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FM+24 - Lineup, Tactic and Ratings Tool

Get to know your squad, best lineup and scouted players in the blink of an eye with this super useful tool for Football Manager.

By Updated on Nov 28, 2023   53459 views   173 comments
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Downloads: 6736 / Size: 5.7 MB / Added: 2023-10-27
Football Manager 2024 Tools - FM+24 - Lineup, Tactic and Ratings Tool
FM+ is the tool that will help you with your lineup, tactics and will provide consistent player ratings of both your own team and your scouted players. Eliminate the micromanaging and time lost trying to understand the contradictory ingame advice.

Do you recognize any of these frustrations playing FM? If you do, FM+ is the tool for you, as it solves all of these things!
  • All your coaches and staff rate your players differently and give them different stars, impossible to know what to believe
  • Different screens show different advice, Quick Pick, Player Page, Tactic Page, Selection advice, so confusing where to look for the correct advice
  • With all the different advice it's hard to know what your actual true best lineup and available lineup is
  • There is no easy way to compare tactics in FM and check which suit your players best
  • You don't have time for extensive scouting, or when you do, you finally land that top target you had and he turns out to be a 2.5 star bench player because the advice of your staff was incorrect
  • When you get offered a new job, you are enthusiastic to dive right in, only to find out it take hours to get to know the team and you have to look through so many data packed screens
  • Same thing when you pick up an old save, ready to go, just to find out you forgot all about the team and it takes so much energy getting back into your save
  • Developing youngsters takes time, but it's hard to know which youngsters are actually worth your time. You have to choose to spend to much time analyzing which are really worthy, or spend to much time managing to many of them "just to be sure", and before you know you're thinkering if you have to loan out player X who will in the end never reach 2 stars CA
  • In the earlier days, you had lots of time to play FM, now you have to squeeze in FM sessions and you want to make the most of your time, so you don't really have the time for all the frustrations above and want to enjoy FM, playing games and progress through your career
Sounds familiar, There's some good news, FM+ solves all those frustrations and will give you back the FM joy you are looking for

FM+'s top features
  • Lineup advice: Best eleven, bench, squad depth and best available
  • Tactic advice: Compare tactics and see which tactic gets the highest score for your players
  • Comprehensive star ratings: Players (both own & scouted) get a clear CA & PA star rating that is not subjective to any staff member, simple, good and trustworthy
  • Seperate page to manage your youngsters, see who's worth putting your effort in and how good they'll probably become
  • Load your scouted players into FM+ and get a trustworthy opinion on them, after signing them, their star rating will stay the same
  • Team info: Get familiar with a new team, or with an old save in the blink of an eye. FM+ shows you in a single page a summary of your team, who are the stars, who are the brightest youth prospects, who you should loan out and who you should offer a new contract.
  • This is a no-cheat tool, it doesn't use any hidden info like other editors, all information shown comes from values and attributes visible to the player. The tool automates what you can do in your head, on paper or in Excel in a much faster and more user friendly way

FM+ Tutorial Video

Can't get enough of FM+24? there is a premium version which will unlock more FM pleasure and game-time for you

Premium Edition

  • No season limit (Free version loads only data from game start year)
  • Import your scouted players
  • Support for managing National teams
  • Calculate best tactic for your team / Compare tactics
  • View World's best players and Next gen list
  • Create filter directly in FM for who to callup for your national team
  • Open player you are viewing in FM+ directly in FM
A premium license key is a one time € 5.99 payment (no subscription)
Before buying the premium version we strongly suggest you to try out the free version to check compatibility with your system and FM game. As FM+ is a spare time project next to a fulltime job and family life, we do not guarantee any support or refunds when things are not working as expected. That is why there is a free version to try out

How FM+ works
FM+ now uses exports made from Football Manager instead of directly reading the FM process Memory (like older FM+ versions did).
This might seem a bit more complex at first, but it comes with a lot of benefits compared to "reading from memory":
  • All players are available, also those who became Player/Staff
  • FM+ will keep working after FM has been patched, no update to FM+ needed
  • No-Cheat tool, FM+ is purely based on what you can 'see' as a player
  • A lot more stats accessible for FM+ to make the tool even more immersive and useful
  • FM+ is no longer dependent on the work of others or on the memory structure of FM
However a "quick load" option might be added in the near feature, now that it has been announced that there will come an updated version of the component that can read directly from memory

Supported FM Languages
Since FM+ now uses exports to show you the data (explained above), the language in which your FM is set is now important.
At the moment following FM languages are supported. (we might add extra languages in the future):

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Greek

  • Current supported currencies:
    "HK$", "$", "€", "¥", "£", "₹", "₽", "₺", "₿", "฿", "₫", "zl", "kr", "DKK"

Download Now
Downloads: 6736 / Size: 5.7 MB / Added: 2023-10-27
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Discussion: FM+24 - Lineup, Tactic and Ratings Tool

173 comments have been posted so far.

  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    V29 Out now

    * Added caching of the logos and faces so tool launches faster for those with huge facepacks

    * Added DaveX 433 FM24 tactic - a realistic PlugAndPlay tactic (both FM+ tactic and fmf file for the game)
    You can find the tactic fmf file in the fmplus\TacticFile subfolder
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @Nobnab, not for now, but it's something on my (long) list of todo's to automate the import of the tactics...

    @coolestrock, those are debug information, I can't tell you by heart what it means, but it's their RCA (or something that resembles RSA and than how big of a fit the role is compared to the best fitted role)
  • Kelrai's avatar
    sagt mal gibt es die Möglichkeit Taktiken zu importieren?
  • coolestrock's avatar
    When you right click on a player it gives a number i.e 13.40 and a percentage say 98
    So let's say a player has 13.40 (98%) , what does thes mean, I've played around it seems the first is the average of the attributes for role , but they don't add up fully some are slightly higher than the number on the calculator,
  • Nobnab's avatar
    Is there a way to import the tactics from the game into the program?
    It's not really necessary, but it would save time compared to having to enter tactics into the program manually

    Thanks for your great work, that's why I supported you twice for both of my computers
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    I'm planning a new update in a few days that speeds up the launch of the tool when you have a lot of graphics installed. (faces/logos)
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Sorry I couldn't find any easy alternative for Turkey :(
    if FM+24 doesn't open, delete everything in %appdata%\fmplus24
    if you need to reinstall, normally it remembers key, if not, you can just re-enter the same key, it will still work
  • Terrinight's avatar
    I live in Turkey and I love this tool, thank you for your work and I hope you will improve the tool more. I want to buy premium but paypal is banned in my country. Is there any other safe payment method?
  • LeAlan's avatar
    Hello. Do you think we have a MAC version please ? Thanks a lot
  • xOdysseas's avatar
    My FM+24 applications won't open anymore, I think it can be easily fixed by reinstalling, but my question is if my Premium License is still active after that?
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @coolestrock that is not howit works at the moment. At the moment it is RCA (so CA calculated on attributes) * "how good the role fits".

    But nice suggestion for future version to add possibility so user can select their own attributes. I'll add it to the todo list
  • coolestrock's avatar
    can i put in my own attributes rather than use the in game attributes as they are not what i use for searching for players , if i can add the attributes i look for in the game then it will be perfect , if its restricted to important role attributes then its a waste as they are useless and have been for years
  • rabbit's avatar
    won't it be released already free? I mean for fm 23
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @zeuz35, thanks for your email, I've replied already.
  • zeuz35's avatar
    @DavyDepuydt yes, I'm sure I watched it correctly.
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @zeuz35, can you please email the export you are trying to load to [email protected]

    (you are sure that you have followed steps correctly like shown in youtube video?)
  • zeuz35's avatar
    When opening the file "export is invalid" I get an error that says?
  • bezman's avatar

    You obviously don't read all the comments for this FM Tool as I didn't say you said "small tool" someone else did further down the comments but did you say "but I don't think it's ok to post a new update here practically every 2 days, which is basically only of interest to those who buy it"

    Who cares how often it updates because it takes seconds to update then you get people like yourself moaning about something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Some people are never happy whenever someone does something good for the FM community and that was my point but unfortunately it happens on every FM community website and its no different on this one.
  • Conardo's avatar
    @Bezman - Either you can't read, or you just don't understand - I didn't write "small tool" nor did I write anything about "why are you keep updating this program". It's just about the frequency with which updates are posted here. But since he consulted with Stam here, it's okay. You can reply here again or not, but since I don't expect the quality of your replies to improve noticeably, I won't pay any more attention to them.
  • zeuz35's avatar
    Am I getting an error saying "export invalid" when opening the file ?
  • bezman's avatar

    I apologise for keep piping up especially when you've worked bloody hard on this great bit of software and then you get people moan about you charging for a "small tool" and "why are you keep updating this program".

    Its simple if you don't want to pay for it or keep updating it then write your own FM tool and moan about people wanting to earn from your time and trying to make it the best it possibly can be.

    Sorry again
  • Conardo's avatar
    @Davy - ah ok, then its ok :) Sry, for the chaos :)
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @Conardo I didn't take it the wrong way :)
    I made an agreement with Stam, that fmscout would be the one and only place where I communicate/offer my tool. So that's why it doesn't have a seperate site and each of my tweets refer to this website.

    So it's my single place to communicate with my users and target audience.

    I also see people asking here "where can I find the changelog", because a lot of people hit the update button without looking at the changelog, or if they read about an update here, it can trigger them to try out the new function in FM+

    And for the 18 updates, this is because I want to delivery the best support as possible (although none is guaranteed). Because I don't like that people pay for something and than something doesn't work, or something can be done better. In general, in software development, more and more is done in "sprints", which means faster updates with fewer things added, than one large update every xxx time, where the risk is higher and people need to wait longer for their product to be updated. However, I do get where you come from, but I'm just offering my perspective ;)
  • Conardo's avatar
    @bezman don't think you have the right to decide when it's okay to complain about something here and when it's not. Besides, you haven't understood a single word.

    @Davy As I wrote, please don't take it the wrong way. I really like your work, but 18 updates to date? Your premium users get the update automatically when they start the tool - why do you have to post an update here every time?
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Feature update: v18
    * You can now choose to see 'score rating' instead of 'star rating'
    * New page that summarizes your ideal 23-size squad (both for club & nation mode)
    * Support for DKK currency
    * Better detection for name of youth/B teams
    * Update team kits/colour on how they show in FM+ (this does not affect how they show in FM)

    @Conardo, reason for new updates is, just like for my PCM tool, post-release I listen to community and use the tool extensively myself, update issues and add a lot of new features (like this one), it's not announcing updates for the sake of it, I actually put in the work every day to improve it (certainly in the first few weeks after release) - and everyday there are still quite a few new users at the moment

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