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Tato FM21 Skin v.1.0.1

Tato skin for Football Manager 2021. Optimized for Full HD screens, with instant result buttons.

By on Apr 19, 2021   147545 views   45 comments
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Downloads: 46672 / Size: 6.4 MB / Added: 2021-04-19
Football Manager 2021 Skins - Tato FM21 Skin v.1.0.1
Skin for Football Manager 2021, supported resolution: 1920 x 1080. Includes instant result button.

Tato Skin Preview // FM21 Screenshots

How to install the Tato Skin on FM21

Simply move the downloaded Tato.fmf file to your "skins" folder and select the skin in-game (preferences area).

Download Now
Downloads: 46672 / Size: 6.4 MB / Added: 2021-04-19
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Discussion: Tato FM21 Skin v.1.0.1

45 comments have been posted so far.

  • laskar22's avatar
    hey, is it possible to change the font?
  • pandacc20's avatar
    please for FM 22
  • fatt17's avatar
    the best skin ever. thank you for sharing. the only little problem is that there is no staff job history, will there be a small fix for this?
  • anderoxi's avatar
    There's a way to add attribute color background like FM20 Tad skin?
  • Bates_91's avatar
    Hello!! thank
  • tdotwop's avatar
    can anyone help with this? i can't see my next fixture bottom left
  • wozzie's avatar
    anyone knows how to fix it?
    Use the touchline tablet icon (bottom right) and click scoreboard if necessary.
  • Raxtarox's avatar
    Hello and thanks for sharing this amazing skin, i was using it for a long time but since yesterday i can't see the key match highlights as you can see on the SS i'm sharing, anyone knows how to fix it? Screenshots
  • SkyRipper's avatar
    Hi, something else i have notice, there is no Staff job history, i can't seem to find that option with the skin, i only see player carrer but no staff, so i don't know what other teams they worked in, really hope you fix this too :)
  • wozzie's avatar
    Touchline tablet icon (bottom right) + scoreboard.
  • enzoli's avatar
    Impossible to use this skin as the match overlay won't disappear during highlights. I tried to click on the scoreboard as mentioned in a comment below but it doesn't change anything. I've been clicking everywhere and it just doesn't disappear.
  • SkyRipper's avatar
    Hello, great skin seems to be the one i'm most comfortable with, since FM21 match UI sucks a lot, i want to ask you if you could make it so that my and opposite Team body language was the default view during match, the default is general view which does not include morale, so if you could do that i would appreciate it, having to manually change it every match is really annoying XD
  • Seminar's avatar
    Absolutely the best skin! one of the few that works at low resolutions and the only one with high-quality content.Thank you for your fundamental work!
  • tjk2023's avatar
    For those who are struggling with clearing the overlay during matches you need to click on the scoreboard in the top left of the screen where the two teams and score are displayed during a highlight.
  • sebandreasen's avatar
    I swear this skin use so show the kits on the player profiles too? I've logged back into FM and that view panel seems to have dissapeared?! Am i going bonkers?
  • Augustin79's avatar
  • Orxnorx's avatar
    Hi mate, love the skin. Just wondering if there is a way to have faces show up on the scouting overview next to their name when searching for players liek some older skins used to
  • Rahuman's avatar
    what logo do you use?
  • Nima's avatar
    THanks mate! it worked for me.
    I deleted all other skins, clear cacthe and hit the buttons. after many click its fine. Thanks.
  • sebel's avatar
    Certainly, there could be some improvements but so far it's the best FM21 skin - classic and efficient! Thanks for your job @wozzie!

    One request regarding some tabs:

    As you can see in the bellow pictures, the "drop-down selection tabs" can be editable but they will not remain (hope I'm clear enough) :

    - player profiles:
    - matchday:

    Any solution to fix that?
  • wozzie's avatar
    How can I remove this overlay?
    Try deleting "graphics\pictures\kits\2d\outfield\back\default"
    it doesn't work:(
    Most obvious - have you clicked the touchline tablet icon (next to SUBS arrow)?
  • anderoxi's avatar
    How can I remove this overlay?
  • Matamalo's avatar
    it doesn't work:( i click where you said, but nothing happens:( sorry for my bad english, you skin is amazing, but i can't see the match
  • wozzie's avatar
    One more hint. Try clicking on "PITCH" arrow (1), then on the scoreboard (2), and see if it worked.
  • wozzie's avatar
    Is there a way to use this skin on FM20?
    Try "Tad Twenty".
    Same problem of pequenioGenio, can we help us please. I like this skin but i can use now. I didnt see the pitch during the match.
    I wasn't able to reproduce this bug, sorry. Click on the scoreboard to make it disappear, if it doesn't work, then there might be a clash with other skins in the Skins folder. Try removing them and clear cache.

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