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Football Manager 2020 Best Free Players

The ultimate shortlist of the best free agents when starting Football Manager 2020. Your reference point to finding the top free transfers in FM20. Updated on October 1st.

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FM 2020 Best Players - Football Manager 2020 Best Free Players

Welcome to the preliminary list of the best free players in Football Manager 2020 by As always, I have dedicated many hours compiling this list to ensure it really is the most accurate, comprehensive and informed shortlist of the top free transfers in FM20 around the web.

This is my guide to finding and assessing the top FM2020 free agents who would be willing to join a team from the top divisions. That means the players you see below will likely have no interest in signing to a lower league club. I intend to work on a new list for lower leagues when time allows.

Date Published: September 26th, 2019
Last Updated: October 1st, 2019

FM2020 Best free transfers

Essentially, these are the best FM 2020 players available on a free transfer at the beginning of the first season (July 1st, 2019).

This is the first edition, including the top 200 FM20 free agents! Updates will be applied from to time to ensure I'm not missing any players worthy of appearing here.

Since we have no access to FM20 yet, I have used the updated FM2019 database by FMTU to get the latest worldwide transfers. If you also use that FM19 transfer update, this list will make sense to you as well.

What are free agents?

They are players without contract available on a free transfer. Free players are ideal to boost your squad when your transfer budget is very limited. They are usually players in the twilight of their career, but there are always cases of younger players who are still free for different reasons.

You can quickly see which players are EU national or not. For non EU players you can check their international caps number to figure out if it's likely to get a work permit.

What does the rating mean?

It's my personal recommendation system for your convenience. I'm using a 1-100 scale and the ratings are based on English divisions.
80+ key player for 1st division teams
77-79 rotation/backup for 1st division teams
74-76 important player for 2nd division teams
71-73 important player for 3rd division teams
68-70 important player for 4th division teams
65-67 important player for 5th division teams

Click on the table headers (name, age, etc) for easy sorting.
You can also sort by multiple columns if you press and hold Shift while clicking the headers.
R Name Age Position Nat
78 Marchisio, Claudio 33 DM Italy
75 Khacheridi, Eugene 31 D C Ukraine
77 Sorrentino, Stefano 40 GK Italy
76 Basta, Dusan 34 D RC, M R Serbia
75 Paletta, Gabriel 33 D C Italy Argentina
74 Martins, Obafemi 34 ST Nigeria Italy United States
76 Honda, Keisuke 33 AM RC Japan
76 Coentrão, Fábio 31 D/WB L, AM RL Portugal
77 Bony, Wilfried 30 ST Ivory Coast
77 Burdisso, Guillermo 30 D C Argentina Italy
76 Pereira, Maxi 35 D/WB R Uruguay Portugal
74 Mulumbu, Youssouf 32 DM DR Congo France
74 Barry, Gareth 38 DM England
78 Strinic, Ivan 31 D/WB/M L Croatia
78 Kweuke, Léonard 31 ST Cameroon
77 Abate, Ignazio 32 D/WB R Italy
76 Sergio García 36 AM RLC, F C Spain
77 Ben Arfa, Hatem 32 AM RC, F C France Tunisa
78 Rajkovic, Slobodan 30 D C Serbia
75 Fuentes, Juan 29 D LC Spain
74 Krohn-Dehli, Michael 36 AM RLC Denmark
74 Jimenez, Luis 35 AM RC Chile Italy Palestine
78 Wollscheid, Philipp 30 D C Germany
76 Collins, James 35 D C Wales
77 Donati, Giulio 29 D/WB R Italy
77 Jedinak, Mile 34 DM Australia Croatia
75 Rolando 33 D C Portugal Cape Verde
76 Rossi, Giuseppe 32 ST Italy United States
73 Nieto, Federico 35 ST Argentina Italy
74 McAuley, Gareth 39 D C Northern Ireland
77 Sanogo, Sékou 30 DM Ivory Coast
76 Kaboul, Younes 33 D C France Morocco
76 Silvestre, Matías 34 D C Argentina Italy
75 Amaya, Antonio 36 D C Spain
74 Samba, Christopher 35 D C Congo France
75 Vukovic, Jagos 31 D C Serbia
76 Montolivo, Riccardo 34 DM Italy Germany
76 McShane, Paul 33 D C Ireland
76 Ndoye, Cheikh 33 DM Senegal France
73 Varela, Silvestre 34 AM RL Portugal Cape Verde
74 Guerra, Javi 37 ST Spain
75 Varas, Javi 36 GK Spain
76 Douglas 31 D C Netherlands Brazil
75 Sarmiento, Brian 29 AM RLC Argentina
75 Jonathas 30 ST Brazil
74 Éderson 33 AM RLC Brazil Italy
76 Teixeira, Filipe 38 AM RLC Portugal France
76 Forlín, Juan 31 D C, DM Argentina Spain
73 Morrison, James 33 AM RC Scotland England
74 Holenda, Jan 33 ST Czech Republic
79 Lucas Silva 26 DM Brazil
75 Raggi, Andrea 35 D RLC Italy
76 Gourcuff, Yoann 32 AM C France
73 Pulgarin, Herman 30 D/WB R Colombia
75 Hutton, Alan 34 D/WB R Scotland
77 Mazuch, Ondrej 30 D C Czech Republic
75 Pedersen, Marcus 29 ST Norway
75 Niedermeier, Georg 33 D C Germany
76 Bizzarri, Albano 41 GK Argentina Italy
77 Walter 29 ST Brazil
75 Ñíguez, Aarón 30 AM RLC Spain
78 Jefferson 30 D/WB L Brazil
76 Flamini, Mathieu 35 DM France Italy
74 Eduardo 36 AM RC, F C Croatia Brazil
75 Lindner, Heinz 28 GK Austria
73 Momo 36 AM RL Spain
75 Magrão 42 GK Brazil Italy
77 Regattin, Adrien 27 AM RLC Morocco France
76 Gomes, Eddi 30 D C, DM Guinea-Bissau Denmark Portugal
76 Hooper, Gary 31 AM/F C England
74 Zengin, Tolga 35 GK Turkey
76 Píriz, Facundo 29 DM Uruguay Italy
75 Ogu, John 31 DM Nigeria
77 Medrán, Álvaro 25 AM C Spain
74 Kuszczak, Tomasz 37 GK Poland
77 Bertolacci, Andrea 28 AM C Italy
74 Kranjcar, Niko 34 AM RLC Croatia Austria
76 Aguirre, Nicolás 28 AM LC Argentina
74 Webó, Pierre 37 ST Cameroon Spain
75 Peña, Ángelo 29 AM RC Venezuela
75 Kadu 32 D C Brazil
74 Ferreira, Ricardo 26 D C Portugal Canada
76 Samu 28 AM RLC Spain
77 Fletcher, Darren 35 DM Scotland Ireland
78 Çolak, Emre 28 AM LC Turkey
73 Luiz Henrique 37 AM/F C Brazil
74 Encina, Hernán 36 AM R Argentina
75 Capel, Diego 31 AM L Spain
73 Anichebe, Victor 31 AM L, ST Nigeria England
73 Molinaro, Cristian 35 D/WB/M L Italy
75 Belkalem, Essaid 30 D C Algeria
74 Ilicevic, Ivo 32 AM RL Croatia Germany
77 Olsson, Martin 31 D/WB L Sweden Kenya
75 Bessat, Vincent 33 D/WB L France
74 Pinto, Fausto 35 D L Mexico
74 Lizoáin, Raúl 28 GK Spain
75 Callsen-Bracker, Jan-Ingwer 34 D C Germany
73 Krasic, Milos 34 AM RC Serbia
74 Orión, Agustín 37 GK Argentina Italy
75 Armenteros, Emiliano 33 AM LC Argentina Italy
74 Bobô 34 ST Brazil
74 Eleílson 34 D C Brazil
74 Junior Santos 33 AM/F C Brazil
74 Lago, Roberto 33 D/WB L Spain
74 Stangl, Stefan 27 D/WB L Austria
74 Latka, Martin 34 D C Czech Republic
73 Bukharov, Alexandr 34 ST Russia
74 Vorm, Michel 35 GK Netherlands
74 Scarione, Ezequiel 33 AM RLC Argentina
76 Videla, Ezequiel 31 DM Argentina
74 Flores, Gerardo 33 D/WB/M R Mexico
75 Djourou, Johan 32 D C Switzerland Ivory Coast
74 Douglão 33 D C Brazil France
73 Stringel, Abraham 31 D/WB R Mexico
74 Fabiano 31 GK Brazil
74 Gottardi 33 GK Brazil Italy
74 Escudero, Sergio 36 D LC, M L Argentina
74 Azcárate, Federico 35 D LC Argentina Spain
76 Kone, Panagiotis 31 AM C Greece Albania
77 Maïga, Modibo 31 AM L, ST Mali
75 Tabanou, Franck 30 D/WB/AM L France
75 Marshall, Ben 28 AM RLC England
76 Tasçi, Serdar 32 D C Germany Turkey
74 Zapata, Juan 25 ST Colombia
74 Arthuro 36 ST Brazil Italy
77 Pejcinovic, Nemanja 31 D C Serbia
74 Enache, Gabriel 28 D/WB/M R Romania
77 Ndinga, Delvin 31 DM Congo
76 Erazo, Frickson 31 D C Ecuador
74 Rivieyran, Cyriaque 28 D RL France
75 Bjarnason, Birkir 31 AM LC Iceland
74 Montañés, Paco 32 AM RL Spain
74 Dudu 28 AM LC Brazil
74 Zakaric, Goran 26 AM RL Bosnia Herzegovina
74 Tissone, Fernando 32 DM Argentina Italy
73 Viguera, Borja 32 AM L, ST Spain Pays Basque
74 Riascos, Misael 28 WB/AM L Colombia
77 Assaidi, Oussama 30 AM RL Morocco Netherlands
74 Ireland, Stephen 32 AM C Ireland
75 Kacar, Gojko 32 D C, DM Serbia
74 McCormack, Ross 32 AM LC, F C Scotland
73 Lampe, Carlos 32 GK Bolivia
73 Pisano, Eros 32 D RC Italy
75 Anita, Vurnon 30 D RL, DM Netherlands Curacao Venezuela
75 Rodri 29 AM/F C Spain
78 Bicho 23 AM RLC Spain
75 Zé Love 31 AM LC, F C Brazil Italy
73 Bogdán, Ádám 31 GK Hungary
75 De Col, Filippo 25 D/WB R Italy
73 Etoundi, Franck 28 ST Cameroon
74 Tarasov, Dmitry 32 DM Russia
75 Lucero, Juan 27 ST Argentina
78 Ambrose, Efe 30 D RC Nigeria
78 Torje, Gabriel 29 AM RLC Romania
76 Ninis, Sotiris 29 AM RC Greece Albania
74 Negueba 27 AM R Brazil
73 Casado, José Manuel 32 D/WB L Spain
73 Fodé Doré 30 ST Congo Guinea
74 Igiebor, Nosa 28 AM C Nigeria
74 Rafael Donato 30 D C Brazil
73 Myers, Chance 31 D RL United States
75 Archer, Jordan 26 GK Scotland England
73 Carlos César 32 D/WB R Brazil
73 Mohsni, Bilel 31 D C Tunisa France
76 Boymans, Ruud 30 ST Netherlands
77 Hadhria, Nour 28 AM RC Tunisa
73 Buff, Oliver 26 AM C Switzerland
71 Cordero, Christian 31 AM LC Ecuador
73 Carrasso, Johann 31 GK France
73 Abdi, Almen 32 AM C Switzerland Albania
73 Jeffren 31 AM RL Venezuela Spain
74 Gashi, Shkëlzen 30 AM RLC Albania Switzerland
74 Diogo 29 D/WB/M L Brazil
73 Sapetti, Leandro 30 D/WB/M L Argentina
73 Martinuccio, Alejandro 31 AM/F C Argentina Italy
73 Alberto Martín 30 D C, DM Spain
73 Ventura 31 GK Portugal
75 Büttner, Alexander 30 D/WB L Netherlands
73 Piarrou, Cristian 31 D/WB R Argentina
73 Paulinho 31 AM RL Brazil
74 Strandberg, Stefan 28 D C Norway
75 Vela, Diego 27 AM R Spain
73 Nastic, Bojan 24 D/WB L Serbia Bosnia Herzegovina
74 Josete 31 D C Spain
76 Rodríguez, Maximiliano 28 AM LC Uruguay
74 Tighadouini, Adnane 26 AM RL, ST Morocco Netherlands
75 Sam, Sidney 31 AM RL Germany Nigeria
74 Melano, Lucas 26 AM RL, ST Argentina United States
75 Pylyavskyi, Andriy 30 D C Ukraine
77 Ward, Grant 24 AM RLC England
73 Butin, Edouard 31 ST France
75 Biabiany, Jonathan 31 AM R France Guadeloupe
76 Rotpuller, Lukas 28 D C Austria
74 Tiago Real 30 DM, AM RC Brazil
75 Büchel, Marcel 28 DM Liechtenstein Austria
75 Lloreda, José 24 ST Colombia
74 Mezu, Juan 30 AM RC Colombia
70 27 ST Brazil
77 Pantic, Aleksandar 27 D RC Serbia
73 Becker, Pablo 26 AM RC, F C Argentina Spain
76 Hoban, Tommie 25 D RLC Ireland England
77 Poyet, Diego 24 DM Uruguay England Spain
73 Traoré, Abdou 31 M RC Mali France
73 Denílson 31 DM Brazil
73 Gibson, Darron 31 DM Ireland Northern Ireland
71 Obinna, Victor 32 AM L, ST Nigeria
75 Aly Ghazal 27 D C, DM Egypt
73 Babá 31 ST Senegal
74 Muntari, Sulley 34 DM Ghana
75 Kembo-Ekoko, Jirès 31 AM RL, ST DR Congo France
74 Kameni, Carlos 35 GK Cameroon France
74 Tshabalala, Siphiwe 34 AM RLC South Africa
73 Lotiès, Jordan 34 D RC, DM France Martinique
73 Gámez, Jesús 34 D/WB RL Spain
73 Gouffran, Yoan 33 AM L, ST France Guadeloupe
73 Radovic, Miroslav 35 AM RLC Serbia Montenegro Poland


How did you create this list without having access to FM20?

I've used the brilliant database available at FM Transfer Update to determine which active football players are still without contract. Then I checked their attributes on Football Manager 2019 in order to assess the players based on their best role(s) and to decide if they're good enough to make my list. And for those who made it, I assigned them my personal recommendation ratings for your convenience.

I can't find all players of this list on my savegame. Why?

I loaded all players (350k+) in-game to produce this list of FM20 free agents. Your savegame possibly has fewer players loaded.

Where is the downloadable shortlist file to import in-game?

In recent years I would not share a downloadable shortlist because people would steal them and post on other sites without my consent. However, I will eventually release some shortlists with my favorite picks.

Feedback Appreciated

I'm counting on your feedback to update this list, so I encourage you to post your suggestions in the comments section below for players I might have missed or others who shouldn't be here. Any questions regarding those players feel free to ask.

Did you find this article useful?

I would be grateful if you share this on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Thanks! :)

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