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Football Manager 2013 Feature Requests

The most interesting suggestions from the community on how to improve FM 2012.

By Updated on Jun 09, 2012   209821 views   204 comments
News - Football Manager 2013 Feature Requests
Summer is around the corner and like every year some of us start thinking of the next arrangement in the FM series, in this case it's Football Manager 2013. Our "Football Manager 2012 New Features we'd like to see" article last year was a huge success, receiving more than 335,000 views. As a result it makes perfect sense to have another go at it this year.

We won't be having any official announcements regarding FM 2013 until late August. This is common procedure from Sports Interactive and goes like that every season. However we do know FM13 is under development as we speak and the developers are always keen on checking out interesting suggestions they could integrate to the game.

I intend to keep this article updated with fresh ideas as they come up, so make sure to post your suggestions in the comments below, in our forums or on our FM2013 facebook page.

At the end of this article you will also find a fake FM 2013 box art I designed on April 12th.

FM 2012 currently needs improvement in various areas. I'll just go ahead and name them real quick:
* press conferences
* transfer system
* player complaints
* 3D match engine fakes & bugs
* AI squad building (trading, youth dev)
* training system
* match engine set-pieces delays
* manager interaction and networking
* scout assignments

Let’s get down to details now...


We should be able to see how our players have been doing with a measure of attitude. So, on the Team Selection screen, I'd like a little visual indicator of how players have done in training over the past week; just a little green plus/red minus, or nothing if there's no real notable effort.
~ by Dave C

Introduce more answer options tied with training in press conferences, also in player interaction.
~ by Dave C, Sheffield Sunday

When a player becomes 'natural' in a new position, he shouldn't need to continue training that position to remain natural.
~ by sixsecondsleft

Complaints about "too much training". OK, but please include a button that says "request coach to sort this out".
~ by bolulu

Pre-season training camps abroad.
~ by Adam Frosties Frost


Change the board hiring AI because it’s currently poaching from within your league most of the time instead of going for some "world class" coaches who are unemployed.
~ by Dr. Cheesesteak

The transfer rumours page should be a little more vague because in reality 90% of transfer fees are undisclosed, so the press speculate wildly about the fee and wages.
~ by brightonrock

I'd like to see more interest when you offer players on loan. I offer some talented youngsters, easily capable of starting for plenty of lower league teams, and offer to pay 100% of their wages, yet still get either no bites or only 2-3 teams with plans to use them as cover only.
~ by Jehiel

Give an option to offer groups of players on loan with your specifics - wage %, recall option, etc - to avoid repetition.
~ by joannes3000

Add favourite and disliked attributes for managers and apply that in AI transfers. And likewise add favoured preferred moves. For example Guardiola likes small, intelligent, quick, technical players but also players that like to play one-twos, and will be likely to try to teach that preferred move to his players.
~ by noikeee

The board should restrict how many 48 monthly payments you're allowed.
~ by Eugene Tyson

The possibility of buying a player and loaning them back to the club you’ve bought them from for the rest of the season would be greatly received I think.
~ by coopie54

Offer players to clubs with wage percentage.
~ by Matshit

Dramatically increase variation between AI bids for players. Player is worth different amount of money to different teams in relation to their specific needs, ambitions, available resources, intelligence, willingness to risk, marketing opportunities... Also AI doesn't seem calculate the expanse of the whole transfer (transfer fee + player wages & bonuses + agent fees) when deciding whether to bid for certain transfer target or not.
~ by Govnar1


Added clauses when buying a player, like extra fees to pay the selling club if the player keeps your side up (sort of like the promotion bonus), or the ability to loan a player back (I know you can set 'end of season' but it's not the same thing!
~ by brightonrock

Have one screen where you can negotiate with all players/coaches/scouts that fall within a specified date range - e.g. contracts expiring within 1 year, 6 months, etc. It’s a HUGE pain to negotiate tons of contracts one by one.
~ by joannes3000

How about an option in the holiday settings to automatically offer a contract extension to any member of your backroom team is approached by another club.
~ by Barside

Additional bonuses such as an assists bonus, a man of the match bonus, etc.
~ by PineappleBlender

"Pay as you Play" contracts for players like Hargreaves sound like a good idea.
~ by Shevchenko

Remove players/agents ability to see your wage budget and demand wages and fees relative to it.
~ by Govnar1

Offer players incentive for not just scoring goals, but also for tackles, crosses, passes, etc or even overall rating at the end of the season.
~ by Craig Harrison

Match Engine

The dugouts are stretching across 2/3rds of the pitch and 5 or 7 subs sitting a mile apart from each other. They should be smaller and the subs closer together; likewise have the physio sitting in there for when he's needed, and when a player is stretchered off, have him actually get stretchered off (by the shortest possible route!!). Its a bit of a farce when a player gets a broken leg and walks off ahead of the physio.
Also the ball goes through the stand when it's cleared; it should bounce around or something within the stadium, to make it feel more 'solid' and realistic.
~ by brightonrock

When I change to a saved formation during a match, all the opposition settings and shouts are reset. Fix that, please.
~ by Blinkenlights Faxlore

Ability to choose penalty taker once a pk is awarded.
~ by sixsecondsleft

Introduce ball boys, as it’s annoying having to watch your player run 20-30 yards to fetch the ball.
~ by J-ROSE
Or just make the ball teleport to the corner spot when it goes out. Also cut the delay when getting booked (ref-player strolling) and in case of injury (physio delays).
~ by Porthos

Lower league stadiums with seats only on 1 side of the pitch.
~ by b_raven

Pace and acceleration are too overpowered.
~ by Coentrao

Set up the Widgets where you want. Then hit the TAB key or something to hide them all automatically. Hit the key again and they come back up again.
~ by Eugene Tyson

Make changes in pressing dynamics and implement various types of pressing (such as classic hunting pack, one on one pressing (or mirror formation), space flooding, single pivot pressing, brick/variable pivot hybrids...). Improve/introduce dynamic repositioning of players according to ball position. This is necessary to enhance effectiveness of pressing.
~ by Govnar1

Reduce excessive precision of long passes. Only the best passers (Scholes, Carrick, Xavi, Beckham etc) should find targets consistently over 25+ yards.
~ by Govnar1, CityAndColour

Implement teams losing shape (formation disintegration) toward half time and/or full time as a result of exhaustion or lack of discipline.
~ by Govnar1

In-Game Shouts. I'd like the opportunity to communicate with players or team during a match, much like the pre match/half time team talk.
~ by Weezer


I'd love to see FM go back to the previous method of scouting. The current system and the whole "one day report" really irks me. I've found it better to send scouts out to any country other than ones they have "full" knowledge of.
~ by looknohands

Scouting is definitely overpowered at the moment in my opinion. We get to see player attributes way too fast and they are always 100% accurate regardless of scout used. Not even the best scouts should be able to give such an accurate picture of players ability and certainly not on such a short notice. This should be much more hit and miss, even for best scouts out there. Also please implement option to completely hide players attributes.
~ by Govnar1

Competition scouting is the way forward.
~ by Barside

You could instruct your scouts and/or youth academy to search for players and develop players with the traits that you want: attributes and preferred moves. noikeee
A way to edit scouting filter without removing the assignment and recreating a new one.
~ by Eugene Tyson

When setting scout assignments, can we have "Continent" options, so I can just set a scout to Asia or Africa, as opposed to having to set them to portions of the continent? Or, can we set a time scale ourselves, and stack up assignments?
~ by Dave C

Would be nice if I could choose to not get these mass scouting reports. Maybe instead there could be some kind of list with recent scout reports which I could look into when ever I want to.
~ by kizaru

Give an option to automatically follow up regional scouting reports with a specific scout. I send random scouts out to areas but I want my best PA scout to verify how good/bad a player truly is.
~ by joannes3000

User Interface

Drop or redesign the training level bars. In all the years they've been in the game, no one has been able to figure out just what the heck, if anything, they're supposed to represent.
~ by Blinkenlights Faxlore

Display more about manager's playing style on his profile based on TC concepts.
~ by noikeee

A staff shortlist.
~ by Stam

The chairman i would like to be able to see a profile for a chairman, that shows his weath,bio on him,age ect. This is just a small feature. I'd also like to see a list of people looking to buy buy clubs.
~ by toon army 06

What about adding a Spoken Language(s) area for the manager?
~ by jj1974

I’d love to see Maps implemented into FM.
In the build up screen before the match it would be really cool to see the location of the two teams, especially in Europe. It gives you the distance when playing in Europe but would love there to be a map with each team 'Pinned' where they are in the world. I like to know where I'm playing and when managing abroad I haven't really got a clue when playing obscure teams in Eastern Europe.
~ by stretts

There could be a "Statistics corner" or something where one could enter to look for stats. The point is that I have always been missing the opportunity to see these "total stats" for my club or competition, and have had to satisfy with the records.
~ by Calvincito

Can we have a trophy cabinet? Display and show off all the things your club has won, and a personal one to show the things you've won in the game?
~ by Marc Kemp


You should have a job interview so you could usurp slightly more prestigious candidates by answering questions about your ambition for the club, the ways in which you intend to carry out your job, your ruthlessness in removing dead wood or loyalty to players etc. One board may require you to keep certain players on the wage bill far beyond their sell by date or another may want you to play an attacking brand of football whether you are successful on the scoresheet or not. Have the option to bring your staff from the team you’ll be leaving.
~ by Jack27, Magnakai Haaskivi, Mr.Bojangles

There could be a board meeting every 6 months or so where you are asked to make yourself accountable for the performance of the team and other issues whilst maybe getting the chance to ask questions of your own.
~ by S2008

So far, all we have is "Feels the two of you could become good friends". How about we become good friends and I can call on you when I want to sign a player that has worked under you and I can ask you what his character is like before signing him? And then can you introduce me to an agent friend of yours so I can offload a "duffer" or sign my next striker? Or even ask you tips on how you beat a certain opponent, etc.
~ by RorysRocketThrow

There are so many questions that don't have suitable answers and being repetitively asked the same things over and over is just plain annoying. Either revamp it so it's not long an annoying chore or otherwise delete it.
~ by Niebiescy

Allow managers to ask for specific stadium improvements such as undersoil heating, a roof, improving the capacity by X thousand seats.
~ by PineappleBlender

Why give me the option to request feeder clubs when it is obvious that the chance of actually forming a link is close to zero? Just grey the damn thing out until the board actually have real options.
~ by BiggusD

In FM handheld, when you tell a player that they have to wait for their turn in the first team, the fans give their opinion, as do the board. this should be brought into the PC version.
~ by coopie54

When I have a news item about disciplining a player due to them being sent off in the last game, it'd be easier for there to be a box at the bottom of that news ietm telling me if and when they were last disciplined and what for, and how many cards they have received this season.
~ by coopie54


Improve the modeling of sponsorships. As it stands the rate of increase can be extremely slow. You can the biggest club in the world yet rake in a pathetic level of sponsorship money.
~ by PineappleBlender

Allow managers to suggest that loans are paid off when you have sufficient funds.
~ by PineappleBlender

Administration & being in debt needs to be a much bigger deal than it currently is. Wage slashing, selling players cheaply, a real risk of panic. It's a huge deal in real life, but in FM it doesn't mean too much.
~ by PineappleBlender

For small teams or teams in debt to ask fans for cash donations (like Rangers FC's fans idea "Rangers Fighting Fund").
~ by Jake Dickson


More features in the editor that will allow us to tailor the games "difficulty" i.e. things like the impact of morale, fitness, newgen quality, AI transfer aggressiveness. Basically anything that allows the user to tweak some of the inner workings so they can make their databases as hard or as easy as allowable.
~ by Erimus1876


Trends in tactics. If a team proves to be very successful with a certain tactic for seasons, then that tactic should become more popular and more AI managers should try to play similar. And it would be even more interesting if AI managers could copy your extremely successful tactics and eventually use your own tactics against you.
~ by kizaru

Separate defensive and attacking formations (+ ideally implement fully dynamic formations).
~ by Govnar1


Add or Remove certain features you don’t want or set the ratio of what you do want within the game. E.g. Have press conferences set to 1 a month. Agents? Don’t like these, remove the feature. Maybe have options named so if people choose 'complete' then it'll be the complete game, other options would remove certain features based on their name.
~ by !Steve1977

Allow us to 'tag' certain clubs. So during holiday if a vacancy comes available either the game stops or the job is automatically apllied for.
~ by jozza800

Being able to increase the limit on how many items remain in your news from 225 would be a very welcome option. Possibly make it an option in the Preferences section?
~ by PineappleBlender

I'd also like dynamic rivalries. As clubs evolve, change leagues, play in international competitions, etc, rivalries can grow or diminish.
~ by cerud

How about travel having an affect on fatigue so that draws for competitions can actually have some sort of relevance e.g. players are more fatigued on the weekend after a journey to Russia in the week than they would be if the game was in France.
~ by Johnson993

Introduce a crossing-related PPM, something like "puts ball into box often" that would cause the player to try crosses regardless of his passing setting.
~ by Chochip, 5uare2

Yearly list of the worlds biggest talents not based on Potential ability, that would be spoilerific, but based on a mix of reputation, ability and age. It would be really great if this list would be saved like other awards, so you can see who makes it and not.
~ by Matshit

Make FM 13 64 bit, and give it proper support for multi-core processors.
~ by thomit

Less emphisis on results for managers of lower league clubs. More onto financial stability, long term building for future.
~ by Matt Scratchley

Youth Academies in game like on FMOnline. Any country you like, 1 to 5 stars and only if its financially stable.
~ by Sam Tiago Cartwright

A scenario mode would be good. Adds a bit of variety to the game. Starting with a relegation based team under a transfer embargo with there star player injured etc.
~ by Sam Tiago Cartwright

That sums up all interesting suggestions people posted in our website, the SI forums and our facebook pages. I tried to organize everything into categories, but please keep in the mind the order is random. If you spot any errors or you feel a suggestion should be removed from the list, feel free to comment.

I will be constantly updating this article until the first official FM13 announcement gets out, so most likely the feature requests will get populated in the next couple of months.

A big “thank you” to everyone who contributed to this list.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2013 Feature Requests

204 comments have been posted so far.

  • vjcsmoke's avatar
    I would love to see a "Make it Work" button in the transfer window. Often times you have no clue what the other team will accept as an offer. This feature is found in Baseball Mogul. Basically the AI will calculate what combination of additional money or players it will take to accept the trade. Sometimes they might not find any offer acceptable for a unique franchise player (aka Messi) but it should be possible to offer different combinations of players/cash for quality players imo. But you get no FEEDBACK what is lacking in your offer, it just says the offer is REJECTED.

    Also can we PLEASE make selling players a little easier? It is so frustrating. When you put players on offer, teams who are interested just have a generic blurb about how they are unwilling to buy, but they don't respond back with a counter offer that would be acceptable to them. And also you should be given option to pay percentage of the player's wages when offering them. There should also be a 'make it work' button here. Maybe if you throw in a nice prospect they fancy along with paying a portion of his wages, the new club would take him? This would really add to the game for me as it is ridiculous that you have a GOOD player rotting in reserves because AI won't make qualified offers because their transfer logic is too weak.
  • M4TTYRRUL3S's avatar
    I think that there should be a much wider range in attributes. I know when I'm editing leagues and adding players it is so annoying that I only have a maximum of 20. It causes issues especially if I want a player to be only fractionally slower than another because it means that if I put one on 14 pace and the other on 13 pace the one with 13 is not fractionally slower, he's 5% slower. I feel this is a place where games such as FIFA got it right. Putting stats out of 99 allows for a great deal more variation and to make the game more challenging as well as improving player development. It, at lest in my eyes, wouldn't be that hard to implement anyway. The current and potential abilities are out of 200 anyway. Not only that 20 and 99 are both 2-digit numbers so the interface wouldn't need drastic changes. I know this would greatly change FM and some players may not like this but personally I think this would make a game that was able to give a better experience to both regular players and those who use the editor. It also would add a large dynamic to the game as those players that all had 20 pace or 20 finishing would be split up even more so. This is just a personal opinion but I honestly believe this could greatly benefit the FM community
  • sirosc's avatar
    It is annoying th see players without pace or dribbling ability run from deep past 3 to 4 players.

    The managers wage should have an impact so if i badly need a player i can use my money to finance the deal

    i will want a kinda map that shows in buildup to the match.Location of opponent clup un relation to locstion of my club.

    Defending and goalkeeping is very very poor in the beta version pls do sumtin
  • sportmanko's avatar is the site that will help you in your search for a club or an agent.
    [email protected]
  • sportmanko's avatar
    Westbury United FC are looking for players for the 2012/13 season.
    [email protected]
  • FuseRed's avatar
    Oh yeah the other thing would be to give a reason why you turn down a job as manager - i.e. not ready to take on premiership team so early in career but would love to one day, or its **** FC and I hate that team, or I have to give this team another couple of years to finish what I have started, or not ready yet to manage national team but one day, etc. etc.
  • FuseRed's avatar
    After many years still enjoy playing - some good suggestions above - some more from me:

    - When looking at players who can play in numerous positions it would be good if their primary position is easier to see i.e. M(R) AM(RL)

    - Always irritated me that when looking at a players history their Cup games are not included - an option of All Competitive Games in history would be good

    - It would be good to have an option to see players overall stats history at your club i.e. how players have done over the 5 years they have been with you

    - Evolving team talks, i.e. your not supposed to say same thing every time but after 793 games it is pretty hard to find something new to say

    - Pitch invasions and streakers (only joking)
  • shamian's avatar
    There should be an option to add all the existing leagues to the football pyramid right down to local leagues - you could set it so it only did this for english leagues and made all other non english leagues not available so as not to have overkill on the engine. But i would love to play say a sunday league team and take them up to the premiership (well try anyway !!) :-)
  • eg4's avatar
    There should be an increase of subs from 5 to 12 for the italian football league as it was announced earlier this season, also there should be a feature to send your players for stretching during the match before making a substitution.
  • chopstickhobo's avatar
    would be nice to be able to offer contracts to players even if they aint interested in joining ur club initially.with the riht wage packet etc u may be able to turn a players head to make them want to join u.
  • leethelion79's avatar
    Also the ability to invite a club to either become a feeder club for a club of your choice or to have a feeder club of your choice.
  • leethelion79's avatar
    I would like the ability to to offer 2 or more players in return for one, for example if my club had a very small transfer kitty but had a larger club interested in my players. I would like to be able to offer 2 players in return for signing on of theirs.
  • laviejo's avatar
    What I would REALLY love to see on FM13 is the possibility to train the weaker foot in training, like an individual focus, so as to shoot with more power or a bit more precisely with the weak foot (although not as much as with the preferred foot).
  • Nourinho's avatar
    Restriction for the monthly insatllments in the transfers / decrease the rate of injuries in the game as it's too much and n't realistic
  • THFC 4 EVER's avatar
    You should be able to sit down with your chairman at the start of the window and discuss targets, this could help the chairman give you more money, and it will also help you to know how much you could get your targets for, for example chairman flying out to talk to the club, about a possible transfer. I also like the idea of a job interview. in the interview you can talk about season expectations and transfer budgets
  • danny951's avatar
    I always enjoy playing as Wigan Athletic, but I try to use my scouts for all my transfer activity, what I mean is.

    On any transfer window, I look at my scouting reports, and only the players listed there, that has been gathered from scouting or via news outlets, rather than going on "Player Search" I always try scouting under 17 players to make them home-grown as I always aim for Europe and I try and get as many youth prospects to enter my first team so I will have no problem with the home-grown rules.

    However, I find it very limited, for example, I have scouts that are knowledgeable in certain countries, being Spain, Portugal, Wales and obviously England, I'd like based on my scouts knowledge for that to decide what players are found in certain areas, like based on sending them on scouting missions, they find a lot more players from that country that they are knowledgeable in fully including 17 year old players which are neglected when starting a new game and picking your nations. I wish this to change based on scouting knowledge as it may make people more reliant on your scouts.
  • ARSENAL_ruleZ's avatar
    When adjusting your wage and transfer budget you should be able to do it in more detail. now for example if you had £10m as your transfer budget but you wanted a few million more, you slide up the slider but it will go all the way up to around £19m. In football 2013 it would be better to change each digit like in fifa 12 when you're making a transfer offer. there should be arrows on top and and on the bottom of each digit when you can choose the number from 1 to 9.I think this would be a lot better then just typing in the transfer/wage budget yourself. Another thing I would like is the offside lines. They are way to thick and when I want to the replay to see if it was offside or not, i can never tell. They have to use both colours of the team in the line. just do the offside lines. the red and yellow would be a lot better.
  • Nikolinho's avatar
    First thanks developers for making a great game. Here are some of the proposals that I can think of, but surely there are more. :)

    -When I open my team formation and want to edit/change it, I cannot move my player position(s) anywhere I want. It bothers me. I would LOVE if this can be changed. It’s the same thing when you turn off “Align icons to grid” option in MS Windows and you can move icons wherever you want on desktop, not just up-down and left-right.

    -It’s completely illogical that some players which recently got contract renewal are asking bigger wages after few months, just because some other clubs want them. Then I have to argue with them, even risking ruining our good relationship. They shouldn’t ask for contract renewal for at least year or two.

    -Occasionally I get in my Inbox a big number of players who are supposedly “according to my authorization/approval” deleted from the player list! Excuse me? And that repeats over and over again, in every FM! Then I manually put them all back in my list, but after a year or so, they got deleted again, although I want them permanently in my list. And then I fix the problem, and after a while another list of players. Over and over again, making me so upset. I think this happens whenever I scout a player. If I immediately put any player in a list then no problem, otherwise he WILL get deleted from the list! Please fix this.

    -In early versions of FM it was easy to make your reserve team (or B team) to play against other reserve teams, but now it’s much harder. Many times I got rejected when I propose friendly with B teams. At least that’s in Serie A. I want my reserve team to be able to play their at least once in a week with a good plan – as they are (still) not good to play in A team, and they are too old for Under 18 team, nobody wants to loan them, so I just have to let them play somehow, and playing against other reserve teams in the league is the only way to do it! Now that is almost impossible. They can play occasionally, but that’s it. That’s not helpful because players’ qualities and statistics stagnate.

    -Press conferences are boring, repetitive, and there are TOO MANY of them! I know I can send my Assistant Manager, but I am not a big fan of that because sometimes even the best Assistants say something wrong/stupid and ruin the atmosphere amongst the players. I would LOVE to skip this frustration, honestly.

    -Please, PLEASE make this possible: When I am buying more non-EU players than the rule allows (in Serie A you can’t bring more than 2 non-EU players per season), make the option that I can immediately loan the player to the parent club, or some other! It’s realistic and very, very helpful. How many good players I missed because of this situation…

    -I still don’t get the unlimited number of leagues and players that I can scout and/or buy. I know it’s because of limited scouts’ knowledge, but still it’s unreal. Even if I scout for example Russian league, if I would go to the Russian Under 18 national team, I wouldn’t be able to approach any player! What if I’ve watched a player on YouTube (just giving example) without scouting, or so? Why should there be ANY restrictions to approach ANY player in the world? But what’s even MORE unrealistic is the fact that you CANNOT hire any staff member from countries that (again) you don’t have scouts’ knowledge. Please fix this.

    -Strange and boring things happen during the almost all the time. One of those situations is when my goalkeeper leaves his area (16meters square) to talk with main referee, or too much time waiting for ball to get back on the field! If you don’t want to include those guys who help with the balls, then just please implement automatic option to get the ball back ASAP.

    -Good young talents (which don’t have to be the best players in their generation) are starting to ask for a HUGE wages! This especially happens with players from Brazil. It doesn’t make any sense that young Brazilian would ask 5 times bigger wages than young European “hot property” player. Suddenly you have a lot of talented, young players (not just from Brazil, but I notice it happens the most with this nationality) which are up to 18-19 years old, and they want the same or even bigger wages than an experienced A team player who has 3-4 stars! It’s killing me.

    -There are still too many injuries sometimes. It can be frustrating.

    -When Board gives me an update how much they are (not)satisfied with my work at the beginning of each month, many times the player or transfer statistics would be just average even when I am running my club very well. Or, what’s even crazier, when my team starts playing better, I buy better players and similar, fans got extremely disappointed if my team loses some important even when I was outsider! Another silly fact that just before the sometimes I would be pronounced as an outsider by a commentator, but after the ends, If I lose suddenly I was supposed to win according to either Board or fans! Nuts.

    -Even though my team plays very well, I am getting great players, we are winning the league and even progressing far away in the Champions League, still the number of fans presented on stadium is not getting increased that much comparing to the previous season. Maybe a thousand or two, and that’s it. So, if I want to fill the stadium of let’s say 50.000 seats, and I started with 20.000 and every year I got 1.000-2.000 more fans, it would take 15-30 years to fill the stadium!

    -Inbox messages should be redesigned. It’s good that you separated the contract messages with red color and similar, but we need further changes. HOW would I notice in tons of messages if a player (mine or the one I want to buy) has rejected my contract offer if I get 100 (or more) messages, or I am tired for example to read every message in details? It will happen sooner or later that I will miss a VERY IMPORTANT message, and eventually lose a player! Can you please make this kind of messages with the same or another color, too? Or maybe when rejection happens, that I cannot move forward if I don’t decide to approach that player again, or cancel the deal. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you would separate message colors by their meaning. If contract messages are red, then put some other colors for other type of messages. Little bit of creativity would help a LOT, believe me, and save my/our sight.

    -When I choose the option to compare 2 players and look their statistics it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to see where is the middle line which cuts through the statistics! Often times I have to stare at the screen just to barely see the line, and to know which player is better in something. Of course, if some player is much better in say passing than other, then I don’t have to look for a middle line which separates those 2 statistics, because it’s obvious. But when players have similar statistics and you don’t see that middle line, it’s just too much frustrating. PLEASE make the line bold or something.

    -Is it a problem to include teams’ hymns that fans sing at the stadiums, trophies, fireworks for first places, etc.?

    -When I am selling few or even several players from my team, there is NO big reason for other players to get so much scared for their future, and for their moral to drop so low. That doesn’t mean I would sell them, too. Ok, there is a (perfect) example with Cassano situation, when he wanted to be sold because of Ibrahimovic and Silva case, but that’s not happening often, right? If I sell some players (not 10 or more), there is no good reason for the rest of the players to be so sad and/or upset. This is affecting the atmosphere.

    -If I made progress in a league, cup and Champions League it will happen after March (I think) that I have 3-4 in ONE WEEK! I don’t have to explain that players get extremely tired, and it’s almost impossible to make a good starting 11. That puts me in a very, very risky situation because losing those , trophies, credits from Board, good atmosphere, and extra budget money can result as not getting contract extension after end of a season!
  • Edson Maestro's avatar
    would be good to develop young players more quickly...
  • Jordy9's avatar
    Don't have players missing easy chances like one on ones all the time because they are bound to at least score 1
  • Jordy9's avatar
    When your in a press conference 1) you should have a picture or something of the guy asking a question and 2) where it says add your own comment you should be able to write in there and press enter not having to click one of the other answers aswell.
  • Jordy9's avatar
    When you add a new manager, add your favourite people and biography maybe etc
  • Jordy9's avatar
    Don't make west brom or someone come 2nd
  • Jordy9's avatar
    When I buy good strikers who should score a lot they never score 1, it'll make it better if they score a bit!
  • Jordy9's avatar
    Make players that aren't very good in the prem like chamakh not brilliant on the game, because he literally scores 2 a game

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