at the end?

    What's it to be??
  • aussies's avatar
    I can't import the schedules to the game. They are in a fold on the FM19 folder, but when I open the game they are not there.I have got a schedules folde.Anyone know what that might be?
  • lawlad30's avatar
    This training will not import into my game. Anyone got any ideas how to do this
  • GW1llyWizZ's avatar
    Do we know if there will be an update so we have a pre-season week 6 and if it's been noticed the players complain of low-level training?

    Thank you in advance
  • Van Mond - FM Content's avatar
    You have to go into the FM21 folder - schedules - then into each individual folder general/pre season/tactical and then copy and paste each session you want into the original schedule folder. Hope that makes sense everyone, then load the schedules up individually on the game as per normal
  • wandnho13's avatar
    There is a way to import this to FM 2020?
  • jamstertrouble's avatar

    Quick question regarding player training happiness -- in the example you use with Mason Greenwood needing better Aerial -- what happens if/when a player expresses they "no longer feel the training is suited for them" or they feel they are not benefiting from the training?

    Would you continue to have them focus on the specific attribute in individual training?
  • jayjay8's avatar
    Hello, I have a question about training intensity scheduling (training - rest)

    originally for Excellent condition (full green heart) is Normal intensity.

    should I raise it to Double Intensity or leave it like this?

    thanks in advance
  • Kapelo13's avatar
    Alguns jogadores ficam descontentes como faço para isso não acontecer?
  • Grodteam's avatar
    whats the recommendation on using the different schedules? pre season is fairly obvious, but what schedules are best used during season and when
  • Andioppum's avatar
    same question @marcosafc
  • marcosafc's avatar
    guys where do i save this download to? uploads?
  • peterbolam1978's avatar
    @gasparcunha38 they should be in Training-Schedules-Custom Schedules, then you import them, and you should be good to go

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