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FM22 Realistic Media Pack

The largest & most realistic media pack for FM22 ever. Adds 4,250+ real media, 1,000 real journalists & 100 bookmakers, along with their styles & personalities.

By Updated on Dec 11, 2021   87688 views   12 comments
Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 27680 / Size: 1.4 MB / Added: 2021-12-06
Football Manager 2022 Data Updates - FM22 Realistic Media Pack
A complete media collection for FM 2022. Loads of work on it between FM21 and FM22. Lots of duplicates removed and tidied up.

Updated: 11 December 2021

More Journalists & Their Personalities

  • Added journalists and personalities for about 80% of all 1,000
  • Personalities based on employer
  • Example: Someone from a less reputable outlet may be dishonest or ill-tempered, but someone from a very good outlet may be honest or factual.
  • 20% Personalities based on real life written articles
  • Example: A journalist may work for a gossip outlet, but their articles may be more tactical or more thorough and honest than the rest of their coworkers. Or, one journalist may be very detailed and long-winded, while another may simply ask one question, and write a short article of a few sentences.
  • Employees added based on outlet size
  • Example: Bigger media outlets may have several journalists, while smaller may have only one.
  • 20% Have Favored Clubs
  • These are based on their favorite clubs or clubs they regularly report on/are inside sources for.

More Media & Their Styles:

  • Added top-club dedicated websites with their real life journalists & individual personalities
  • Added local media outlets & their real life journalists & individual personalities for:
  • USA, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, France, and a few minor here and there(Turkey, Guatemala, Peru, etc
  • Different mediums of media outlets have differing coverage and frequency
  • Example: A Magazine may be monthly, A newspaper daily or bi-weekly, their online counterparts daily.

Realistic Scope Settings:

Media will cover areas they cover in real life.
Examples: Other media packs may have had an EPL-only media covering all of Europe. They now only cover EPL.
Or a Norwegian media may cover Norway, along with EPL, and La Liga. They cover those competitions in FM also.


100 Local bookmakers for:
USA, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Greece, Germany, France, Denmark, Czech, Croatia, China, Colombia, Brazil, Bosnia, & Argentina

Housekeeping / Corrections / Fixes

  • Removed duplicated media
  • Removed some irrelevant old FM changes
  • Removed duplicated club/type/nation settings
  • Removed incorrect club/type/nation settings
  • Added missing club/type/nation settings
  • Fixed errors & typos
  • Fixed some female journalists not being labeled female
  • Fixed wrong Scopes
  • Fixed wrong Coverage Areas
  • Removed outlets now out of business or fake
  • Added missing Types
  • Fixed names
  • Added missing Styles
  • Added more global coverage of the biggest leagues and competitions
  • Deleted duplicate journalists
  • Added missing employers for journalists
  • Linked some media together

How to add this media pack on FM22

Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data.
Start a new save.
When selecting the database (before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.

Consider Donating

If you like this creation, and wish to support the hours of work, you can donate below:
Donate to majesticeternity via PayPal

Contribute to the pack

As the pack has evolved over a number of years, it is possible that some of the sources are outdated or inaccurate. There may also be new sources in real life that are not captured in the pack.

You can request inclusion of new sources.

Please check in game by using the pack first in case the source you are requesting is already part of the pack. For any errors with current sources, a PM might be easiest.

If you can't find the media you are looking for and want to request a new source, please send in the following info as follows:


Credit to creators of previous media packs used with permission in majesticeternity's FM21 pack that is now Nik33's FM22 pack.

Innumerable alterations, additions and updates and hopefully still active: MajesticEternity

World Media - Nik33
English and Scottish - Joe5p

Argentina - prestige087
Belgium - BadAss88
Brazil: Mundi UP, Adriano Roberto
Canada - yellowsweatygorilla
Hungary - CormakRepublicAvatar
Indonesia - rio_pl
Irish League - TheGavinMaxwell
Irish Fantasy Pyramid - BoyinGreen
Parche Liga Chilena - Tapia
Poland - FM Revolution
Portugal - kojuropp
Russia - Footmob
Serbia - gamingfreak
Sweden - mattep74
Switzerland - adesmir
Turkey - mentese

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 27680 / Size: 1.4 MB / Added: 2021-12-06
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Discussion: FM22 Realistic Media Pack

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • kfnielsen's avatar
    U cant use it before fm23 i fully released
    But I think it will work in fm23 aswell
  • jmh259's avatar
    does this work on fm23?
  • Joe5p's avatar
    Yes, it works, but you need to start a new save.
  • Van Mond - FM Content's avatar
    Does this work for current 22.2 patch folks?
  • Joe5p's avatar
    skybluesng, no it needs a new save. However, I would recommend any user playing with more than one editor file should start a new game after the next minor patch (due soon). Up until now, FM22 has not loaded more than one editor file properly (people are missing if created in the FM22 editor). For example, if you use an updated player/staff file(s), agent file and media file and any new people have been added to those files since FM22 came out, only the people in the first file to load will appear. It means the full impact of all the packs is diluted. SI have said that they have fixed the issue and it will be in the next minor patch released soon.
  • skybluesng's avatar
    My game is in second season now, can this pack still work on a saved game?
  • Joe5p's avatar
    Minor update 11/12/21. This file will be updated as often as necessary/possible.
  • Joe5p's avatar
    Now taking requests to add journalists. SI have fixed the editor issue in sense that with next update, it will be possible to add journalists to sources. Issues with using more than one editor file to load people will have gone. If you are playing with this file, and know of journalists that should be aligned to specific sources then send a PM and we will get them in.
  • Joe5p's avatar
    Minor update live via direct download and steam. Sorted some issues with large Scottish and English media missing/inactive and added a new German source. For now, it is not possible to add journalists as there is an error SI are working on. Any source requests can be shared here or sent as a pm.
  • Stam's avatar
    Direct download works fine. Make sure to pause browser addons such as 'privacy badger' or similar because these will trigger our anti-leech mechanism.
    And yes, it's compatible with Pr0's pack because he doesn't have a file with media.
  • Joe5p's avatar
    henry80, it should work fine, as I do not think that TheNotorious includes media in his update.
  • henry80's avatar
    Direct Download don`t work.

    This add-on is compatible with FM22 Transfers & Data Update Packs by TheNotoriousPr0 ?
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