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Fez's Enhanced Turf Textures FM24 v5

New enhanced look of grass textures for Football Manager 2024. An exclusive release by Fez.

By Updated on Nov 25, 2023   38859 views   19 comments
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Downloads: 15940 / Size: 58.3 MB / Added: 2023-11-07
FM 2024 Misc Graphics - Fez's Enhanced Turf Textures FM24 v5
Following my work New Turfs for FM23, I have once again added new and improved grass textures making the game look more realistic.
Mud and grass turfs done.

Updated: 25 November 2023 - v5

Enhanced FM24 Turfs Preview

How to install Enhanced Turfs on FM24

1. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file.

2. Move the extracted art folder to your FM24 user data folder.
/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024/

3. Run Football Manager 2024 and go to: Preferences > Interface
Clear Cache. Return to the same screen.
Enable: 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences'
Reload Skin.

Download Now
Downloads: 15940 / Size: 58.3 MB / Added: 2023-11-07
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Discussion: Fez's Enhanced Turf Textures FM24 v5

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • Fez007's avatar
    V5 Update;
    Improved lightness for day matches
  • soulkh9's avatar
    I'm using it really well. Thank you.
    By the way, where is the v3 version?
  • Fez007's avatar
    @ fmilin7 - Will have a look at this for next update, thank you.
  • fmilln7's avatar
    @Fez007 The day matches still seem a bit dark in my opinion.. is it possible to make them a bit lighter? many thanks for all your work
  • Fez007's avatar
    V4 Update;
    Added a bit more lighting to day matches
    Redone some pitch pattern colours
  • Fez007's avatar
    @soojinee - You can do both, will work.
  • soojineee's avatar
    Can we just overwrite when updating or do we need to delete the entire art folder?
  • Fez007's avatar
    @drumgoreckibass - Yes they are intended for FM24. Will not look good in previous versions. Thanks for kind words.
  • drumgoreckibass's avatar
    Hey Fez I've tried to add these to FM22 but turfs are really dark. Way darker than the pictures you've shared. Is that supposed?
    I know they are supposed to be for FM24..
    I just wanted to give it a try!
    They look quite real and the turf design is really mild. Congrats and thank you for all the work you've been putting for years!
  • MILLOT's avatar
    FM24 or Graphics ?
  • Fez007's avatar
    V3 Improvements;
    Made the checked small patterns clearer and adjusted overall colours.
  • LungZ's avatar
    Looks amazing, thanks
  • Fez007's avatar
    @ gizzala
    Yes correct.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    Thank you Fez !!
  • gizzala's avatar
    just replace the v1 art folder for the installation?
  • Fez007's avatar
    @ danseakins
    Yes that's correct.
  • danseakins's avatar
    does it go in a folder like this: C:\Users\MyName\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\art ?
  • DamienFerriggi's avatar
    Thank you!!!! THE BEST
  • Tommy Hughes's avatar
    I've been waiting for this. Thank you very much! :)
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