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FMBox Regen Facepack

This pack, that contains more than 400 faces, allows players to personalise regen faces generated by the game over the seasons.

By on Feb 06, 2022   10 comments
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Size: 31.6 MB / Added: 2022-02-06
Football Manager 2024 Facepacks - FMBox Regen Facepack
FMBox is proud to announce its first exclusive content release: a regen pack which contains about 400 realistic cut-out faces. In the future we will release more packs to extend this one, making the users experience even more intense and realistic.
Have fun with the FMBox regen facepack!

Faces count: 406
Asian: 17
Black: 112
Blonde: 44
Hispanic: 22
Red: 29
White: 122
Staff: 60

How to install this pack:

Step 1 - Make sure that "Show screen ID in the title bar to assist skinning" is ticked on the Preferences Menu
Step 2 - Create a folder named "regen faces" in this path:
Windows - Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/graphics/
MAC - Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/graphics
(if you don't have "graphics" folder just create it)
Step 3 - Copy the regen ID from the target regen you want assign a face (next to the player's name on the top bar)
Step 4 - Open the "FMBox Regen Facepack", select the favourite face and drag or copy and past the file in the "regen faces" folder previously created
Step 5 - Rename the face file using the regen player ID
Step 6 - Create (or modify the pre-existing, config.xml file to implement the regen faces.

Download Now
Downloads: 30046 / Size: 31.6 MB / Added: 2022-02-06
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Discussion: FMBox Regen Facepack

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • Dixon89's avatar
    Zealand did a run through of this back on fm20 and it still works. i downloaded the FMXML file creator from fmscout and it worked first time. i just had to clear cache before reloading the skin in preferences. I have DF11 facepack and no conflict. hope this helps.
  • zacflemo's avatar
    did you even include a config file in the folders?
  • zacflemo's avatar
    your desc on how to download this makes 0 sense. trying to get this to work on fm 23 and its seeming harder then it should be?
  • skybluesng's avatar
    hi, i'm sorry that i still don't understand setp 6 even though u explained. i am using DF11 megapack faces so i edit the config file inside? how do i open the config file?
  • AmirAz's avatar
    Hi mate, may i ask what to do in step 6? im lost after renaming the picture to its id
  • danbrooks's avatar
    Thanks, that was really helpful!
  • FMBox's avatar
    if you already have a pack of faces with the config file inside just add a line to connect to the relative regen player

    Example: player with ID 1000 you add in the config file
    <record from="name under which the image was saved" to="graphics/pictures/person/1000/portrait"/>
  • danbrooks's avatar
    I'm a little confused with the last step. What do I have to do?
  • FMBox's avatar
    The pack can be used with any club, the important thing is to know the ID of the regen player to which you want to assign the face.
  • Big_Wully_Boly's avatar
    Have you tried with any other clubs?
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