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FME - Zealand by FMEnhanced (v4.00 - 8/1/2022)

The official Zealand Skin for Football Manager 2022 by FMEnhanced. Everything your expect of an FMEnhanced skin with the added benefits of tutorials created by Zealand.

By Updated on Jan 08, 2022   420113 views   246 comments
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Downloads: 176042 / Size: 8.2 MB / Added: 2021-11-04
Football Manager 2022 Skins - FME - Zealand by FMEnhanced (v4.00 - 8/1/2022)

FME - Zealand by FMEnhanced

FMEnhanced is proud to announce its partnership with YouTube and Twitch streamer Zealand Shannon. This years iteration of FME brings everything you expect of an FMEnhanced skin, with the added benefits of tutorials created by Zealand Shannon to help make the game more accessible.

UPDATE v4.00

  • Match Panels Rewritten
  • Touchline Tablet (No Size Limit)
  • New Match Caption Popups
  • Match Header Panel Redesigned
  • Floating Match Management Buttons
  • Redesigned Player Bar Widget

HOTFIX v4.00

  • Team Shot Map Panels have been fixed during a match
  • Shouting at Individuals during a Match has been fixed
  • Tablet Tabs no longer change between match halves
  • Simulate Match button restored


Zealand Tutorials
  • Within the many sections of the game, users have access to several Zealand tutorials. When a relevant tutorial is available, a discreet YouTube icon will appear in the title bar. Clicking the icon will open the video tutorial in your default web browser.
  • In addition to the in-game tutorials, within the Zealand menu you will find several links to all of his online social platforms.

Simulate Match
  • Users are able to simulate matches to save time. On the "Team Selection" screen on any match day, a "Simulate Match" icon will appear in the title bar. Simulating a match will produce a 'Post Match Overview' highlighting the Score, Match Stats and Player Ratings.

Dark Theme
  • The skin removes the purple elements within the sidebar, as well as the pink accents and has replaced them with dark grey/black and blue. The theme better reflects the primary colours of the selected team with redesigned background graphics and accents within news articles.

Player Profiles
  • Player profiles have been enhanced with selector panels, tabs and dynamic information which changes with context.
  • All of the important player information is neatly presented beside a much larger picture of the player.
  • You will always have the option to scout a player from their profile page and doing so presents a considerable amount of their scout report. Pros & Cons, Scout Summary and dynamic Transfer Information is all readily available once a scout report is submitted.
  • An information rich tabbed panel houses most of the important information required when dealing with players.

Touchline Tablet
  • The 'Touchline Tablet' has been modified to show show greater information and utilizes more of the on-screen space with greater responsiveness and additional panels. An "Analysis" tab has been added for quick and easy access to all of your important match stats.

Scout Card Attributes
  • Player Attributes, Analysis Polygons and Comparison Stars have been added to Scout Cards, as well as a Medical Overview.

  • The inbox panel has been tweaked for aesthetic purposes. The search field and option button at the top have been better aligned and colour strips have been added to messages that may require interaction.

Player Position Colours
  • Player lines (Goalkeeper, Defence, Defensive Midfield, Midfield, Attacking Midfield & Forwards) have been given specific higher contrast colour coding to better distinguish between player lines within the tactics menu and squad tables.

Selection Info
  • The default "Selection Info" view has been updated to display more player information.

  • FME - Zealand works with all resolutions as any good skin should.
  • Instead of designing for high res screens, I took the longer and more tedious approach of designing a responsive skin that adapts with screen size. This is especially helpful for players with smaller screens and those who play in windowed mode.


How to use the FME - Zealand skin on FM22

Move the downloaded .fmf file to your skins folders, by default located at:
> Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2022 > skins >

Go to preferences in-game, select the skin and hit Confirm.

Video Presentation

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 176042 / Size: 8.2 MB / Added: 2021-11-04
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Discussion: FME - Zealand by FMEnhanced (v4.00 - 8/1/2022)

246 comments have been posted so far.

  • SelenroD's avatar
    Goodnight. I am Brazilian and I would like to ask a favor. I don't know if I can ask here, if not, you can delete my comment. I think the skin is excellent. It is light and almost perfect. However, I wanted to change 3 options. If someone who understands can help me or make and send the link, I will be very grateful: During the match:

    1) in the "game overview" the teams' uniforms appear instead of the logo;

    2) Have the option to show photos of the stadium (which doesn't even have game statistics; markers;...), a space to show the photo of the stadiums.

    Finally, in the players overview:

    3) have the option to show hidden attributes.
  • Stam's avatar
    FMEnhanced is the skin author and has been inactive for a few months. I don't really know if he had planned another update or if he's going to return before FM23. However, I'm sure he'll look into the reported issues whenever time allows.
  • Matty47's avatar
    Definitely my favourite skin. Just a couple of small issues. Where transfer information is I’d avoid using red for the value. Can’t see the numbers. Also this.
  • Batkoto_Na_144's avatar
    Hi Zealand i doubt you'll find this comment but this skin is fire thanks for creating such masterpiece
  • dedososda's avatar
    HUD/UI bugged when playing Bundesliga/2. Liga matches
  • luanpefe's avatar
    Hi Zeland,

    How can I make the photo of the city appear on the club information screen?

  • Kippo's avatar
    I love this skin but was wondering if there was a way to remove the instant result/simulate match option?
  • DKN16's avatar
    Hi, the button to skip goal replays has disappeared for me? Only in league games, cup games it still shows up. I'm playing in the bundesliga.
  • pawelini's avatar
    Is it normal, that match tablet autohide is not working? It should hide during match live highlights.
  • garmac's avatar
    @heygra...thanks...still on 2021 mostly and recently started experimenting...i really love this skin...wouldn't mind if I could get the match screen tabs on my 2021.
  • heygra's avatar
    Can you tell how do i save skins as a single .fmf file?

    FM Resource Archiver
  • garmac's avatar
    Can you tell how do i save skins as a single .fmf file?
  • zondo's avatar
    @mildcurry @CrazyInsane I have the same problem. Right now I'm skipping with the drop down next to the pause button but it is a bit weird. Hope that the problem can be fixed
  • CrazyInzane's avatar
    Mine too @mildcurry I hope they fix it because the skin is really really good
  • mildcurry's avatar
    Hi, the button to skip goal replays has disappeared for me? Only in league games, cup games it still shows up. Anyone know how to fix this?
  • LewisWally's avatar

    Can anyone help with this? The stadium is constantly appearing over the badge whenever you view a player. Happens with every player.
  • heygra's avatar
    Please, how to make the left menu in the game black, otherwise I use the background of the stadiums in the game and the background falls on the menu and the buttons are not visible! Thanks.
  • unokingkong's avatar
    best skin i used so far!! love it!! unfortunately my game has been crashing whenever i start a match..some error about memory usage came sad..
  • rrottenppieces's avatar
    in a future version would it be possible add a report tab when you hover over players. where it will show you the pros and cons n such. wouldn't have to click into players page at all if that was added
  • freenileranger's avatar

    Is there any way to fix this?
  • luanpefe's avatar
    Hi Zeeland, can you to tell when you will release a new version to thsi great skin, more or less ETA for new version. Thanks
  • RaPoZaUm's avatar
    If only this beauty showed sharpness/condition as percentages...
  • Gaffa92's avatar
    hey, tried this skin yesterday but every day I progress it resets all the player info and leaves the boxes blank. I then have to clear cache and confirm everyday to get them to appear. Been using loads of other skins with no problems. any ideas? Thanks Dan

  • pollockh's avatar
    am i crazy or is there no way to find out the agreed playing time of players not at your club with this skin??
  • nicholas30's avatar
    Is there any chance that you can fix the Japan club overview issue in your skin?
    There exists fix for the default skin and some others but it would be great if we can have the fix in Zealand skin.

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