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Football Manager 2022 Match Engine Improvements

FM22 match engine AI gets an overhaul to the pressing system which becomes more intelligent, as well as an overhaul to accuracy.

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News - Football Manager 2022 Match Engine Improvements
Last year, match engine AI improvements were mainly about decision-making to make the action will feel more unpredictable and fluid.

This year, we get further improvements to the FM22 match engine with an overhaul of the pressing system and the accuracy, while decision-making is tweaked further.

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Official insight by Match Producer

Nic Madden (Match Producer) provided some official insight on improvements of match AI.

Football Manager 2022 is introducing a new animation engine that the developers have been working on for years to prepare.

Improving the visuals meant they also had to improve the AI and the decision-making of when to dribble, when to not dribble, or when to turn, for example.

However, the most important change for the match AI is pressing.

FM22 screenshots thumbnail pic
Football Manager 2022 Screenshots


The pressing system has been overhauled with added triggers, which is the most important element of the pressing system.

So the Line of Engagement, the Defensive Line, where you want to show players, either down the line or inside, all that links up to the angles in which the players then go and press the ball.

Players now, based on their stamina, have the concept of their sprint capacity.

They know when they can press and when they can't.

FM22 wide centre-back thumbnail pic
FM22 New Role: Wide Centre-Back


As a result, a plug-and-play Gegenpress system is going to be a thing of the past.

You really need to know that you've got the right players, so your recruitment will be key.

You want players with good stamina to fit in those systems and also your training, your work on the pitch and the training field is going to be really important to then transition into that match environment.

For example, if you try to overpress in the 2nd half and the players are lacking stamina, they will struggle to follow your instructions.

So, the consequences are much greater in terms of the stamina of the players.

FM22 features thumbnail pic
Football Manager 2022 New Features


If a team is pressing too much, that's going to affect the passing, and the first touch and all those elements as well.

It's going to affect the accuracy of what the players can perform, because accuracy has been overhauled as well.

Added more accuracy and inaccuracy into elements like passing, shots, first touch.

Realistically, the game wasn't simulating overhit passes very well, nor poor first touches, to link it into the pressing system.

All those elements have been improved get those little intricate details on point.

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