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FMInside FM18 Data update May | Patch 18.3 update

The FMInside FM18 Data Update is back and better than ever! Transfers, leagues and other data has been updated to improve your FM18 experience. Last update: 25/05/2018, made compatible with patch 18.3!

By on Nov 10, 2017   May 25, 2018   89454 views   48 comments
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Downloads: 25187 / Size: 99.3 kB / Added: 2017-11-10
Football Manager 2018 Data Updates - FMInside FM18 Data update May | Patch 18.3 update
The FMInside FM18 Data Update will take your game to the next level! With more than 35.000 downloads for our FM17 version, the FMInside Transfer Update has become one of the biggest and best data updates for Football Manager.

The FMInside Update has returned now for Football Manager 2018 and it will improve and enhance the official database!

This is the last Football Manager 2018 2017/2018 update we will share with you. No, this will not mean this update will not updated anymore… This means the next update we will create, will be focusing on the 2018/2019 season, with updated leagues and updates teams.

What can you expect in this update:

  • All transfers updated to May 25 2018
  • All Managerial changes updated
  • Corrected kit colours
  • Corrected captains
  • Corrected club names
  • Corrected league names
  • And many many more.


  • Download the update by clicking the download button.
  • Move the .fmf file to the following location:
  • Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/editor data/
  • If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.
  • Open FM2018 and start a new career and select the 18.3 database.
  • After selecting your database make sure the FMInside Data Update is selected.
  • Pick your nations, pick your leagues and start the game!

*IMPORTANT! Make sure to delete older versions of the update from the editor data folder. The update will be corrupted if you do not delete the old files.

Be aware that using multiple Data Updates simultaneously could result in unexpected errors, corrupted data and crashes.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 25187 / Size: 99.3 kB / Added: 2017-11-10
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Discussion: FMInside FM18 Data update May | Patch 18.3 update

48 comments have been posted so far.

  • jkl620's avatar
    I just started a save with this update using the Chicago Fire of MLS. The team has two copies of Mo Adams. They are also missing starting Goal Keeper Richard Sánchez.
  • shamerock's avatar
    marcel brands will get to everton but instead of a director he s a assistant manager can this be fixed so he s the new director..
  • kartalinho's avatar
    the File " FMInside FM18 Data update V2303 | Patch 18.3 update " - is the date of the Wintertransfers original like in Winter or is it like Originial SI and its on the start at the summer ? so Coutinho is not on Winter coming . he is right there now
  • Marcek's avatar
    Only database 18.3.3 ? I must update for database 18.0.1 -.-
  • Goodedy's avatar
    prblem solved
  • Goodedy's avatar
    Both Sweden and Norway leagues not available.. can anyone tell me why?
  • Len's avatar
    @GWhte84; Those are not on FMScout. You should google for it.
    @Willz: we have merged our old database with the 18.3 database. Meaning; all transfers that have been corrected by SI are removed from ours, the ones they have missed (and that are a lot!) are done by our update.
  • willz71172's avatar
    is this update fresh after the 18.3 update or was it done before
  • GWhte84's avatar
    @Len...... Hello mate do you know where I can find that Tempo 18 skin an the cutout megapack? as i could not find it on here
  • Len's avatar
    @Forzaroma; no we will keep updating the game throughout the season and the summer until the release of FM19. After the winterwindow ended, we will be switching to monthly or every other week instead of weekly updates.

    @Sflatos; we dont update that. Too time consuming and it would be just a minor add-on

    @GWhte84: I am using the Tempo 18 Skin and I am using the Cutout Megapack by sortitoutsi.
  • GWhte84's avatar
    Hi Len, what skin do you use? as they look pretty good in your winter updates page.
    also what face package do you use as well?
    thanks mate
  • sfaltos's avatar
    Hey there! I've downloaded the update via steam and worked just fine. The only problem was that in players' history does not appear the transfer fee.. is that a bug that will you fix in an update?
  • forzaroma's avatar
    is it your final transfer update ?
  • reicamara's avatar
    Gelson Dala on loan at Rio Ave, not Gelson Martins.
  • Len's avatar
    No, sorry m8. FM18 only.
  • hongyuan94's avatar
    can i use this on fm17 ??
  • Len's avatar
    @metal, sorry m8 its full mode only
    @Nath77: yes. Im not sure if we have them all, but if a big takeover has taken place, we have it updated.
    @FMPower: thanks for the compliments! We try to work our best!
  • metal66's avatar
    hi guys does this work in fm18 touch ?
  • Nath77's avatar
    Hi, does this update include club takeovers?
  • FM Power's avatar
    Problem seems to be solved,this is by far the best database update you can get.
  • pmark's avatar
    Update: checked steam and they're aware of the problem and working on a fix.
  • pmark's avatar
    @FM Power same here. Can we have an author comment on this pls? Thank you.
  • FM Power's avatar
    i can't load the MLS league due a error
  • fmsharky's avatar
    hi guys when you download the update via direct download it only loads your previous one fm inside update 1901 not 2201.
    But i downloaded it via steam and the 2201 update is in there .
    So ?
  • EL-TEV's avatar
    Fmsharky: are you sure you have deleted the past update from the editor data? You must delete the previous ones before or else the game will be corrupted as mentioned above :) worked for me as having the same problem as you

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