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Godspeed 4-2-1-3 // FM20 Tactic

More direct style. Defensively solid and full of dynamic running to produce bags of goals.

By on Sep 18, 2020   53115 views   8 comments
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Football Manager 2020 Tactics - Godspeed 4-2-1-3 // FM20 Tactic


The aim of this system is to play quick tempo football moving from back to front, to unsettle the opposition to create goalscoring opportunities in the fastest way possible without being gung ho. Possession is not the focus for this style of play and average possession will often be between 45 and 50%. The team will look to make quick and incisive passes, using an energetic and athletic midfield 3 to break forward and overload the opponent's defence, allowing the front 3 to exploit the space to create and score the goals.

Without the ball, the team will use a split block, the front 3 and wingbacks are both smart and aggressive in the press. The aim is to press the opponent into submission and pinning them into their own third limiting their options to kicking the ball long, deploying the highest lines of engagement defensive line, to make the pitch smaller ensuring the ball is turned over as quick as possible. The two Segundo Volante's make it even more difficult for the opposition to play through the middle as they will stop the opponents forwards getting one on one with the centre backs.

Once the ball is turned over the Segundo Volante's will use their dynamic running ability to get forward, along with the box to box midfielder they will look to break through the lines. This will pull defenders out of position, leaving either our midfield runners the chance to score or pass to an open forward.

Due to the high tempo of this system key attributes to look out for are dribbling, work rate, teamwork, marking, tackling, natural fitness, stamina, pace, acceleration, balance and agility are bonuses.

The Shape

The Results

The tactic was tested across four of the main leagues in Europe with teams ranging from relegation candidates predicted to finish bottom up to champions league level teams. The results were great with all the teams overachieving as seen below. All the tests were done using the holiday mode.

Manchester United




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Downloads: 12785 / Size: 43.8 kB / Added: 2020-09-18
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Discussion: Godspeed 4-2-1-3 // FM20 Tactic

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • Boroboy116's avatar
    @Hurkadurk69 - I guess it depends on your striker and widemen. I didn’t test them with attack duty as i wanted the tactic to maintain its fluidity and not expose me in defence. In theory you could play one of them on attack and create some nice overloads with the wingers. Thanks for the kind words and glad you like the tactic.
  • azsumnasko's avatar
    @HurkaDurk69 Yes you are right :) - than just remove the overlap because it makes the IF wait in order the WB to go near/behind him. This will give more speed in the attack itself and if there is no chance for a shot, a pass will be attempted to the WB.
  • YAMS's avatar
    If you want a tactic to have more possession lower your mentality/level of risk. Players will be more cautions with their decisions.

    Overlap/underlap will instruct the full back position on that side to have a more attacking mentality than his current role. For an inverted full back pick underlap, for normal full back pick overlap.

    If you have a winger/wide midfielder on that side as well they will hold/dwell on the ball to look for the underlap/overlap.
  • HurkaDurk69's avatar
    @azsumnasko WBs on support have *get further forward* automatically
  • azsumnasko's avatar
    Good tactic congrats, but if you remove the Overlaps and add the WBs instructions to get further forward you will actually increase the speed of the attacks and the scoring options will rise.
  • HurkaDurk69's avatar
    @Boroboy116 A question, how many goals do the Volantes and BBM get? I have always loved the idea of my top goalscorer/up there being positioned deep and getting goals from outside the box and arriving late into the box. Does this tactic do that?

    Also, have you tested it with the Volantes set to attack?

    PS, love your tactics :)
  • Boroboy116's avatar
    @furious88 - not with a simple tweak no.
  • furious88's avatar
    any chance tweaking this tactic for having 60% + possesions every game?
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