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FM24 Early Beta Access Explained

Pre-Purchase Football Manager 2024 from our store to receive early access to a fully-playable beta version of the game 2 weeks before the final release.

By Updated on Nov 01, 2023   49241 views   5 comments
News - FM24 Early Beta Access Explained
Football Manager 2024 first official announcement marked the beginning of the preorder period. And even though we didn't know many details about the new features at this point, I purchased my Steam key through here very early on.

The initial FM24 feature reveals didn't include sufficient insight, but the focus on "qualify of life" features is apparent. Sports Interactive promises smarter transfers and squad building, a refresh for set pieces and truer positional play among other things.

Does that make FM24 worth buying? Well, you already know the answer. I can only speak for myself and say I'd buy the game even without any new features. :)

The tradition of the "Early Signing Bonus' continues. Sports Interactive involve their loyal customers in the final beta testing stage of the game that lasts at least 2 weeks. Beta is a full game, just not the final product.

Early access to FM24 is a special reward for people who pre-purchase the game – you'll get access to a beta version of the game just over 2 weeks upfront, a chance to win a key of Genie Scout 24g, plus a couple of FM Scout exclusive rewards.

So what are you waiting for?

Purchase FM24 from FM Scout
Start playing NOW with early beta access, and get a verified buyer badge for your FM Scout account!

What is this beta version?

  • Beta version will be very close to the final game.
  • All game modes, including Network Games and the Fantasy Draft mode will be available to play. However, if the game proves unstable, online modes will be disabled with a patch.
  • Saved games will be compatible with the final game.
  • The game will automatically update to the final version on the official release date.
  • One main limitation: no pre-game editor and no in-game editor.

FM24 Pre-Release Beta Explained

Who can get access to the Beta?
Anyone who pre-purchases the game through our official store will be given a Steam key which will grant immediate access to the game. The early access period will be approximately 2 weeks – allowing people who pre-purchase to start playing a beta version of the game before its final release.

Is Beta the Demo?
No, it's NOT the demo. It's a pre-release version of the game and you can play as much as you like, there is no season limit or anything. The demo will be released either on final game release day or shortly after.

What do I get from you when I pre-purchase?
Your code will be almost instantly available to you through our store. Upon successful payment, wait a few seconds. Then go to Account > My Games to find your FM24 Steam key.

How will I know when I can access it?
We expect the early access to begin around October 19-23. That will give you 2 weeks before the final release date of the game. You can buy it now and access the beta early.

How do I access the beta?
To access the beta you will need the Steam activation code from our store. Once you have the code, you can redeem it on Steam and get the game on your Steam Library. You will need internet access for this to work.

How long does the beta code take to install?
This will very much depend on your internet connection speed. For example with an average speed of 2mb/s it should take 20 minutes. Please note however this is only a rough estimate and it will vary.

Will I be able to play Network Games or the Fantasy Draft mode on the beta version?
Yes, all game modes, including Network Games and the Fantasy Draft mode will likely be available to play with the pre-release beta. That is not officially confirmed yet, but it's the likely scenario based on what happened in previous years.

Will the Data Editor be included with the Pre-Release Beta?
No, the Data Editor will only become available for download when the full version is released in November. The same applies to the paid in-game editor.

How much space will the game take up on my PC/Mac?
Around 7gb of hard drive space will be required to install the game.

What happens when the game is released?
Your game will automatically update from beta to final version on the launch day.

What happens to my beta game post release?
Your beta game will remain as a saved game and you'll be able to continue playing post release.

How much does it cost?

The price is set to £38.19 for UK and roughly €44.99 for the rest of Europe. If you live outside Europe, you will get a price of $50.99.

Purchase FM24 from to get instant access to the Early Beta version, a unique buyer badge on our site, and our gratitude for supporting our community financially.

1) Clicking the "Add to Cart" button will take you to our gamesplanet store and add FM24 to your shopping cart.

2) Click the "Please log in" button. You'll be asked to sign in or register on gamesplanet.

If you already have an account there, log in with it. Otherwise register with one of the available options.

3) Once logged in, select your desired payment method to complete your order.

Cheaper than the official Steam store
UK: Our price £38.14 - Steam store £40.49
Europe: Our price €44.99 - Steam store €53.99
Rest of the world: Our price $50.99 - Steam store $53.99

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Discussion: FM24 Early Beta Access Explained

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  • Justice's avatar
    It’s out. EA FC 24 is out.
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    I hope there won't be any nonsense of not being a buyer even if you give the player for free.
    It's annoying when players who can't even be substitutes say why don't you let me play?
    It's also annoying that players keep asking for contracts even though they have contracts.
  • Evertonmarc's avatar
    All good, i realised i was putting the question on an older article and thought they had pulled forward lol. Anyway, keep up the good work mate, by far the best FM fan site!!
  • Stam's avatar
    Good catch! No, that was a typo, my bad. Fixed.
  • Evertonmarc's avatar
    A question Stam........the above says you estimate beta/early access around the 10th November, but the game actually comes out on the 6th November according to Steam...have they pulled the date forward?
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