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FM 21 Player Role Suitability Analyser

A simple excel tool that helps you know the exact role suitability percentages for each player of your squad. Helpful in deciding roles & position re-training.

By on Dec 01, 2020   80424 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 11208 / Size: 53.0 kB / Added: 2020-12-01
Football Manager 2021 Tools - FM 21 Player Role Suitability Analyser
Do you want to know every player's exact role suitability in your squad down to 1% instead of FM's 5 star scale? Do you want to know about roles your players would be suitable for in positions they do not play so that you can re-train them successfully. Do you want to get the best out of your players?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then this tool is for you. Simply put once you enter your squad details in the excel sheet, it will generate exact values (out of 100) for every role possible in FM21 so that you can plan your tactics, training and youth development easily.

The download contains 3 files - a readme doc, the FMF view file which shows every attribute and an excel sheet to generate the role % values.


  1. Place the 'All Attributes Squad View' file in '…\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\views' or equivalent path. Create the folder 'views' if not there already.

  2. Run FM21. Click on 'Squad'. From the view menu, go to 'Custom' and click 'Import View'. Select the 'All Attributes Squad View'. You should be able to see all attributes of your squad now.

  3. Click on 'FM' then 'Print screen' then 'web page' then 'OK'. Save in a convenient location with a convenient name.

  4. Open the file you just saved. Mostly it will open in your default browser or excel or equivalent program. Select and copy all the data using CTRL+A followed by CTRL+C

  5. Open the 'FM21 Player role suitability analyser' excel sheet. Click on the box next to 'Paste data here:' and press CTRL+V to paste the data you just copied.

  6. That’s it! The player roles % will automatically generate for each player.


1. DNA Score is a mean of Bravery, Composure, Concentration, Determination & Teamwork. These are attributes that don’t increase much through training. They mostly increase for a player in the age 16-24 through playing time, player personality and mentoring. A player with a low DNA score might not react well to interactions, lack consistency, struggle in big games, not react well while chasing a game, struggle to turnaround poor form etc. You could say this is the mentality or attitude of a player. Be wary of a DNA score of <40% for youngsters and <60% for peak players.

2. The role suitability %s are a more accurate reflection of FM's star ratings for role in game. For the player's preferred positions, these follow the game's recommended roles. It also gives you suitability for other positions the player is not natural at or doesn't play at all. A good % in those roles indicates a possibility of re-training the player to good effect for that role.

3. Some roles are common for multiple positions. The attributes required are the exact same across positions. For eg. The attributes required for AP(A) at CM, CAM and RAM are the exact same. I've only mentioned the first instance of each role since the sheet was too big anyway. Do search for the role needed and assume the % holds good for all positions it appears in.

4. A player can achieve 100% for a role only if he has 20 in each attribute required for that role. As you can imagine, that's impossible, so understand the % with respect to a player's ability and maturity. In the end, this analyser is merely an indicator for which roles a player is more suitable for and not his ability or potential. There is no link to CA or PA in any of these formulas.

Step-by-step guide:

Download Now
Downloads: 11208 / Size: 53.0 kB / Added: 2020-12-01
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Discussion: FM 21 Player Role Suitability Analyser

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • kmi00's avatar
  • jteixas's avatar
    Can anyone share the excel file, the rar file is download section is broken. Thanks
  • QueenJeremiah's avatar
    Great work!
  • Greentrunk's avatar
    Does this do what Genie Scout does? Or is this better/worse?
  • jcp1417's avatar
    This is really cool! I'm kind of an excel nut so I'm going to dig into this. awesome work
  • thev's avatar
    Okay, the password for the sheet is

    Hope that helps those of you wanting to change rows, filters etc. Enjoy!
  • BixBtz's avatar
    Merci, j'ai fait un copier/coller sur un autre excel pour pouvoir faire des modifications
  • jahendricksi's avatar
    This is awesome, Thev. Thank you!
  • Bakes's avatar
    I would also like the password. Columns are to narrow to view all the information. If you won't provide the password, can you please modify the spreadsheet to have wider columns, especially the player name column?
  • Watson156's avatar
    What attributes/factors decides the DNA Score?
  • GfxJG's avatar
    Damn nice! However, I'd love it if there was a way to choose instead of highlighting the best role for a player, to make it highlight the best player for a role instead! Minor thing, don't know if it's possible, but would be great!
  • hfs's avatar
    I need it too. The analyzer didn't cover up all my players so i need to copy the formula bar for them.
  • BixBtz's avatar
    Hello, I too would like the password to be able to enlarge the boxes and translate the positions, characteristics into French ...
  • thev's avatar
    @hoffbeck92, any reason you need the password? Can you DM or chat with me on this?
  • thev's avatar
    @zholtan, thanks man. It did take me few hours over the weekend. It helped me in my saves. Thought I'd put some effort and release it for the public with instructions as well. Cheers.
  • zholtan's avatar
    maaaan, I was dreaming about this for years but never had the commitment to actually do it.
    Well done, you are awesome!
  • Hoffbeck92's avatar
    What is the password the remove the editing protection of the exxcel file ? :)
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