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Football Manager 1888 - April Fool's Throwback

Revisiting one of the best April Fool's Day pranks by Sports Interactive. Take a walk down memory lane to Football Manager 1888.

By on Apr 01, 2020   42660 views   13 comments
News - Football Manager 1888 - April Fool's Throwback
Sports Interactive traditionally had a bit of fun with April Fool's Day. But, in these confusing times, they chose not to prank us with some nonsense. Instead, they revisited one of their favourite efforts from a few years back.

Re-introducing Football Manager 1888.

Manage in the very first season of The Football League, complete with a Sepia filter and hand-written inbox items.

Into the tactics suite, you can find Preston North End's revolutionary 2-3-5 system. Which helped them go on to become Invincible in that iconic season.

Attributes were, of course, different in those days too. Finishing was less of an issue, it was all about Ball Kicking and Gentlemanliness of course.

The way we communicated was different back in those days too... perhaps player power wasn't as large and agents didn't get in the way. Simpler times.

Source: @FootballManager

Would you have an interest in such a game?
How about a legends throwback database from that era?
Or just a skin with this kind of sepia filter?

Let us know in the comments. :D

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Discussion: Football Manager 1888 - April Fool's Throwback

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • Alohafatboiii's avatar
    "agents didn't get in the way. Simpler times"

    If you're referring to pogba's agent then I'll give you that but to say that ALL agents are ruining football, I disagree. Unless all agents are like pogba's agent then I highly doubt the majority are like that.
  •'s avatar
    This update... I love lol
  • darlo814's avatar
    I know this is a prank but if there is ever a way this becomes bownloadable that would be great. the filter looks good and imagine a save starting then and continuing through to now with real players. signing all the legends as 15 year olds.
  • SoccerTownUSA's avatar
    @Welsh Wizard. I've played OOTP, but play more DMB (Diamond Mind Baseball). In one league, with friends, that began with the 1920 season. We're now up to the 1943 season. That league is a "private" online league.
    If you enjoy baseball sims, check out Imagine Sports ( You play online, in public leagues (12 teams per league) or in custom league (make their own rules). The player database has most players from 1876 though the 1990's. Every player has an assigned salary, and you try to build the best team you can, within the league salary cap. Played that game since it began (And Bill James - The Classic Era, its predecessor) since the 1994.

    I would love to see something similar implemented here. Soccer has a rich, extensive history, that should be celebrated. Of course, how do you code in George Best's drinking problem... :)
  • Welsh Wizard's avatar
    @SoccerTownUSA Love this in OOTP and would be insane if we ever see anything like that in a Football Manager game. Even just a recent db of 2000-2020 would be very interesting.
  • OohAhCantona's avatar
    Instead of International Duty, your players get drafted and sent to the British Raj to put down a rebellion.
  • tazz21's avatar
    i've just watched The English Game on Netflix, i think this would be great to play
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    Could have used any other date but that shit one, I would never buy anything with that date
  • ROCA_04's avatar
    @Jabluvious - broken game??? Not sure what you are playing mate but FM20 for me is a great game with minor issues that don't ruin the entire thing.

    Want to show us your flawless game you made????
  • Jabluvious's avatar
    Isn't their joking day around late october/beginning of november usually? And I wish they'd spend that time working on their broken game instead of making bad jokes.
  • 6Times's avatar
    I'd like to actually play with that db, and all future players appear as they would (i.e. Pele would appear in Brazil at the same time he did in the real past. Then you could change history.) SI should do this next year and post secretly on Steam Workshop for one day.
  • SoccerTownUSA's avatar
    Love the look! As an American and a huge baseball fan, we have lots of sims here that allow relaying past seasons. Would be interesting to see old time great soccer players added here.
    That 2-3-5 looks interesting have to try it sometime in a friendly first....
  • DieSpaghettis's avatar
    April April
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