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Football Manager 2021 New Features the FM community wants

Football Manager 2021 new features requested by the FM community. A FM21 wishlist featuring the best suggestions from the community on how to improve FM 2020. Updated on July 10th.

By Updated on Jul 10, 2020   90690 views   62 comments
News - Football Manager 2021 New Features the FM community wants
Summer 2020 is here and for some of us the urge to play FM2020 is slowly fading. We have had our long runs with a couple of teams and reached a point we don’t feel so attached to the game like a few months ago. It can happen to anyone and perhaps that feeling is stronger this year because of the lockdown situation around the world.

At this point we slowly start thinking of the next iteration in the FM series, which is of course Football Manager 2021. New features we’d like to see, as well as improvements and fixes to various aspects of FM2020 that may have occasionally let us down before.

Normally, we get to see some screenshots of the forthcoming successor in the series around September. I believe the people over at Sports Interactive headquarters do listen to their loyal community and always look out for any interesting suggestions they could integrate to the game.

This FM21 wishlist highlights the best feature requests from the FM community. I intend to keep this article updated with fresh ideas as they come up, so make sure to post your suggestions in the appropriate forums or on our facebook page dedicated to FM2021.

This has been a massive community work and I’m very proud to finally present this wishlist of FM 2021 features here. Let’s get started!

Updated 10 July 2020 (2nd update)


Being able to have more than three formations at a time.
~ by Iain Middleton

A new team instruction that says ‘look for square pass’.
~ by Michael O'Donnell

Tactic for a winger: if the team is defending, defend the back from the opposite team. Just in real life, the winger always helps to defend.
~ by Harko Kronemeijer

I want the opportunity to have a system for attack and one for defense in the same tactic. For example: 4-4-2 for attack to turn 4-5-1 into defense.
~ by Nykw Raizen

Being able to determine the movements of players when attacking. Where exactly each player will run to. For example I would like my wingers to attack the half spaces and can’t REALLY do that in the current tactic creator.
~ by Or Barak

A little bit more detail in tactics. Especially in opponent possession, where do you want your pressure, what players and which movement they have to make. Also in possession, create some more specific instructions for certain scenarios, like what does the 9 when the wingers are past their opponents and stuff like that.
~ by Wesley Vogels

It would be a good idea to highlight the area of the pitch and the directions of movement for a certain player in a certain position and role, combined with player instructions and tactic mentality. maybe there could be an area and some arrows around the player when you click on him, and a potential heatmap based on all this data overlapping when you view the tactic as a whole. [new]
~ Leo Hajder

Blank slate for player role/instructions. The current available roles with fixed and limited instruction options sometimes made us unable to maximize or create custom roles for some players, especially the newgens with their random attributes allocation. The ability to create a new role like "Makelele role", "False Nine" etc based on the player should be available to managers. [new]
~ Boris Pasaribu

Rename mentality options to be less confusing. No defensive nor attacking, just less risk and more risk. [new]
~ Rober

UI & Graphics

The ability to change your kit every year as in real life. Would be cool to have some input into the design as well, and have fan reactions to it.
~ by Joe Ryan Plumstead

A transfer market history graph for each player, see how it changed over time.
~ by Gavin Finlayson & Billy Peebs

Animated graphics, like showing a player sitting down putting pen to paper when signing a new contract.
~ by Bengt David Gabrielsen

More stats, such as top 10 or even 5 lists for top goal scorers in European competitions and top leagues. Same for club all time appearances and goals.
~ by Liam Brett

More details for players kept in the history, such as cup and international games, it only keeps league atm.
~ by Brett Goacher

Introduce real stadiums for the top leagues and some for the bottom if possible. [new]
~ by Jeff Jones

More options on data editor, so individual players have their own characteristics..Hairstyles, facial hair, boots, long or short sleeves, socks long / short. An example of these would be say Marek Hamsik - mowhawk and low down socks, Marouane Fellaini - afro hairstyle. [new]
~ Nick Matthews

Media / Press

Way more different questions from the press. They don’t all have to have some effect in the morale of players. The question about if some specific player is starting the match in this year’s FM is really annoying. Get rid of it! I know It's only there to possibly get the player upset, but it's just a weak and obvious attempt.
~ by Tuomas Riikonen

Media revamp; needs to be more exciting journalist questions and stories. The odd scandal involving your wonderkid for example, to make things interesting.
~ by James Taylor

Finances & The Board

I think you should have options too when extending stadia...Nothing worse that requesting improvements and then getting something like 1,000 extra seats and all of your resources gone. I think it'd be more realistic to get a few options or to be able to say yes or no to proposed changes.
~ Arnie Johnson

Get an option to improve the stadium little by little.
~ by Stefaan Letouche

More control on sponsor offers / contracts.
~ by Ste Lozza

Better sponsorship system: I don't want to be in control of it, but there possibly need to be a boardroom request to them to get seriously better sponsorships when the club’s reputation and success is growing at a rapid rate. Maybe invent some names to the sponsoring companies when you can't use real life companies.
~ by Tuomas Riikonen

I'd like to see better detail in the sponsorship sections, things like request selling of stadium name rights to generate income for transfers or facility upgrades or whatever you choose.
~ by Ryan Smith

I wanna sign a Chinese player and see shirt sale boosts. And in similar fashion sign big names to increase revenue.
~ by Abdullah Hussain

The ability to pay historical loans and debt off early. Speed up debt repayment when your balance is millions and millions. "Nah, 12k/month for 73 years".
~ by Tommy Parker & Thom Lovelock

Management of ancillary businesses; merchandising, sponsoring, tv rights - as all these things will help with p&l.
~ by Giorgio Guadalupi

I think the facilities section could be worded better too, maybe give a little bit of detail of what exactly you have purchased with the upgrade such as indoor pitches, rehab facilities, gyms etc.
~ by Ryan Smith

Being able to raise funds by adjusting prices in shops would be great. Also being able to build burger vans and restaurants around the ground and set prices would be amazing and help the lower league clubs earn money to invest in transfers.
~ by Marc Lloyd

They should create a tree showing the entire structure with its levels and prices. I don't know if I ask my club to upgrade because I have no idea what financial impact this would have on my budget.
~ by Roberto Streger

Increasing sponsorship money, tv rights and money for winning the league as seasons go on. Seems like the game gives a lot less sponsorship money to English clubs than other leagues. Also it does not increase as time goes on for winning the league. This is unrealistic.
~ by Rob McAllister

Being able to discuss with the board the level of facility upgrade. Usually we go from eg. Below average > average. If the money is in the bank it would be good to just have the club build state of the art straight away as what would happen IRL.
~ by Kris Callard

Be able to request season ticket price increases too as they vary team to team and often I've the lowest prices in the league and sold out every week.
~ by Ryan Smith

Economics should be more detailed; more variables, more dynamic. FM feels static in that regard.
~ by Enrique Carballo

Coronavirus affecting the transfer market like it will in real life for the first few seasons.
~ by Abid Shamsher

Maybe launch a TV channel if your fan base is growing to get more money; you could also have to close it if you lose your fan base. This side of the game is now lacking behind the reality and could help freshen it up and help managers see a reward for building up a club or troubles for not doing so well.
~ by Rob McAllister


Inclusion of Japanese football system.
~ by Sean Brett

Cyprus League without waiting for the patch.
~ by Aggelos Paschali

Youth Development

Introduce the personal life of a football player. "Spot in a bar/club after hours"; able to fine the player and just in real life, the next day, you suck, condition is 20% less.
~ by Harko Kronemeijer

I'd like to see players learn new related positions easier. Players move positions and learn new roles all the time in real life but in the game it's so hard to do most of the time. It should be a bit more fluid. Like training a striker to be a CB never gonna work, but a CM to DM should or DM to CB. WB should be able to develop going forward to LM / LW etc.
~ by Ryan Packer

Clubs can build youth academies like La Masia where the young players live and where you develop them.
~ by Morten Wind

More comments from your backroom staff on youth development and the better ratings of your staff the better/more detailed the advice. ‘If we start including player x in first team training/use him as a sub/start him this will help him develop’ This gives you an added benefit of having better staff, and how happy the staff feel at the club when it comes to making decisions about leaving.
~ by Rob McAllister

Build Youth Camps in certain countries for global youth recruitment.
~ by Jens Drewing

I just want a better youth intake when I have a superb youth development team at my disposal. Having a great DoF & HoYD but somehow still left behind with trashy youth intake compared with other clubs. [new]
~ Natasha Azad

I would like to target specific positions for my youth intake and rule out positions where I have enough players already. [new]
~ Alan Stewart

Be able to threaten HOYD with sack should prospects be poor. [new]
~ Ken Trailer

Backroom Staff

The loan manager role is useless as it is, unless you want to free up a scout from watching your loanees. Would be nice if there was an option to tell them to 'always loan to the club in the highest division/with the best facilities', or something like "only if playing time is greater than..." and "preferred position/role" , "level of the league you loan them too".
~ by MsFM, Ollie Lloyd & Rob Gray

Expansion on staff. More for sports scientists. Maybe add nutritionists, doctors, psychologists at top levels.
~ by Ryan Packer

When you get recommendations to hire new staff to improve your back room staff - it should also include who you would have them replace if you don’t have room to expand.
~ by Rob McAllister

Just put the coaches' star ratings in the game along with their stats. You can calculate them anyway using a calculator or excel sheet. No need for that unnecessary manual labour - it adds more time consumption than fun to the game. [new]
~ Simon Astrup

Game Modes

Would love an anniversary edition to be done, where you start say 15-20 years ago, but, instead of the database generating the usual generated players, as it does, the game brings in those actual future players. For example, you start in 2010, a very young Trent Alexander Arnold joins the U18s in 2016 and so on. Not sure if the database could handle it, but just thought it would be great to go back, but, as the game progresses, today’s actual players are then starting their careers within the game, alongside some generated ones also.
~ by Jacob Squelch

The option to start a save with the squad from the end of the previous campaign with a full budget to revamp the squad as appropriate rather than the ‘new’ squad with very little budget & room to manoeuvre.
~ by Eric Stewart

I really would like to have custom databases on the Touch version. I play Touch on the laptop because it's just so much quicker than the full version but I honestly wish I could download extra leagues.
~ by Connor Cunningham

Allow a bigger database on Touch. More playable leagues or just a bigger database in general would make it much more annoying.
~ by Matt Henderson

Challenges built in.
~ by Paul Brady

International management is in need of a revamp. It's been left far too long.
~ by Mark Musgrove

Have a football fantasy game inside the game. It’s like a game within a game.
~ by Stephan Chan

Director of Football mode.
~ by Nick Ingram

Be able to manage U19 or U23/Reserves at club level, so you can build a reputation/story.
~ by Ian Thomas

Because becoming a chairman would mean more than just putting your name on the role, you would have to then monitor and control every financial aspect of the club which would take away from time spent managing the club! It would be cool to have that as a separate game or game mode (even as paid DLC), but not as a feature in Football Manager.
~ by Jordan Dennis & Jack Ashley

Less details like old games. More details don't make the game realistic, just make it annoying. Most old school players don't have much time. Yes, we can play touch but it's not enough. The game should be between more detailed and Touch.
~ by İlker Akkoyun

Consider adding some women's football leagues to the database; definitely women's international football. [new]
~ Tim Adams


Better trade dynamics. It’s not realistic to offer a player in exchange for another and they ask the same money as if you didn’t add a player.
~ by Ste Lozza

Transfers need to be revamped, as it’s actually not realistic to buy every single good player in this game for 100-120 M, and when you are trying to sell your players to get peanuts.
~ by Omar Elsadek

Tapping up. Go through agents & players to talk about a move before agreeing with a club. Loyal players will report back to their club resulting in fines and transfer bans.
~ by Col Lane

The AI team needs to understand that when I give a very high / unnegotiable price on a player I don’t want to sell him or that sum is what I want. And if the player is fine with it (doesn’t get upset) there is no reason for them to keep coming back with the same poor offer or a little bit higher countless times. Especially near the end of the transfer window where you then get stuck for a while rejecting these silly offers.
~ by Tuomas Riikonen

More options on selling players through the director of football, e.g. no wage contribution etc.
~ by Sean Goodman

I'd like to see multiple deals in one, for example if you want two players from a team you can make it into a package.
~ by Gary Mitchell

Along with an asking price I would like to be able to set a secondary auto-reject price. When I set an asking price it doesn't mean that I am completely inflexible and don't wanna bargain. So I never set it to automatically reject all offers below the asking price out of fear that I could lose a relative good offer that I might could negotiate up. But since clubs never respect the asking price you set anyway and just offer ridiculously low offers for a player I would like to be able to at least select a minimum limit where everything is rejected automatically under. I don't want to set my asking price lower, because I don't want to give the assumption, that I am willing to sell him for less. [new]
~ Simon Astrup

Have relationships between agents and clubs like it is between Jorge Mendes and Wolves. So you can get players to sign for a club they normally wouldn't but now do it because of the relation between their agent and their new club. [new]
~ Gert Jan Pape


A revamp of team talks and communicating with players when they have a good game.
~ by Carl Bernard Dodd

Cut the crap of “feels he deserves a new contract” after a few good games with 4 years left on the current contract.
~ by Ikhwan Hafiz

Players disagreeing with tactics used, as well as complaining to manager and press when played out of position.
~ by Riyaz Rajan

When you have had a disagreement with a player often the ability to talk to him about any subject disappears - this is unrealistic. If you as manager you would still be able to interact with any player at any time even if they were upset with you.
~ by Rob McAllister

As a club manager being able to influence players on taking nationality and which national team to represent.
~ by Matthew Padden

Options to set up social nights for the squad to improve team morale.
~ by Brett Goacher

Better interaction with staff, if you ignore their advice consistently they start disliking you and causing issues. Youth not getting a chance youth manager starts getting upset. [new]
~ Chukwudi Egbumokei

Would be nice to not have players who are 18-19 years old complain about their starting position, especially when they're just prospects. I get it for older players who are regular starters or better, but not for younger ones. [new]
~ Dimitris Tsichlas

Like the older fm, interact with other managers all year round, slagging them off, or telling the United manager you think he'll get his team relegated. [new]
~ Alex Ross

Players are like robots, just scored the winner in a cup final? Player literally doesn't care. Underdogs just won the league? None of the players react, they just go on holiday afterwards. Player won a world cup? Ahh well I'll just go on my holiday. [new]
~ Chukwudi Egbumokei

Would make sense for players to base their happiness on total minutes played, instead of just being on the starting line-up. [new]
~ Dimitris Tsichlas

You don’t have the option to explain to a key player that you’re benching/resting him every once in a while because you want to rotate your squad and also offer others some chance. This increases the likelihood of the player becoming unhappy and - if he is influential, as key players often are - of affecting other teammates as well. [new]
~ Alex Pintea

You, The Manager

The ability to manage a clubs youth teams. More realistic instead of jumping into a high end job. Develop youth team players and liaise with the 1st team manager about who to bring through instead of getting crap youth intakes every season.
~ Jack Griffiths

A revamp when creating a manager so it looks more like yourself.
~ by Mick Mabs Maben

Being able to select teams you played for before becoming a manager so when you apply to become manager of a team you have played for it could sway the board to hire as a former player.
~ by David Martin

More acknowledgement of your success in the long run. First the press needs to stop asking about long term success when you already have won countless trophies. You should be wanted even though you don’t apply to jobs. There shouldn’t always be an interview, but just a massive offer and a talk about the club philosophy. Also interviews need to stop bringing up something that happened years ago. If my current squad is very happy at the moment, it doesn’t matter that some other squad was momentarily unhappy years ago.
~ by Tuomas Riikonen

Add the option to be/start as an assistant manager, learn from the manager, or be able to manage one club in an online save where one can be manager and the other assistant. Could be a fun way to control a club together or a new way of starting a solo save.
~ by Emil Stenum Czepluch

Be able to create a backstory for your manager. Even making a club legend or ex scout, assistant man etc. I’ve put little playing experience and it massively goes against me.
~ by Elliot Mather

Build up a fortune from the manager’s salary, so that later you could inject money into a small club or start a brand new club.
~ by Kenneth Schouw

If you have great success in a club for more seasons, you nearly don't get any request from other bigger clubs. Managers with success have to be coveted.
~ by Morten Wind

Ability to learn new languages to help get jobs abroad. I think you should be able to learn new languages while living outside of the country to help you get jobs in that country. Similar to how you do coaching badges.
~ by Ryan Smith

Interim job offers when unemployed.
~ by Riyaz Rajan

Being able to self fund your own coaching badges would be good.
~ by Joseph Henbery

The possibility of controlling an existing manager. [new]
~ Arnaud Baggio

Genuine career progression by being able to steer a path and choose which badges to take and attributes to improve over time... and without micro-transactions. [new]
~ Ben Campbell

Being able to pay for your coaching badges or language courses while unemployed. Clubs and leagues requiring a minimum badge level to be able to manage in that league. [new]
~ Carlos Ábrigo

Contract negotiations

Players shouldn't have so wildly different wage demands between teams that haven't got that much different reputation and play the same continental football. It's really annoying when you can't pay them 150k but they then accept 90k from a team that is roughly in the same level as you.
~ by Tuomas Riikonen

Be able to set individual targets for players. For example, goals for a striker, assists for playmakers, appearance targets for youngsters and fringe players. That adds an extra dynamic in terms of contracts, player happiness, development etc.
~ by Andrew Sharpe

When buying a player, ask the club selling him to pay some of his wage to get the player out of the club.
~ by Rob Smith

Month to month contracts.
~ by Paul Hague

Newgen asking too high of a wage whilst only 21 years old (or younger) & playing only 10 league games a season. Unrealistic.
~ Natasha Azad

Negotiating contracts, especially when you buy a player and he wants a release clause and you can't put it higher, the system won't let you. [new]
~ Alex Pintea

Those 10 million sign on fee are incredible high and when you want to extend a players contract that is paid 5 mil/year and he asks for 17mil. [new]
~ Alex Pintea

Match day & ME

I could accept no game changes, as long as they made the ME better. This year’s version has been woeful.
~ by Louis King

Sort out the ME! 35 shots on goal score once even though 10 were CC. Opposition scores with one attack. Happens too often to be realistic. Strikers don’t pass. Doesn’t matter what instructions say.
~ by Peter Hornsey

Match screen to be more customisable. You used to be able to add whatever stats you want but can't now. Also to have more stats included like expected goals.
~ by Darren Ó Murchú

A high percentage of crosses often hits the defenders even though you have a significant advantage in roster quality.
~ by Ste Lozza

Warm ups before a player enters the game.
~ by Ram Gian

ME fixes. If we are in injury time and losing 1-0, I don’t want my team to play the ball calmly at the back when our playing style is ‘gung-ho’.
~ by Giorgio Guadalupi

Make it possible to win with a variety of tactical approaches, not just high line gegenpressing 4-2-3-1. Reduce the number of missed one on ones and make dominance of shots on target and possession a better indicator of result outcome.
~ by Jake Mier

Any time you have a VAR check it always gives a penalty or disallows a goal. It never (at least I’ve never encountered a single case) says no pen or the goal is allowed. This needs to change.
~ by Rob McAllister

Find the middle ground between not too easy, and not too difficult. Last years became too easy to dominate, this year is impossible due to the potential of ridiculous results against sides you're infinitely better than. It happens sometimes, sure, but every time? Nah.
~ by Matt Henderson

Introduce off the ball incidents.
~ by Adam Lucas

First person camera angle on touchline.
~ by Alex Roper

When a ref whistles for offside after a goal, they're 100% correct. I have yet to see an offside decision being overruled by VAR. Would be more realistic to change that a bit. [new]
~ Dimitris Tsichlas

The one thing that happens a LOT that has never been in FM... Players getting booked for time wasting. [new]
~ Martin Wooliscroft


Internal training match for the first team. Currently not possible unless we transfer players from b team to the reserves or u19. Right now you can only play your other teams so he moved players down and they all became unhappy. It might be a training feature already, but we don't see it. We can't watch it like a normal match.
~ destmez

A dead ball coach! A coach that specialises in dead ball plays and that you can assign dead ball tactical responsibilities to. Many clubs have that in real life. Some coaches have even made quite a name for themselves by being innovative in this area.
~ by Kasper Kristjansson

The better staff you hire the better advice they give you - from training to development. So you can design your own weekly training but take input from your staff. At the moment it is too all or nothing / either I do it or I delegate it.
~ by Rob McAllister

Would be excellent for players who play and train at a specific role, to NOT SUDDENLY FORGET IT after 2-3-4 years and while improving as players. What's the point then? [new]
~ Dimitris Tsichlas

The ability to set development goals for your players - especially youth. Being able to tell training staff more specifically that you would like to mold him into this role, work on these certain stats and player traits. So you don't have to go adjust a lot of times but coaches have a strategy to follow. I assume all players in real life have more long term development plans like that. [new]
~ Simon Astrup

Warm weather training can be requested in board request should be an option to choose when international breaks occur. [new]
~ Wayne Royle

International team training sessions, at the moment there's no training options available for learning new systems while on international duty. [new]
~ Steven Sadler


Scouting needs to be more precise and useful as sometimes scouts are not trustworthy even though they have 20 at Judging CA and PA.
~ by Omar Elsadek

An integration of scouting and shortlists. So you could make a shortlist with criteria like RB, max 17 years, minimum 8 crossing etc. - If scouts find a player matching the criteria you set, they add them to the list. If the player is scouted again and no longer lives up to the criteria, they take him off. Could reduce a lot of unnecessary and time consuming manual labour for all of us. [new]
~ Simon Astrup

I'd like more corporate memory of scouting assignments. I get fed up joining a club only to find out that they don't have 100% knowledge of other players in the league. This includes players who used to play for the team. [new]
~ Dave Bass

Scouts with realistic targets that are not out of your wage structure, transfer fee and clubs who will release them. [new]
~ Jonathan Holmes

Searching for a player with a specific former club (example: I want a player who played for Barcelona at any time in his career) . This feature has been constantly missing, but still there are thousands of useless searching options criteria. [new]
~ Rui Nabuco Silva


Upgrades to stadiums and building a new stadium where you have control of it and how much it would cost, so if you wanted to use your budget for a new stand then you could.
~ by Luke May

Stadium blueprints. Or some sort of visual representation in the facilities section. When you ask to upgrade the stadium why not offer an opportunity to select a stand, design etc. [new]
~ Daniel Hewson

Introduce a 3D Stadium Editor as a free tool on Steam.
~ by Stam

Bribes being offered.
~ by Alan Mooney

Ability to run classic tournaments from the past; world cups, euros etc.
~ by Marc Morgan

Option to retire a shirt and have a ceremony for a veteran player that spent time at the club for over 5 years.
~ by Asaf Haziza

I'd like to see teams go bust and new clubs getting created.
~ by Kevin Somerville

Career ending injuries, players found boozing/clubbing/failing a drugs test etc appreciate they would have to be regens to prevent being sued but players are booking into rehab and just about committing all sorts of things.
~ by John Pope

Develop sh*thouse tactics. Playing a hated rival? Heavy crunching tackles. Centre forward scored a hat trick against you last time? Get a bruiser to throw a few sly digs to the ribs. Be allowed to harass the 4th official, or confront the other manager. Get the ball boys to waste time at throws and corners. Talk sh*t in the press conferences about anyone and everyone. Even if you’ve never been in contact with them at all. Send a scout to try and tap up a wonderkid. Not just unsettle, but have the chairman offer the parents a sweetener as well. Have the groundsman leave the grass long, and water it extra heavy before playing some tiki-taka slick b*stards, while you go full Stoke and knock it long to the big man up top. Add a bit of fun.
~ by Garry Swan

Force majeure only, like pandemics or other events like storms that you cannot play away.
~ by Gabriel Stephan

Would be nice for the game to advance quicker when we're not on match day, instead of needing to press continue when there are matches at 14:00, 16:00 and so on. [new]
~ Dimitris Tsichlas

More focus on own talents from the AI. For example, in my 2030 save, Barcelona have one Spain national in their best 11 and he was bought from Valencia. [new]
~ Carsten Hansen

AI shouldn't buy players they don't need. Real Madrid bought Mason Greenwood in a huge deal he played one league game in 4 years and then released on free transfer. Game seems to get quite ruined after a couple of years. [new]
~ Carsten Hansen


More realistic management of schedules. I did the clubs’ World Cup in 2025 in June but my players were already all on holiday for the season end.
~ by Giorgio Guadalupi

Fixture congestion. No more games with only one day for rest. FIFA rules talk about at least 72 hours between two games.
~ by Κωνσταντίνος Κερέμης

Being able to ask for a rescheduling of a match if a certain number of your first team players are away on international duty or other circumstances. [new]
~ Simon Astrup

Network games

Develop the online experience. Online matchmaking maybe? Not too sure what would work, but it can definitely be MUCH better!
~ by André Nilsson

When we play more friends (2-4) at least for the same day games, I would like to be scheduled at the same hour so we can play continuous, not to wait for someone who plays at 3:00, 5:00 and finally I will play at 7:30 and my friends wait after me. [new]
~ Alex Pintea

That sums up all interesting suggestions people posted on our facebook pages. I tried to organize everything into categories, but please keep in the mind the order is random and not optimal. If you have an idea on how to sort the content better please advice. The same goes if you spot any errors or you feel a suggestion should be removed from the list.

And of course if you have any fresh suggestions, feel free to comment either on this page or on our FM2021 page on facebook. I’ll be also monitoring everything you write in our FM 2021 forums, so don’t worry nothing is going to be missed.

A big “thank you” to everyone who contributed to this list!

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Discussion: Football Manager 2021 New Features the FM community wants

62 comments have been posted so far.

  • ThatboyRosco's avatar
    oh and also space for full kit profiles rather than just the shirts
  • ThatboyRosco's avatar
    I would love to the history page revamped, I am a stickler for aesthetics and there is 2 things that really scream out at me.

    1. Games and Goals scored only reflect league games, why can't it include all competitive club games played that season? i remember Champ97/98 where it would only log starting games and not sub appearances, which annoyed me to the core and after years of it just including the league games its starting to get to me, my youth players always get cup runs for 2 or 3 seasons and make almost 15 to 20 appearances during that time yet its never shown.

    2. again on the history screen, when a transfer occurs between nations with different starts the season, if they play one friendly before the transfer it will still show, sometimes its just the difference in league starts for example

    2020/21 Your Team 38 13
    2021/22 Your Team 0 0
    2021/22 New Team 38 15

    it happens when loans finish at the end of a season too. its messy and it should be an easy fix like an override or something to stop it showing
  • richbell82's avatar
    What about managers having agents to negotiate contracts and the ability for you the game player to switch agents. Perhaps agent interviews for when you want to move agents?
  • flyingaviator's avatar
    Well, in my opinion there is a lot asked what is actally already in the game but very complicated to find it. TO change the sport every time will not help! This game is so in deph, the chellange is how to offer the player the best interface possible.

    The only area i see this game actually "flat" is the Finances & The Board.
  • ulasbora1905's avatar
    When the ref gives the penalty by VAR, you can not change the penalty taker. I think it is really frustrating
  • Ves's avatar
    Better support of screen resolutions higher than 1920x1080
  • winger's avatar
    another normal, adult suggestion.
    make real life U18 , U17 national teams tournaments like world cup, euro, etc.. in FM19 theres on U23 and U20 if i remember correctly
    but posting suggestion now is useless bc the new features (if even any ) are already closed, implemented and tested ... its 3 months until release so maybe only comestic , little feats can be added ..
  • joshleedsfan's avatar
    Have actual friendly tournaments that exist irl. Tired of doing tours of USA whilst the MLS teams are still playing, so I have to play Chattanooga U12s in front of two blokes and an old border collie
  • winger's avatar
    saved game mid game
    improving facilities at OTHER clubs

    yep guys please continue with your GENIUS ideas ...

    and winning CL with lazio , im not flaming you but you can see how easy is to win (with or wothout cheats..) its simply unrealistic ..
  • dmcgrath82's avatar
    I'd like better interaction from AI so you could actually reason with them. For example, I just won CL with Lazio and Coppa Italian, but finished 7th. so board wanted showdown talks. There should've been an option for me to tell to get their head f#%king read as is just won them the CL, and in real life I'm sure they'd cut the manager some slack. (I know Zidane but he was at Real )
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    how about improving facilities form average to state of the art directly if we have money to improve them
  • Bechii's avatar
    Be able to upgrade affiliated clubs youth/training facilities so there you can get better foreign youth players.
    Be able to spent earned money(Your manager) on maybe buying clubs, heltp upgrade clubs facilities(if you move from a big club to a smaller one, where facilities is bad and the club dont have money to spent on facilities, then you can help.
  • AST's avatar
    How about a 'save game' mid match. Games get interrupted by phone calls, visitors etc. I am sure there will be cries that it encourages cheating but so what. If people buy the game then they can do what they like.
  • AST's avatar
    The top priority for FM should be to improve this terrible FM20 match engine, which is very poor. Teams do not follow instructions; Has anyone ever seen whipped crosses or low crosses. Attackers shooting and not passing to players in better positions (I know it happens in real matches but not as much as this). I could go on. All the information is on the FM forum
  • winger's avatar
    i am really confused how SMALL steps developers made from fm 18 to fm 20 ... in tems of making the game more realistic by adding simple real life elements ..
  • winger's avatar
    another suggestion - easy button before and after the whistel "shake hands with opponent manager" - when youre at home - you always offering the handshake and when youre away - you are always offered . and in both variants you can accept or reject shake hand.. rly easy and it makes more tension between managers..
  • winger's avatar
    Another suggestion - medical ahead of transfer should be more expanded - you could see the results of player performance.. its not rly hard to implement some kind of card result , nicely graphics..
    purpose of it is cancelling the transfer independently by you or the club AGAINST your will , so it would make the game more realistic , because managers are not always allowed to buy whoever they want ..
  • winger's avatar
    yep bc when you have WISH list for MANAGER game, its little bit funky to WISH something like "desing own shirt, or stadium" OR "be a director" ...THE GAME IS FOOTBALL MANAGER.. my "rubbish" remark WAS NOT directed at you reuben , so maybe calm down and dont cry.. my comments are not any harmful or disrespecting others ... but people who are spamming wish list section with utterly nonsense wishes is weird .. thats all ..
    and to your wish about loading database.. you really think that SI developers will say "ok we have extra database consists of lets say 3000 additional players - but hey lets cherry pick only wonderkids.." ? no mate , this is very dragging and subjective job ..
  • Stam's avatar
    @winger: I'll quote a line from the site rules. Consider it a warning.
    RESPECT other members. Speak your opinion in a mature and respectful way.
    The reason why SI add many new features or not each year, has nothing to do with what their community is posting. They have a pool of thousands ideas, some of which are already approved to be added in the game for years to come.
    On a side note, more than 50% of people playing FM belong to the 25-34 age range, while over 15% are older than this.
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    i will post about the feature again since the fool misinterpreted my wish by reading properly my comment and criticizing mine and other comments which we wish to see and he coming here couldn't read the title and commenting against others.when we start the game and get the loading league page in which we use advanced database option to load more players with loading the leagues the player plays with we use current international players to load the best players from all nations who play for their national team i want an option to load all the best u-21 players or younger players without loading the whole league with crap players who will never play in our team while we just want those wonderkids loaded
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    you can stop posting rubbish comment down. we all post our wishes here we hope to see in the game. we don't care about your foolish comments. first before posting the comment atleast check what i have written first then post your idiotic messages which no one cares about and i have ingame editor available so as to let you idiot know and only post here if you want your ideas to be included which we all know won't be but we just post our wishes in games
  • winger's avatar
    reuben sequeira • 1 day ago

    omg then go buy ingame editor , its just for 4.99 and you can create new player by overwrriting regens ..
  • winger's avatar
    stop posting rubbish , childlish nonsense-- go play fifa if you want unrealistic garbage with messi ronaldo mbappe and hazard in one team you moronic kids.
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    just have great prospect or u-18 players in advanced database option to load onto game. we don't want 30 year old player who no one want but we only want that 18-year old from uzbekistan for example into game
  • winger's avatar
    99% of your ideas are trash, non sense or already in the game... no wonder developers dont make many new features bc they see how many stupid kids playing it.. 99% of those morons wants "design own t-shirt" and only 1% of real and adult FM players like me , want normal, innovative and great addons which are rly easy to implement based and fix on players attributes (visible and hidden).

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