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Football Manager Keyboard Shortcuts

List of the default key shortcuts for Football Manager 2012

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The keyboard shortcuts can be used to maneuver through football manager more quickly, the shortcuts are found in game at FM > Preferences > Shortcuts. Keys can be removed or new ones added, two shortcuts cannot have the same key.

Below is the list of default keyboard shortcuts on Football Manager 2012.

Continue Game - Space
Add New Manager - Control+N
Save Game As - Control+Shift+S
Save Game To Current File - Control+S
Load Game - Control+O
Load Last Game - Control+Shift+R
Start New Game - Control+Shift+N

Go To: Home Page - F2
Go To: First Team Squad - F3
Go To: First Team Fixtures - F10
Go To: First Team Tactics - Control+T
Go To: Team Instructions - Control+Shift+I
Go To: Player Instructions - Control+Shift+Y
Go To: Set Pieces - Control+Shift+P
Go To: Shouts - Control+Shift+O
Go To: Inbox - F4
Go To: Manage Subscribtions - Control+M
Go To: Calendar - Shift+C
Go To: Player Search - F5
Go To: Shortlist - F6
Go To: Staff Search - F7
Go To: Scout Knowledge - Control+F7
Go To: Staff List - F8
Go To: Transfers - F9
Go To: Transfer Centre - Control+F9
Go To: Team Information Panel - F11
Go To: Backroom Advice - Control+B
Go To: Game Status - Shift+G
Go To: World Transfers - Control+H
Go To: World Overview - Control+Shift+W
Go To: Transfer Clauses - Control+G
Go To: Finances, Summary - Shift+O
Go To: Finances, Expenditure - Shift+E
Go To: Finances, Income - Shift+I
Go To: Finances, Salary - Shift+W
Go To: Job Centre - Control+J
Go To: League Table - Control+L
Go To: Training, Players - Control+U
Go To: Match Preparation - Control+R
Go To: Preferences - Shift+P

Start Screen - Control+Shift+M
Bookmarks: Add To Bookmarks - Control+D
Notes: Create New Note - Control+K
Keyboard Focus: Previous/Backward - Alt+Right Arrow or Shift+Tab
Keyboard Focus: Next/Forward - Alt+Left Arrow or Tab
Screen History: Previous/Backward - Backspace or Left Arrow
Screen History: Next/Forward - Right Arrow
Quickflick: Previous/Backward - Control+Left Arrow or Control+Backspace
Quickflick: Next/Forward - Control+Right Arrow

Edit Box: Select All - Control+A
Edit Box: Cut Text - Control+X or Shift+Delete
Edit Box: Copy Text - Control+C or Control+Insert
Edit Box: Paste Text - Control+V or Shift+Insert
Edit Box: Undo - Control+Z

Match Speed: Fast - Shift+L
Match Speed: Medium - Shift+K
Match Speed: Slow - Shift+J

Subscribe/Unsubscribe - Shift+Z
Change User - Control+Shift+C
Search - Control+F
Reload Skin - Shift+R
Send Message - Control+Shift+A
Save Screenshot - Alt+F9
Help - F1
Print Screen - Control+P
Toggle Window Full Screen - Alt+Return or Control+Shift+F
Exit Football Manager - Control+Q or Alt+F4

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