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Football Manager 2020 Features Wishlist

A selection of feature suggestions for FM20, as requested by the FM Scout community.

By on Aug 29, 2019   10565 views   6 comments
News - Football Manager 2020 Features Wishlist
Football Manager 2020 has been announced, but there won't be any feature reveals before mid September. As we're eagerly anticipating those feature updates, we've asked our followers on social media to think of ways that could make FM20 better than FM19.

Welcome to the FM20 wishlist; a curated selection of feature requests by the FM Scout community. We received hundreds of comments, and in this article I present you with some of the most interesting ones.

It's always intriguing to know what the community wants to see in the next version of the Football Manager franchise, and to compare how these ideas will match the new features that made it in the new game.

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Miles Jacobson - Sports Interactive studio director - started working on FM 2020 features at the end of 2018 and took him 5 weeks to go through most of them. The developers have a pool of thousands of approved features in recent years which is still full.

Some people believe that the last 3 FM for example have been data updates with a tweaked match engine. But it's widely admitted that FM19 was great and possibly the best in the series so far. Thousands of new features (regardless of how small) have been added to the game during that time.

With FM2020 coming to more platforms than its predecessors, it will be interesting to see what kind of adaptations and improvements SI have in store for us. FM20 will be a launch title on Google Stadia Founder's Edition, it shall be part of Xbox Game Pass for PC, and it will also be on Switch again.

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Now, let’s get underway with your feature requests!

FM20 Most Requested Features

  • Manage youth teams to start your management career
  • Pick kits and sponsorship deals
  • More realistic transfer AI
  • Chairman / own a club mode
  • Do something with your manager wage

Your ideas for Football Manager 2020

Match Day

Subs getting told to warm up.

Improve match engine crowd sounds and chants.

Add more real stadiums.

Voice commentary during games.

Weather actually seen to affect pitches. Snowy pitches, soaked pitches, mistimed tackles due to weather.

Visual effects and better graphics for the fans.

Button to finish remainder of the match fast.

See the bench and staff celebrating a 90th minute winner with players.

Add ball boys so the player won’t have to walk through walls to get the ball for a corner.

Be able to give officials lip when they give decisions against you that you don't agree with. Harass ref walking off pitch at half time, full time. Give opposition manager lip if they are playing dirty for example. Along with all the consequences that exist now. Managers can get booked is a new rule.


Build academies abroad in other countries to find and develop players.

More realistic regens. After 2-3 seasons loads of newgens are created with godlike ability! This type of players should be rare.

Dynamic youth intake ability. Clubs and nations that overachieve should get better youth intake.

Youngster attributes and growth to be in correlation to the club stature, country and club talent production, the division they play and the match experience.

Based on the amount you give back to the local community helps increase the chance of good potential regens in your area.

Spend part of your scouting/youth budget on community coaches to allow you to recruit more players.

Transfers & Contracts

More competent and consistent AI for transfers. Random club from a lower league will ask 30M for a newgen from their youth squad, but then they end up selling that player to another club for way less than half the price.

Better negotiation with clubs regarding transfers. If I set a 30M asking price and you bid 8.5M a thousand times I'm not going to change my mind.

Interact with agents to make buying players they represent easier and reduce sign on fees for them.

Enter negotiations first with a player before agreeing a fee.

A revamp of the agents module. Agents work with each other and against each other, they destabilize players. Mandate agents to find players for you.


Enrich and diversify press conferences. They feel boring and repetitive. A greater array of questions and answers available with greater consequences than either a ban from the FA

Send players to community events.

Select a match day squad. You hear of someone not being included in a squad ahead of a game and people start debating it.

Declare bonus or extra tips for winning specific games.

More discussions with the board over affiliate clubs; e.g. for work permits, as there is hardly ever the option.

More conversations with the chairman.

Different ways to interact with players or staff based on their personalities.

Tell a club you will no longer work with them in relation to a transfer of a player if they are purposely trying to unsettle him.

if a player demands more playing time, then gets injured, there should be a greater period between them issuing an ultimatum when they return to fitness.

Fall out with fans. Fan protests.

Add team talks and more media as an option you can enable/disable in FM Touch.

Tactics & Training

More options to design set pieces.

Visit the training grounds to watch the training matches between your players, so to keep a better eye on the tactics you experiment in and get more feedback.

More tactical options when not in possession, or when defending.

Include a level of unpredictability in player development. In real life some players develop later in their 20's, some in their early 20's and some in their teens, so the attributes need to match that development.

Youth players shouldn't have to be part of the senior squad to be mentored.

Choose every skill we want a player to improve as individual training.


Manage youth teams to start your management career. A lot of exciting youth players in the game, would make a change from managing superstars, chance to develop them instead.

More personal life control as a manager; family may not like the area, being on forced sick leave, personal issues that could affect having to miss a game.

More interactive training for coaching badges with the option to manage youth teams and reserve teams as you gain stature.

Buy a club using your career earnings once you retire.

Invest your manager wage earnings into upgrading your attributes. Take coaching badges without relying on the board.

Have a meeting as one of the league managers at the end of the season to vote on new rules or changes to the transfer window.

Work as a director of football or head of youth department.

Choose to be a real manager. Two options; create a coach (default), and take on the challenge of being a real one, like Guardiola or Zidane.


Pick your own kits and sponsorship deals when they are up for renewal.

Choose the upgrades to you can do to your stadium and training facilities.See your finished upgraded stadium and while under construction.

Be more involved in the commercial side of the club, such as asking the board to increase/decrease the ticket prices.

Ask the board to use transfer budget to pay off the whole or part of a loan debt.

Create you own stadium if you have the money for it.

User Interface

Choice of kit change every year. Be part of the kit design process.

Use of the webcam to make gestures during the game so you don’t have to press buttons from drop down menus.

Simplify the screen. FM19 had way too much going on, coloured borders around all the boxes of info, and different coloured lines for each line of info.

Better facegen.

On deadline day do hourly clock for buying players.

Option for harder difficulty. Different coaches or scouts would give different attribute estimates of a player. On player profile, we get average attributes from the assessment of coaches/scouts.

Scratch the player traits section redesign it or weave into player instructions.


More dynamic reputation changes. When doing well (or winning even) the Champions League with a low rep club, it should increase the club's stature faster, making it easier to attract high profile players.

Improve the overall National Team experience such as team training and player interaction.

Introduce women football.

Better AI managers that know how to rotate and don't just buy players for the sake of it.

Sports scientists and data analysts capable of making a difference.

More realistic scouts. You can go to all corners of the earth to scout 10 players and 1 scout will have reports on them all within 24 hours. No travel time, nothing.

Make it possible to travel abroad on a promotion tour, e.g. to China or USA.

Implement bribery and match fixing to spice things up a bit.

I've tried to include as many ideas as possible and organize everything into categories, but please keep in the mind the order is random and not optimal. If you have any suggestions you don't see here, feel free to comment.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list!

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Discussion: Football Manager 2020 Features Wishlist

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • musned's avatar
    Yedek kulübesi kamera açısı lütfen
  • DarkHorseFM's avatar
    Did someone say match fixing in the comment section? Why? The football world is trying to get rid of that, why would they include it in a game? Lol!

    No way!

    I’d really like a better match engine. More realistic stadiums, especially pitches. The pitch in FM17 looked better and supported muddy pitches, pitches in FM19 look perfectly greenish-brown and I don’t find that very realistic. Pitch wear during the match would also look good and it should affect the game too. I’m yet to notice team styles or strategy, most AI teams are too adaptable and tend to switch their style of play dramatically from being a possession based team to a long ball team within the same game. we don’t notice this with ManCity/Barcelona in real life.
  • petermanu's avatar
    In FM2019 almost the whole world's DC will turns in to DC/DM for no reason. That feels so awkward. Please do something with it in FM20.
  • r2d2's avatar
    i would like to have instant result in the full version, like in FM touch ...would save a lot of time not to have to see every game. =)
  • Metalizer's avatar
    I’d love to see something similar implemented to what FIFA 12 or something did years ago. For example, the ability to take your team on trips for teambuilding, dinners to boost morale and charity visits to hospitals to boost attendance. They will all have drawbacks though. Like going on a dinner with the team will boost morale but lower their fitness by say 5% due to them losing out on rest and/or training. All these trips/dinners/charity visits will cost money but have a benefit of some sort.
  • West1X's avatar
    For a small tweak they could implement animations for group stage ,cup games recently the cl group stage was drawn. you should also be able to send ‘youth scouts’ to sign under 16 13 9 8 etc players for youth academies. When it comes to the day of the youth intake I think it should be displayed as a team meeting with you selecting players to go to the academies and talking to the other players to make sure they know why they didn’t make the cut. They should also consider different factors to players settling in,it could vary from not being able to find a suitable house and even bad views of back room staff. Lastly (if you’ve made it this far) they should add more ways of interacting with the board and club it cracked me up when Jamie’s Madeira brought 3 away fans to one of his games. Feel free to let me know what you think
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