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Football Manager 2024 New Features

The complete list of all the new and improved FM24 features. Football Manager 2024 is the 20th game of the FM series and the last of its kind.

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News - Football Manager 2024 New Features
Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe officially announced Football Manager 2024 on September 12th, the most feature-packed and technically advanced release in the series' history.

FM 2024 is the most complete edition of the series. Progress never stops when you're pursuing footballing greatness.

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Updated: 9 October 2023

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New tools empower you to develop a blueprint for success and lead your team to glory.

So here are some of the biggest features to expect from the latest edition of the award-winning football management series.

Significant FM 2024 Highlights

✔️ Import Your Existing Career from FM23
✔️ Smarter Transfers and Finance
✔️ Player Development Tweaks
✔️ Welcome to Japan
✔️ Introducing Intermediaries and Offloading Players
✔️ Individual Player Targets and Interaction Logic
✔️ Match Engine Upgrades
✔️ Set Pieces Refresh and Coaches Debut
✔️ New Game Modes

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Football Manager 2024 Screenshots

FM24 Features in a nutshell

FM 2024 heralds a significant milestone for the series and the wider SEGA family as it marks the game's official debut in Japan and the first time Japanese language will be officially supported in the game.

Initially revealed in June’s Development Update blog, the brand-new ability to transfer careers from Football Manager 2023, FM23 Console and FM23 Touch is just one of this year’s headline developments.

Further additions, including a refresh of Set Pieces and smarter transfers and finances, are heavily influenced by the ever-evolving world of football and driven by expert insight from new and existing partnerships within the professional game.

Improvements to AI squad building, transfer decision-making and finances will make your world more immersive in FM24.

Football Manager 2024 System Requirements


Key new addition

FM23 Save Game Compatibility - FM2024 Headline Feature - Football Manager 2024 Screenshot

According to SI, this is one of the most requested features over the last 20 years - the ability to transfer saved games from one edition of FM to the next.

Anyone who is not ready to step away from their existing save in Football Manager 2023, will be able to continue that career into FM24 and benefit from this year’s new additions in the process.

When you load FM24 for the first time, you'll see a panel directly above 'Start a New Game' that reads 'Load FM23 Saved Games'. This panel contains details about how transferring saves works and allows you to begin the process of bringing a game forward from FM23.

All of the relevant new features in FM24 will be present in any saves you bring over. In some cases that will result in certain items or tutorials triggering immediately after you convert your save, while you'll need to set some other things up from scratch.

The panel won’t appear again on subsequent launches but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to load FM23 games into FM24. To do this, go into the Load Game menu and follow the instructions explaining where you’ll find old saves and how to bring them across.

Note that there are a couple of things not possible with transferred save games unfortunately. The first is FM24 achievements (trophies on PS5), which you’ll need to start a new career to accomplish. You also won’t be able to watch replays of matches played in FM23, as these aren’t carried across when converting.

FM24 Early Beta Access Explained


Key improvement

On the recruitment front, the developers significantly improved the decision-making and team selection capabilities of AI managers.

Vast work has been put into upgrading the Finance system to ensure there’s greater dynamism and volatility.

Smarter opposition recruitment is the order of the day for FM24, with AI managers now programmed to consider factors like form and reputation more so than ever before.

An intriguing new feature in FM24 is the ability to overspend your transfer budget. Should you fail to generate enough money within the agreed time period, the board will take matters into their own hands.

Added a number of news items and improved some existing ones to provide you with greater clarity on your income and expenditure throughout the season.

Transfer histories received an upgraded user interface that enables you to filter league transfer histories by ins and outs.

FM24 New Transfer & Finance


Key improvement

FM24 Player Profile - Football Manager 2024 Screenshot

AI teams are now more likely to pick youth prospects in the first team because of high Potential Ability score, despite having a low Current Ability.

There's higher probability to see those talents make the bench and see more playing time when teams are ahead or controlling games in the latter stages.

The way AI prioritise matches throughout the season has changed, which should result in improved rotation to help aid player development.

Players will now see an accelerated improvement in their teenage years before hitting their potential ceiling earlier on.

A new system has been introduced to recognise ‘Late Developers’, or those players who don’t breakthrough until slightly later than would be considered typical.

FM 2024 Giveaways with Beta access


Key new addition

FM24 Player Profile - Football Manager 2024 Screenshot

J.League is coming to Football Manager 2024, making its long-awaited debut!

It's also the first time that the Japanese language will be officially supported in the game.

Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J1, J2 and J3 leagues will be fully unlocked and playable; 60 clubs to choose from the top three divisions.

That means licensed official logos, kits and player photos from the 2023 J.League season.

You will now be able to scout Japan for future prospects and talent.

Japanese Leagues & Language Debuting on FM24


Key new addition

FM24 Player Profile - Football Manager 2024 Screenshot

Agents offer a new interaction option that gives you insight whether players feel like moving or not. Depending on the initial reaction you can proceed with sourcing a move or reconsider.

If you want to sell one of your players but their agent isn’t cooperating or the offers don’t meet your expectations, you can now hire an Intermediary to help facilitate a sale.

Intermediaries are brokers recruited by your Director of Football who can help generate new interest in a player and assist with securing a move for a percentage (up to 10%) of the final transfer fee.

'Offer to Clubs' is now replaced by a digital service called Transfer Room. This is not an instant option, as the clubs won’t all be online looking at the system every minute of every day, but your staff will collate the offers together for you and inform you of any interest in good time.

The Transfer Status screen will show you more context about interest from other clubs in the player, alongside player interest related options to the right (agent feedback, hire an intermediary, offer via transfer room).

The introduction of Intermediaries and enhanced functionality for pre-existing Agents elevate the experience of selling players in FM24, giving you more real-world powered tools than ever to work on your next rebuild project.

Offloading Players Changed in FM24


Key new addition and improvement

FM24 Player Targets - Football Manager 2024 Screenshot

You can now incentivize your squad, and help players away on loan achieve the best playing time pathway, with individual performance targets to get the most out of your players. The areas that can be focused on are ranging from training improvements to match performances.

The opportunity to set a target will be available at multiple occasions, but bear in mind that both the player and their agent may want to negotiate it. Linking closely to a playing time pathway promise, you’ll be able to offer a target in the contract negotiation screen.

In fail scenarios, a player can respond in different ways. If injury causes the failure of the target, the player will accept that the target couldn’t be met at this time.

Also applied changes to the way you interact with your players and staff to ensure your conversations are realistic and constructive.

One of the big changes made to interactions in FM24 are the improvements to the string severity system, which allows each positive or negative AI response to have three different variants of severity - with over 2,000 new AI responses.

Elsewhere, Staff Meetings are improved in FM24 with them now being more customisable and surfacing the most relevant information you care about.

FM 2024 Wallpapers


Key new addition and improvement

The way players behave in the match engine is vastly improved from animation locomotion upgrades that improve off-the-ball movement right through to player rotation enhancements.

There's a brand-new player role; the Inverted Full-Back. The IFB functions as a traditional Full-Back when defending but in possession transitions to become a third central defender.

Moreover, other roles have had their functionality refined, so there’ll be greater fluidity and dynamism to your tactics and the way they perform on matchday.

The animation engine has improved, utilising Inverse Kinematics with the brand-new Match Motion system. Without any extra processing requirements, player animations smoother are now more fluid.

Elsewhere, lighting, pitch textures and environments have been significantly enhanced to level up the matchday experience, while the ball physics system has been rewritten to be more accurate.

FM24 Match Engine Upgrades


Key new additions

Set Piece Coach is the new addition to your backroom staff. They will help to power a refreshed Set Piece Creator.

There's a brand-new Set Piece flow gives you more control and customisation than ever before.

It enables you to work alongside your Set Piece Coach to lay down your attacking and defensive preferences. Your coach will then create suitable routines for you to customise in brand-new ways.

Instead of you needing to manually assign instructions to specific positions, instructions are now automatically assigned by your backroom team to each of the four role categories; Aerial Threat, Box Threat, Recovery Defender, Creators.

Every set piece routine now outlines key roles, so you rank players with the best attributes to carry out each role - rather than selecting by position. No more having to adjust based on team selection, injuries or substitutions.

Also introduced a new concept of Set Piece Familiarity to reflect the work your players do on each routine in training.

How Set Pieces work in FM24


Minor new addition

FM24 Game Modes - Football Manager 2024 Screenshot

When choosing the team you want to manage, the option to 'Choose a Game Mode' will appear, taking you to a section with three options.

You'll have the choice of three ways to start a save – Original, Real World and Your World.

ORIGINAL is the traditional way where you'll have an up-to-date squad at the start of your career mirroring the real life transfers from the closure of the transfer window.

REAL WORLD is the most up-to-date experience with players beginning at the clubs they were registered to at the start date of your career. They'll then move to their new club on the same date as they did in real life.

YOUR WORLD is about exploring a different reality, where club squads and budgets will be accurate as of the start of the 2023/24 season, with no real-life transfers reflected after that.

These new modes open up huge possibilities for you in FM24.

FM 24 is filled with new additions that deepen the immersion and elevate your gameplay experience with upgrades to set pieces, man management, squad building, Matchday and much more.

Uncover new ways to win as you explore new horizons and compete for football’s biggest prizes.

So, whether you’re the sort of manager who likes to chase immediate glory or prefers building a club from the bottom, the perfect challenge awaits.

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