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FMRTE v2.0.0311 for FM 2009

FM Real Time Editor v2.0 - Updated 25 April, 2009

By Updated on Jun 14, 2009   439412 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 155311 / Size: 4.5 MB / Added: 2008-11-25
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Football Manager - Real Time Editor v2.0

Current version: FMRTE v2.0.0311
Last updated: 25 April 2009

This version works with:
- Football Manager 2009 / Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 with the patches 9.1.0, 9.2.0 or 9.3.0 installed

This new version allows you to export/import Players profiles, by exporting a player profile, you can then upload it to our server, and all the other FMRTE users will be able to view, download and import (with FMRTE) the profile that you have uploaded.

* FMRTE Requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework, otherwise it wont work, it will crash at startup. Download .NET 3.5SP1 here.
* You cannot run FMRTE directly from the RAR file, you have to extract all files and folders from the rar file to any folder.
* You cannot move the FMRTE executable, the executable has to be in the same place that all the others files and folders that are included in ther RAR file.
* If you are running Windows Vista, try to run FMRTE as Administrator (press the right button of your mouse and select Run as administrator) if you are having problems...
* Changing the Transfer date (Players Future Transfer) its a little bit tricker, i dont know how it works exactly, but if a player has a transfer date to 01-06-2009 , if your ingame date is 01-06-2008, and you want to get the player "right now", you should set a transfer date like 15-06-2008, you should add 10/15 more days than the actual date otherwise the game will forget to transfer the player.

SPECIAL FEATURE: PLAYERS FUTURE TRANSFER, now you can edit the future transfer of a player, you can change his future club, the transfer fee, and if you want you can change the player to be transfered.

If you have problems with FMRTE, slow seaching etc. try to disable your Anti Virus, as some people reported that some anti virus causes problems with FMRTE.


Video Tutorial
Watch the videos in low-quality or download them in high-quality.

- You can edit players contracts/attributes/positions, remove injuries/bans
- You can edit clubs finances, stadium capacity, reputation, kits colors
- You can edit Clubs Affiliations
- You can change players names
- All the other features that FMRTE for FM 08 has (like Clone Center, Players Relations....), will be included in future versions of this editor
SPECIAL FEATURE: MASS EDIT, now you can edit the future transfer of a player, you can change his future club, the transfer fee, and if you want you can change the player to be transfered.

Credits and Thanks
This software is created by BraCa Soft. Thanks BraCa!!
BraCa Soft wants to thank all people that supported this project with donations, and all testers too. A speacial thank you for DrBernhard as he helped with some things in the editor :)

You can help this project, donating some money, do it (press the donate button on the right side of BraCa Soft website) if you think this project deserves ;)

Changelist (310 to 311)
* Fixed some minor bugs (related with FMRTE Online)

Changelist (305 to 310)
* Fixed some bugs
* Added Italian Language File
* Added Support for FMRTE Online, now the Players Profile files, are saved in XML format, and are ready to be uploaded to FMRTE Online (

Changelist (300 to 305)
* Added all the Hidden Player Prefered Moves
* Added an option to edit the player squad number (players contract screen)
* Added players bonus (players contract screen)
* Now you can remove a player retirement date if you want to, to do so, you just need to select the Retire Date in FMRTE and remove it(by pressing the Delete Key in your Keyboard), then save, and it will be removed
* Bugs Fixed
o Fixed bug in player contract that was causing FMRTE to crash (sometimes..)
o Fixed some minor bugs in the new Filter Screen and Mass Edit Screen
o In the new Filter Screen, you can now filter players/staff by their team (not by typing their team name but searching for the right team as you do when you are editing Clubs affiliations....)
* Languages Included in this version: English, Portuguese, Dutch, Deutsch and Chinese

Changelist (252 to 300)
* New Search Screen (The Screens are inspired in FM Genie Scout)
o Now its easier to Filter Players/Staff Members/Clubs
o You can filter Regens(Players/Staff)
* Added Staff Training Stars (thanks to AJetsOf from SI Community)
* Added Auto Update Feature, now when you start FMRTE, it will check if there is a new version avaible, and if there is, it will notify you
* Added new Special Feature - MASS EDIT
o As the name suggests, this feature allows you to apply changes in a lot of players/staff/clubs at the same time, the affected items are filtered using the new Filter System.
* Bugs Fixed
o You can now edit players that have both, Player and Staff attributes
o Performance in Search Results Screen was improved, so now sorting players will be faster
o Now if the Language File is missing or is not valid, FMRTE will load a default language that is inside the FMRTE executable
o Some other minor bugs fixed
* Languages Included in this version: English, Dutch (not totally translated) and Deutsch.
o All the others that were included in previous versions of FMRTE will be avaiable soon.

Changelist (251 to 252)
* Fixed some minor bugs that i've forgot to fix in the previous release :P

Changelist (250 to 251)
* Fixed bug in Nations Information Screen for users with FM/WSM with 9.3 Patch installed
* Fixed UK Pound to Euro Conversion
* Fixed some minor bugs reported by some users by mail ( tks ;) )
* Changes in Mini FMRTE
o I've swapped the Value field with Ask Value
o The columns were resized, so now the ask value of players can fit in the screen ;)

Changelist (249 to 250)
* Fixed some bugs in Clone Center
* Fixed a bug in Future Transfer List, now sorting the list should be much faster
* Added Support for the 9.3 Patch

Changelist (232 to 249)
* Fixed some bugs in the feature "Swap Staff"
* Fixed a bug in Players Relations, now when you give a 2nd nationality to a player, he will be eligible for the new nation (if he has no caps for his main nation....)
* Fixed bug in Teams Staff List, sometimes, some staff memebers job appeared as BAD LANG FILE
* Fixed a bug in Changing Players names, some times if you changed the name of a player then the game changed his name to a random one when you reload your game
* Fixed a minor bug in Editor Options, the list of avaiable languages wasnt cleared, so sometimes the list showed repeated languages..
* Fixed some bugs in the translation system
* Fixed some minor bugs
* Removed relations information from Clubs Information Screen (tks for zapatero)
* Added more options to stadiums (added roof, undersoil heating, pitch condition)
* Added chairman to Teams Staff List
* Added Players Retirement, now you can edit the date of the retirement of a player
* Added Player Declared for Nation option
* Added Player "Retired For International Football" (it appears in the Player information screen but its not usable yet)
* Added 2 New buttons to the Editor Topbar
o One that lists all players that will retire
o One that lists all the future transfers
* Now all features are working for 9.1 and 9.2 (in previous versions, Clubs Debts werent working in FM/WSM 9.1)

Changelist (226 to 227)
* Fixed Affiliations bug, now clubs with a lot of affiliated clubs can see all the affiliation options ;)
* Fixed Staff Swapping bug(i hope so)

Changelist (213 to 226)
* Fixed Shortlists problem, now regens saved in your shortlist will appear in FM
* Staff attributes fixed, added Determination attribute, and all the others attributes are now well readed and saved
* Gamer attributes added, now you can edit your own attributes (the same attributes that you are able to see in your profile in FM)
* Players City of Birth
* Added Mini-FMRTE (small window inspired in Mini-Scout for FM 2008)
* Added the option to set/change players Home Grown (relation screen)
* Added some presets to filter, now when you open the filter window you have a lot of filters already in there, you just need to fill the fields or add more filters if you want
* Added the "between" option in filters, you can now search for things like: Players with age between 20-25 for example
* Added Players Positional Rating
* Added Cities, you can edit cities attributes
* Added Teams Staff List (National Teams and Clubs)
* Added National Teams Managers "Contract"
* Added Staff Roles (Coach, Scout etc..)
* Added Staff Relations
* Added Players Progress (feature inpired in FM Genie Scout Players History)
* Added Import/Export Buttons in Players profiles, so you can save/load their attributes easily
* Added Players Prefered Moves
* Fixed Players jadeness
* Fixed bug in some teams that their name was displayed like: "Chlesea - Unknown" when it should be "Chelsea - Reserves"
* Added Special Feature that allows you to swap staff, and to make yourself national manager (swapping with the current National Manager of the nation you want)
* Added Clone Center

Download Now
Downloads: 155311 / Size: 4.5 MB / Added: 2008-11-25
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Discussion: FMRTE v2.0.0311 for FM 2009

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    fixed the link and added the updated version
  • tank570's avatar
    tank57014 years ago
    why the link does'nt work?
  • tank570's avatar
    highguyuk15 years ago
    Everyone time I use this to edit a players position, it forgets it after a little while!
  • everton23's avatar
    how can ya send a player say from ya reserve team out on loan for a season using this, i have looked over it but i cant seem to find anything that helps me do it.
    thank you in advance for help.
  • j0rd4n500's avatar
    lol even when it works there is something wrong :( i got it all up it works but it always says bad lang file were it should say shooting, transfer price etc soo all the stuff from the actuall editor says bad lang file yet all the players stats etc still come up.
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    that you get money more or less all the time. usually the chairmen might say you will need to sell a player or two, if u ask for a bit of money.

    with sugar daddy you can most probably get more money. and will get during the course of the game
  • tank570's avatar
    Desertfox15 years ago
    What is the Sugar Daddy option?
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    fixed a link
  • tank570's avatar
    scano_ie15 years ago
    i can't download to editor says i don't have permission :(
  • be123's avatar
    i already have .net 3.5 sp 1, but still can't open this editor.
  • tank570's avatar
    narbma0715 years ago
    this does not work with WSM 9.2. does anyone know if any kind of update is coming again?
  • tank570's avatar
    chrismaster0215 years ago
    I have an error to download the exe.
  • tank570's avatar
    danjpalmer15 years ago
    When running the exe I get an error straight away and am asked to send an error report, do I have to have the folder somewhere specific? anyone else have this problem? thanks
  • tank570's avatar
    cmblues615 years ago
    hey if FMScout actually got the newest build from Bracasoft people would have actually a reasonably solid ingame editor
  • tank570's avatar
    cmblues615 years ago
    when i try to load the game it says, "Unknown error has occurred while loading the game" and ideas
  • micky22's avatar
    cheers m8 got them working sort of wish mr Eugene Tarabanovsky would releases genie soon!!
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    micky, this editor is just full of problems. There are 2 other editors, so try one of them for now, until a better version of this one comes out.
  • micky22's avatar
    Hi there cheers for this prgram but the rar dload for net framework is broken is there anyothers also is the rar dload a web installer just i need to put it on disc as i dont have net atm at my mothers house please let me know someone cheers :P
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