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FM23 British Premier League

Created a league with England, Scotland, N.Ireland, Ireland, Wales. Combined all of the UK & Ireland teams into 1 league called the British PL (BPL).

By on Mar 27, 2023   3645 views   0 comments
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FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - FM23 British Premier League
So I have spent hours on this it's not perfect yet bet I'm working on it as I'm testing it.

I have created a new version of every area of the worlds and combinated it into one league and changed the rules to the same rules and money equally to all leagues.

So I did this with most countries in Europe, gave all leagues basically equal money and equal reputation, only the teams that needed it (clubs like City didn't get money but did get reputation changed)

this is how it ended up looking like

To make it more fair for the non English teams I have given them money and equal reputation to everyone in the league
Bank Balance - Payrol - Transfer - Reputation - 80M - 70M - 45M - 8500 (league reputation)
Went around those to make it more fair didn't touch any English team and the Scottish like Celtic got less money

this is the number of teams in each division I added
England, Scotland, N.Ireland, Ireland , Wales
1st league - 13 - 3 - 1 - 1 - 2 = 20
2nd league - 12 - 6 - 2 - 3 - 1 = 24

These are mainly the changes I have made for the leagues : ( if there are any mistakes or ways to improve feel free to comment I'm working on it constantly
I have given each league more prize money ( equal to all leagues in Europe I did it in )
Squad Size - 28
Homegrown club - 2
Homegrown nation - 10
Loan allowed - 8 - 5 in match squad
Same transfer window

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 215 / Size: 29.3 kB / Added: 2023-03-27
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