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Football Manager 2022 New Features

The complete list of officially confirmed new and improved Football Manager 2022 features. Full round-up of headline FM22 features. Updated on October 18th.

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News - Football Manager 2022 New Features
Similar to last year, Sports Interactive revealed Football Manager 2022 new gameplay features by initially releasing an one-minute long fast paced video without commentary.

Followed by a series of video interviews that discuss FM22 headlines features in more detail.

This article will always be updated with new info as it becomes available.

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FM 22 brings new and progressive ways to find your winning edge, instill your footballing style and earn success at your football club.

Introducing new tools, data, and fresh experiences that'll ensure you're primed to earn your success in FM 2022.

From agent offers and dramatic Deadline Days to the debut of Wide Centre Backs, the features that will make a world of difference in your saves.

So here are some of the biggest features to expect from the latest edition of the award-winning football management series.

FM 2022 New Gameplay Features

✔️ Introducing Data Hub
✔️ New Animation Engine
✔️ Match AI Improvements
✔️ Deadline Day Experience Revamped
✔️ New Player Role: Wide Centre-Back
✔️ New Staff Meetings Structure
✔️ Scouting Improvements
✔️ Manager Avatar Customization Expanded
✔️ New Game Mode: Versus
✔️ QoL & Other Improvements

FM22 screenshots thumbnail pic
Football Manager 2022 Screenshots


Key new addition

There is now a centralized hub area which will be displayed as a tab on the left side of your screen. In there you will find reports labelled as “Key Findings” which will inform you on your club’s data.

Some of these reports are; “Overall Match Momentum”, “Last Match Passes”, “Last Match XG Performance”. Sub comments are given to each report title. When clicked on, a pop up displaying a detailed graphic is shown.

The 'momentum' report is new, and gives you a perception of the flow of a match; a way of diagnosing match performance that's agnostic from the result.

Data teams and analytics in general are very, very important for the function of modern football clubs. The data hub area allows you to take in things quickly.

It's giving users more ways of diagnosing what's going wrong with their team, or going really well, without having to dig into huge repositories of information they might not know about.

It's all about finding ways of turning existing, large amounts of data into something someone can learn something from and make changes.

For more details on Data Hub, check out: FM22 Feature: Data Hub

Football Manager 2022 Preview Videos


Key new addition

For a number of cycles, Sports Interactive have been working behind-the-scenes to bring a new animation engine to life which finally makes its debut in FM22.

The old animation engine, whilst important for the growth of improving the 3D elements of the game, was restricting. The old animations were lumped on to that 2D disc, but the new animation engine gives a lot more freedom.

The players aren't restricted to movement on the disc, they can move off of it, which is really important to get them in situations to make touches of the ball look even more realistic.

The overall vision is to a) make football believable and authentic, and b) to eradicate foot sliding.

The developers really worked hard this year on that element of the player touching the ball. In previous versions of the game, the player doesn't actually touch the ball as succinctly as it does now.

The new animation engine is the foundation for growing going forward.

Covid in FM22
Covid-19 in Football Manager 2022


Key new addition

With improved visuals, also improved the match AI and the player's decision making of when to dribble, when to not dribble, or when to turn, for example.

Pressing is becoming more intelligent with an overhauled pressing system having implemented triggers, which is the most important element of your pressing system.

Your Line of Engagement, your Defensive Line, where you want to show players, either down the line or inside, that all links up to the angles in which the players then go and press the ball.

The best element of the pressing this year is that players, based on their stamina, have the concept of their sprint capacity. They know when they can press and when they can't.

So, a plug-and-play Gegenpress system is going to be a thing of the past.

Your recruitment will be key. You want players with obviously good stamina to fit in those systems and also your training, your work on the pitch and the training field is going to be really important to then transition into that match environment.

Stamina is going to affect the accuracy of what they can perform, because accuracy is overhauled as well. Added more accuracy and inaccuracy into elements like passing, shots, first touch.

For more details on Match AI changes, check out: FM22 Match Engine Improvements

Football Manager 2022 Minimum System Requirements


Key new addition

Steal the headlines during Deadline Day drama, as the Transfer Deadline Day becomes more focused than ever before.

You've got all your club colours there as your main interface. As soon as you go into deadline day... Boom! You've got the familiarity of the gold and black, and everything goes into that mode.

There are countdown timers, a processing bar telling you you've got seven hours left... just to give you that familiarity and add that pressure to it. You're under a timer here and you've got to get those deals done.

Anything could happen you could bring anyone in, and it could be those last-minute moves. There's an overview of the chaos.

If agents aren't offering you players, you're going to read about what's going on in the media and see that a player is linked to another club. There's more out there than you think there is, it has that kind of surprise element.

Deadline Day can make a real change to your saves because you can do something slightly different from normal.

Football Manager 2022 Giveaways


Key new addition

New role in the Central Defensive positions. The "Wide CB" role applies to positions that aren’t directly in the middle, ie. DCR, DCL not CD/DC.

The main job of the Wide Centre-Back is to stop the opposing attackers from playing and to clear the ball from danger when required.

However, unlike standard central defenders, the Wide Centre-Back is encouraged to stay wide in possession and support the midfield more like a fullback.

Managers have been so creative with how they've used their Wide Centre-Backs, so the developers claim to have added that realism with different duties as well to suit whatever tactical style you want to perform.

But it isn't just the role itself; that role, it performs a number of duties. It attacks, so it overlaps and it underlaps. It was about modifying those tactical instructions and account for how the players behind and in front of them move.

It's all about the movement of the player on the ball, what they do with it, and movement off the ball.

For more details on WCB, check out: FM22 New Player Role: Wide Centre-Back

FM22 Early Beta Access Explained


This year we get a more customizable manager avatar.

Among other options, eyebrows are now editable for your in-game character. There are also more facial hair presets and more skin color choices.

Miles Jacobson's recent profile picture uploads on Twitter depict improvements applied to Facegen.

Take control like never before.


The Versus mode was introduced in FM21 Touch, and will be making its debut on the full-fat version of FM22, possibly expanded.

So what is versus mode? You can load the team you manage from your offline save and face off against friends/foe in a one-off or tournament style.

While more details of this game mode remain unknown, the following text is shown; “Exclusively for FMFC members. Join now and find out more >”.
Nothing has been posted yet on FMFC.

Versus Mode in Football Manager 2022 won't be introduced until early next year, as there's quite a bit of development work required and SI didn't want to delay the game's release.


Work closer with your backroom staff.

A new Staff Meeting structure that brings you closer to the way managers collaborate with their backroom in the real footballing world.

In addition to the Recruitment Meeting introduced in FM21, you'll now have a weekly Staff Meeting with your team to cover a wide range of topics, including Coaching, Development, Staffing and Squad Planning.

From the Sports Science deparment to the Video Analysis department to the Coaching department to the Academy department, it's all bringing that together into one major weekly meeting.

You can't do it all on your own. Delegation and man-management of your staff so they know what you're looking for.

You're preparing training, you're looking at if players are injured, if they're available to train, are they available for the next match. So, those meetings are hugely important.


Things like the value revamp changes are going to change the way that people do transfers inside the game.

It looks like a small change at first but is actually quite a big thing.

Unearth the future superstars.

More info will be announced soon.


QoL stands for Quality of Life.
3D Match Atmosphere
We're able to see more clearly wheel-chair and infirm spots now in the stadium.

Tweeted Features

  • More changes to other screens in staff responsibilities.
    Oct 18th / Source

  • Updated the rules across all leagues, but have also added a bunch of new rules & structures to lots of leagues, including, but no way limited to, France, MLS, A-League, China, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Scotland & Belgium.
    Oct 18th / Source

  • Tweaked the Potential Ability tooltip on each player's profile to give all managers, particuarly new, a better understanding of what it means.
    Oct 17th / Source

  • Added the ability to get a suggested squad as the manager of a national youth team.
    Oct 17th / Source

  • Tweaked the staff responsibilities screen to make it easier to understand and delegate.
    Oct 17th / Source

  • There are actually lots of new interactions possible in job interviews - including being able to change staff budgets. And lots of changes to how staff budgets work too including changes in newgen staff, staff movement, responsibilities, board requests & lots more.
    Oct 17th / Source

  • In a job interview, as a manager starting their managerial journey, you're now able to ask for support in gaining coaching badges if you're successful and land the job.
    Oct 17th / Source

  • The media source code has been refactored, so you'll see more appropriate media asking you questions both in and out of press conferences, to further enhance the suspension of disbelief when you escape into a career game.
    Oct 16th / Source

  • Improved career paths for managers, so those in real life who have declared that they aren't interested in club jobs and only want to manage national teams, and vice versa, can now be supported.
    Oct 16th / Source

  • In leagues where squad numbers aren't assigned to players but just use shirts 1-11 each game, you now don't have to give them squad numbers. Prevalent in Wales, Holland, some of Scotland and more.
    Oct 16th / Source

  • When you're given a pre-matchday preview by your staff, you'll be told which game you should keep a close eye on featuring teams you're neck and neck with in the table.
    Oct 16th / Source

  • Dynamic youth ratings. A HUGE change for long-term saves as the quality of youth players coming through in different nations will now change depending on that nation's standing in the world of football.
    Oct 15th / Source

  • When you're on the receiving end of a touchline ban you'll get called into the boardroom to discuss things in a new boardroom interaction.
    Oct 15th / Source

  • Altered the UI on the squad registration screen. A small change to make it clearer who's in and out of the squad.
    Oct 15th / Source

  • Each rules page of a league now contains Work Permit information. An easy way of getting clued up before you dive into the transfer market.
    Oct 15th / Source

  • Frame rate locking is back.
    Oct 15th / Source

  • Improved the context to the strings featured in team meetings when a manager takes over mid-season. So you can let your players know what you expect during the rest of the campaign.
    Oct 14th / Source

  • Optimised the skin that comes with the game - this means the game loads a bit faster, is smoother to navigate, saves hard drive space & less to download, so is kinder to the planet.
    Oct 14th / Source

  • Information on current/pending stadium changes are also now included into welcome packs too. Giving you greater context on day one.
    Oct 14th / Source

  • Cleaned up the layout of the welcome meeting pack to make the financial information easier to digest ahead of your new job.
    Oct 14th / Source

  • At the end of every season, you'll see the top 5 signings in your division in one handy news item.
    Oct 14th / Source

  • The comparison graph now reminds you to scout a player further in order to receive full analysis. A quality of life feature that adds further context for you.
    Oct 13th / Source

  • Added more options to the autosave feature, you can now set your game to save every 30 or 60 real-time minutes, so you never need to lose much progress when the inevitable power cuts hit.
    Oct 13th / Source

  • A new, cleaner way of visualising your tactic. So you can analyse your system's strengths and weaknesses instantly.
    Oct 13th / Source

  • Your backroom team now focus a lot more on a player's weak foot. Offering you advice and updates as your players other side progresses.
    Oct 13th / Source

  • Added some mental health information alongside your player's condition ratings. So when you check up on your player's morale ahead of the next match, you can see a detailed breakdown on how they're feeling.
    Oct 12th / Source

  • If you leave a team talk without speaking to your players, not only will you receive a warning but you'll now have the option to hand over to your assistant. You'll never accidentally skip a half-time chat again.
    Oct 12th / Source

  • If you tell your team you expect to see them in training in the morning, your backroom will now book that session in... your players can't escape that anymore!
    Oct 12th / Source

  • You now have the opportunity to speak to your team after a result, which could be useful if you want to keep or perhaps re-gain momentum after a run of games. Or to praise/criticise your players after a cup tie.
    Oct 12th / Source

  • Added nearly 4000 new team talk & team meeting strings into #FM22 across a wide range of game scenarios including... club rivalries, extra-time, penalties, red cards and much more.
    Oct 12th / Source

Football Manager 2022 Trailer

More information will be dropping in the next few weeks leading to the pre-release Beta access in late October.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2022 New Features

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • ruuddude73's avatar
    They don't have to add anything new for me to buy the game! Its the only game I play, so if its the same features from the last one, doesnt matter to me. Still buying it
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    I like how some users commenting that "I will not buy it, because it's look like previous version"; but few lines later or sooner said "I didn't bought FM21".

    Since you play FM all that years; you will know that "fast process" and developing from SI is like snail. But it is what it is.
  • Stam's avatar
    After yesterday's video and how nicely it was presented, I'm certainly feeling better about FM22. The new animation engine, the data hub diagnostics, and the new defender role are interesting enough for me.
  • dark warrior™'s avatar
    @mattw123 unlock leagues to play :D
  • mattw123's avatar
    hmmm....Didnt buy FM21. Doesnt look like there is much point in buying this one either. Hopefully someone knocks together an update for FM19 or FM20.

    The previous 3-4 games have been the same with no major changes. I expect them to go down the path where you have to purchase or unlock specific items to get more money from users.
  • juvenviana's avatar
    I've seen that it's not worth buying this year... is almost the same as the previous one. there is no way to put the editable stadiuns... always the same thing.
  • downloadkct's avatar
    well.. im going to skip this year.
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