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Football Management Games Before Football Manager

As we all know Football Manager is now the number one football management game globally, but what were the options before this global world phenomenon.

By on Oct 15, 2014   5110 views   4 comments
Unsorted Articles - Football Management Games Before Football Manager
The football management market was started by addictive games with the game ‘Football Manager (1982 series)’ launched for Atari and went on to produce a series making Football Manager World Cup Edition for Italia 90. In Football Manager 2 Addictive Games launched something that would take the football management market by storm , the ability to edit teams kits and players giving the game your own customized feel, Football Manager 2 Expansion was born. Football Manager 3 was a disappointment with the original developers falling out leading to the end of the franchise.

Premier Manager was launched by a Spanish company in 1992 for the start of the Premier League era and is still being produced to this year but it is not a very popular version and is only found online and has been banned by the Ministry of Culture in China because Premier Manager 2005 regarded places such as Tibet and Hong Kong as separate states.

Pro Evolution Soccer Management was released on March 24, 2006. It was the second football management game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. However it wasn't an instant hit an demand was low for it with the emergence of Football Manager and mostly due to the high quantity of unlicensed features in the game. some fans of Pro Evolution Soccer and Konami consider Let's Make a Soccer Team! as a sub-sequel, due to its similarities and familiar feel.

Championship Manager series was born in 1993 and was the first competitor which saw the end of Football Manger 1982 , it launched its first game CM in ‘93 and wasn't a very good success but as FM1982 failed CM rose to the heights of market leader and launched its Championship Manager Italia aimed at the Italian fans and showed Serie A and Serie B and proved an instant hit with CM releasing two updates for the two following updates, the art of transfer updates without buying the next years game was born. Cm 97/98 was the real first game that showed what football management games would be like in the future with multiple leagues being able to be loaded and many new rules such as the Bosman ruling and stadium pictures included.

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Discussion: Football Management Games Before Football Manager

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • paul1576's avatar
    Cant believe the Player Manager games have not been mentioned. Anco who also did the Kick Off series made the first real football manager game where you watch the match in a kind of 3dish look. Anco became the people behind Championship Manager when SI sold the name n that. The tactics editor was the best and I spent hours making new tactics. My first manager experience was Premier manager I think.
  • snrsarg's avatar
    I still have Kevin Toms Football Manager for the BBC B cassette on display in my book cabinet, the game that started a lifelong addiction
  • Patres10's avatar
    I started in 1993 I think, with Bundesliga Manager Professional. More then 5 years of fun with it and then came Championship Manager... And you know the story then :D
  • ToXic's avatar
    This artical interest me very much.

    Speaking as someone who started in 1997, I have to say Championship Manager caught my imagination. I played 30 seasons that year and I was disapointed to note I could not play a season 31 lol.

    As a programmer I am fascinated with AI and very curious and interested to see how far it can evolve. I have played every year since 1997 and have looked forward to the improvemnts with interest. I have to say I have been a little disapointed (but I think what I am looking for will not come for some years if ever)
    However this will not stop me buying future versions as I have spent many hours and have had much fun pretending this virtual world has some reality.
    I am not sure if I am alone in this but I do tend to get bored after 7 or 8 seasons as i find it goes in circles (which i suppose is normal in the real world) But more than that I also find it shows the weakness in the "Compuers and or programming" Little things like lack of player memory of the players, the personality is not there in the game, it is like it has alzheimer's (if that makes sense).
    Anyway I thought I would share this with you guys..
    Good luck with the games

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