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European Super League for the fans - FM23

A European Super League for the fans. 4 top divisions, 16 teams in each league, taken the top 64 side reputation wise and plcaed them in a league system.

By on Nov 08, 2022   17102 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 1878 / Size: 139.0 kB / Added: 2022-11-08
FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - European Super League for the fans - FM23
We are back again for FM23 with essentially the same database as we had for FM21 and FM22

Soooo here we have a European Super League

4 top divisions... 16 teams in each league, taken the top 64 side reputation wise and they have been randomly placed into 4 separate leagues

at the end of the season the top 5 of each league goes into a champions playoff with the 20 teams to crown an overall winner.

Bottom 2 gets relegated, then the next 4 teams in each division go into a relegation playoff, a one off two legged tie to decide who goes down so 16 teams get relegated and 16 go up from a lower division set up of 45 teams that play each other once (don't load up that league though as its not playable)

Super League

Next Level League

Two cup competitions :-

European Wonder League
set up with all 64 teams in the leagues
One knockout first round
group stage champions league style, 4 teams, 6 games, top two go through
then a knockout round up until the Semi Final which is a group stage where the 4 teams play each other once.
with the top two going through to the Wembley final

European Super Cup
starts with an 8 team group phase with all teams playing 7 games against each other with the top 4 going through
the rest is a standard knockout system all the way through to the final

Prize Money
Ok so prize money is pretty beast

the first round of the Wonder League gives out £60m to the winners for example

a win in the Super League gets you £5m, a draw gets £2.25m

this creates a mad generation of money but its all fun

Squad Rules
There was more rules here but they effected the transfer movements so i removed them,

there has to be at least 2 u20s in the Match Squad

Added New Divisions
A New tier has been added under that includes teams from around the WORLD that now have the chance to be included intot he league systems from below! take charge of Santos in a Rest of World South America League and take them from the bottom to take over Europe!!

Under this tier is the Pepsi Elevation League that holds a huge league of 46 teams that compete to get into the Rest of World Leagues..with a huge playoff system.

Rest of World League Teams

Elevation League Teams

Subs are 5 out of 12 for each game.

it's a very fun save, so have fun

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 1878 / Size: 139.0 kB / Added: 2022-11-08
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Discussion: European Super League for the fans - FM23

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • kunshdwa's avatar
    Fun database, money is absolutely insane when reaching later stages of big competitions - even just getting to earlier knock-out stages gets you insane cash - basically every club in the first two leagues can afford good players, only high-reputation and 200m+ players are out of reach for smaller clubs.

    Some suggestions after playing 3 seasons:

    - Yellow cards are counted for every competition, that means your players get to 5 extremely quickly and are then unavailable for every competition. Doesn't make sense and means you are almost always missing out on someone.

    - No international competitions like world cup, but still a lot of friendlies. Those international friendlies often overlap with regular league or cup matches, meaning if you have players that are in the national squad, you sometimes don't have them available in important games. Happened three times in three seasons to me.

    - I am not sure if this is a bug, but in the winter transfer window, the registration closes before the transfer window even begins. This means that you are not able to register players until the end of the season, making winter purchases useless. You can easily fix this with the in-game editor, still seems odd and like a bug.

    - Again about the winter transfer window - when purchasing players that have already played in the same league / same competitions, you won't be able to play them. This is realistic, doesn't really make sense in this database though, because every club in the first league is playing the same cups/competitions, meaning every winter transfer from a first league club to a first league club is entirely pointless (same for 2nd league club -> 2nd league club and so on).

    All in all like I already said, fun database!
  • eXtaSie's avatar
    World cup?
  • buenox's avatar
    I have a problem in my save ,idk why but before every superleague match all my player gain full fitness. And it's not the case between 2 amicals matchs.
  • leandrocarusoyf's avatar
    I'll use google translate, sorry for the mistakes ^^

    I played 4 seasons and found it fun. OK.

    South American teams are disadvantaged by not being able to participate in the last day of the transfer window.

    I found the calendar very bad because there were too many games close to each other and with the cups it turns out that the first half of the season has games in an interval of 1 day sometimes naturally, and if you join the FIFA dates it gets even worse, while the end season are incredibly empty, with cases of going 2 and a half months without a single game.

    South American teams and others are harmed by the fact that sponsorship is divided very badly, ok, maybe this is not within your reach but it is a fact that leaves smaller teams far behind the great powers of world football.

    the fact that there are more famous teams in the same league ends up that the base players all go to them, I confess that this makes the save more difficult and for me this is captive but it is a point to review.

    once again, this DB is very fun but these points were what bothered me and, I highlight what made me most angry was the calendar. Really disheartening. I've thought about stopping this save several times, but it's fun to have a Fluminense vs Bayern, inside Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro
  • UKFootballScore's avatar
    i had that error too but i didnt have any issues going forward with it so no idea what it is
  • JamesFR12's avatar
    I'm having the same error. And is a bit annoying
  • kt1_elmacho's avatar
    I have the same error whenever a load the game. But I can load it, I don't know if in the future it will cause any problem or not.
  • GodAtum's avatar
    Thanks for this! FYI I get the error "Warning Rule group has empty discipline rules" when starting a new save.
  • UKFootballScore's avatar
    changed a few of the teams around so the likes of Newcastle are now in the Super League...
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