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FM22 Challenge Index

Find a lot of different save ideas for your FM 22 journey. A wide range of FM22 challenges created by the community. Challenges range from one season to challenges that will take several seasons to complete.

By on Oct 30, 2021   21645 views   9 comments
Club Insights - FM22 Challenge Index
Hello managers,

I have seen questions about challenges, so I decided to create an index of FM22 challenges that can be played throughout the year.

I would like to improve this with more ideas, more saves which are different from usual.

So, please send in your suggestions in the comments for the challenges listed and especially for new ones that could be added.

FM22 Challenge Index

1 - Overthrowing the King
2 - Transfer Policies
3 - Point Deduction
4 - Local Rivalry
5 - Local Boys
6 - The Godfather, Don Corleone
7 - Liechtenstein
8 - Sleeping Giants
9 - Budget Crisis
10 - Benfica's Legacy
11 - RedBull's Franchise
12 - Pentagon
13 - Zero to Hero
14 - San Marino
15 - Other challenges

1. Challenge: Overthrowing the King

Overall goal: Take the team that has just climbed up from the league below, and destroy the unstoppable king.

2. Challenge: Transfer Policies

Overall goal: Bring glory to these clubs, starting with a transfer policy.

Some of these leagues might not be playable in the default database and must be added through FM Scout's download area or Steam workshop.

3. Challenge: Point Deduction

Overall objective: Become a champion, starting with point deduction.

4. Challenge: Local Rivalry

Overall objective: Rise up and dominate rival clubs in the same city.

Some of these leagues might not be playable in the default database and must be added through FM Scout's download area or Steam workshop.

5. Challenge: Local Boys

Overall objective: Take on a Portuguese district and sign only club-trained players from the same district.
Example for Aveiro district - Portugal

You can find clubs by district on the website.
Players must be club-trained and not home-grown (country).

6. Challenge: The Godfather, Don Corleone

Background: Vito Corleone was born in a village in Sicily called "Corleone", son of Antonio Andolini.
Start in a Sicilian club (either Palermo or Catania) and sign a young man under-20 with your family name: the "nephew".
Main goal: Make your "nephew" the MVP in a World Cup or Euro, without controlling the national team.
Rules: He has to evolve with you. He cannot leave the club if you do not leave with him and vice-versa.

Suggestion: Change club for him to gain reputation and level. Pay attention to his training.

7. Challenge: Liechtenstein


Main goal: Win a national trophy with Liechtenstein (worst ranked team).

Option 1: The challenge consists of taking on Vaduz (the club) in the Swiss league and the Liechtenstein national team at the same time.
Option 2: The challenge is to take on only the Liechtenstein national team.


Overall objective: Bring European glory to this principality.

NOTE: These 3 Liechtenstein teams can only qualify for the Europa Conference League by winning the Liechtenstein cup. And qualification for the Europa League is by winning the Europa Conference League. For the Champions League, they have to win the Europa League.
Some of these leagues might not be playable in the default database and must be added through FM Scout's download area or Steam workshop.

8. Challenge: Sleeping Giants

Overall goal: Bring glory to clubs that have fallen into oblivion.

9. Challenge: Budget Crisis

Overall objective: Help the club get out of debt.

10. Challenge: Benfica's Legacy

Main objective: Reach the mother club (SLB) by winning the leagues in each country.
Secondary target: Win the league and championships with Benfica.

NOTE: Start in League 1 Andorra (weaker).
Some of these leagues might not be playable in the default database and must be added through FM Scout's download area or Steam workshop.

11. Challenge: RedBull's Franchise

Main objective: Win the league in each RedBull club before moving onto the next.
Secondary target: Win a championship for the RedBull.

It's forbidden to create a new coach to change club. It's obligatory to change club by interview. NOTE: Start with the RB team with the least reputation: Bragantino.

12. Challenge: Pentagon

Main goal: Win the championship in each continent in a single save. Start with the continent with the least reputation: Asia.

13. Challenge: Zero to Hero

Primary goal: Start unemployed and make it to a world top club.
Secondary target: Reach the top of the coaching hall of fame.

This challenge should be started without any coaching badges and without any experience as a player. It's also forbidden to create a new coach to change club; it must be done by interview.
The hall of fame menu can be found by searching for hall of fame and then clicking on honor roll > world.

14. Challenge: San Marino

Overall goal: Win a national trophy with San Marino (worst ranked national team).

Option 1: The challenge consists of taking on the San Marino Calcio team, in the Italian league, and the San Marino national team at the same time.
Option 2: The challenge consists of taking on only the San Marino national team.
Some of these leagues might not be playable in the default database and must be added through FM Scout's download area or Steam workshop.

15. Other Challenges

Sports Director

In this challenge, the responsible in your club's transfers is your director. You need to delegate all control of transfers to him.
Overall objective: Lead a team that was not made by you.

Home Club

Overall goal: Take your home club and lead it to domestic and European glory.


Overall goal: Win silverware while using only youth talent.

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Discussion: FM22 Challenge Index

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • M7's avatar
    Here is another Challenge which I did in FM21 and I had a lot of Fun with it.

    Name: Bring the Champions League home!
    Club: FC Stade Nyonnais
    League: Swiss 3rd Tier - Not in the default Database - Needs DB download.
    Challenge: Take over FC Stade Nyonnais climb up the Swiss pyramid and win the Champions League to bring it Home!

    Why FC Stade Nyonnais? Well, the UEFA HQ is just on the other side of the road to your clubs ground, about 450 meters.

    Have fun with this Challenge ^^
  • Johntra_Volta's avatar
    I did the Pentagon many times in the past. I would recommend starting in Africa. Of course you start unemployed without any manager experience.
    Also nice challenge is. Pick 1 country and make them top Place in the Uefa rankings. E.g. Denmark or Croatia is interesting for this challenge. Its challenging, cause your success is not enough the other teams the league need to be competitive in Europe too. So you need to loan players to them to make them better, or you build one top club and move to the other in the country. Its really challenging cause the Sponsoring money isn't really increasing like it should. And with time the wage budget will be pretty high. so you have a lot of selling and buying every season to ensure financial stability. hope you guys get the idea
  • Romano.338's avatar
    I prefer San Marino to Liechtenstein. First, Swiss league will become very boring, while Itallian league will bring me a challenge that can last for years and years. Then, San Marino's NT comes from a bit further, being officially last in the FIFA rankings, and there are more stepping stones to get, such as first win,
  • BLITZ NIMROD's avatar
    RuudDude , thanks for the imput, yes, i think there are more clubs the problem is that today i need to sign for the clubs in orer to check their debts // so i didnt check them all, but i will check your suggestion :D
  • BLITZ NIMROD's avatar
    Romano.338 suggestion: you should do it with liechenstein , and here is why :
    1- You have local clubs performing in the suiss league (so a lot of fun club wise)
    2- The nation is available on the game (San marino is not)
  • Romano.338's avatar
    I'll definitely re-do a San Marino challenge, it's awesome. Local club too.
  • Stam's avatar
    Maybe could add the Dafuge challenge.
  • ruuddude73's avatar
    I think Real Madrid's debt is around 900m
  • BLITZ NIMROD's avatar
    Hello guys ,
    Don't be shy and help improve this index, so give feed back :D thanks and have good saves.
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