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Gunners Gunning

An attacking game looking at maintaining possession while actually making use of it. Arsenal undefeated in 83 games.

By on Jan 20, 2015   16104 views   7 comments
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FM 2015 Tactics - Gunners Gunning
In my current save I have used this tactic for the last two seasons with two different clubs. It has been tinkered with and changed throughout those two seasons and this is the end result in what I feel is the ultimate variation.

The idea is to get possession and then keep it, but rather than the tiki taka nonsense it aims to keep the goal of, well, the goal in mind. My board complain that the play isn't exciting but I have to disagree, by the fact I broke the team goals record for the EPL last season.

The instructions and mentality have remained unchanged throughout, though the formation has changed slightly from having three AMs to having one and two wingers, having a DLP in CM to having a RGA in DM. That being said, it's worked in every variation, the changes have mostly been to account for players abilities, though I found I conceded more with a CM and DM rather than two DMs. The Poacher can be altered to fit whatever role your best striker fits but I would recommend Poacher, advanced forward, complete forward and other goalscorers if you keep the roles the same across the AM positions. A False nine or DLF works well when the three AM roles bring the players into the box more often.

Note, I've kept Low crosses as an instructions as I've always favoured small and fast goal machines who can't really get off the ground.

I use very limited player instructions, the only one being this to the play maker to ensure he does his part on defense and that the passes cover the distance between the DMs and AMs. I find it's best to let the players do as they please within the system.

I started using the tactic with Brighton and led them to an 8th place finish, after taking charge of them sitting bottom of the table at the end of November.

As you can see, starting after I took over obviously, that Brighton saw good form under my command but the tactic didn't show its true brilliance until its second season of use, when I took over at Arsenal.

Undefeated in all contests for 83 games with Arsenal, and ended up with a clean sweep of competitions in the second season.

I moved on from Arsenal and went on to, using this tactic, take Slovakia to the Quarter Finals of the euros where England knocked me out. I won the Euro Nations with Norway, the Egyptian Premier and Egyptian Cup with Zamalek (they weren't in their continental championship when I was there.) and most impressively of all, in my opinion, the world cup with Ghana*. I'm now at PSG in January of my first season leading Ligue 1 and into the first knock out round of the Champions League after going through my group with straight wins. Obviously roles have changed to fit the needs of each team but the instructions, etc, have remained unchanged and the success it's brought me speaks for itself.

Let me know how you guys fair with the tactic.

*note, with Ghana, lacking any players of notably acceleration and pace in attack, pass into space was removed from the instructions, along with the low crosses.

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Downloads: 3452 / Size: 39.7 kB / Added: 2015-01-20
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Discussion: Gunners Gunning

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • King_Tink's avatar

    Who are you playing as?

    Personally I tend to keep match training on Defensive Set Pieces once the tactical familiarity is at a decent level, with the slider just to the left of center, because I noticed I conceded more from corners than almost anything else.

    Are you playing two DMs? if so what roles? do the players match those roles?

    If you send me a message with what line up you're using I might be able to make some suggestions but without any information on the team/players it's hard to pin point what is going wrong/
  • ligeruser94's avatar
    Thanks for the upload. When i first used it, i managed to go from 3-0 down against spurs to win 5-3. But later matches, my defence became super leaky. I mean like extremely leaky. I lost like 4-1 against West Ham even though i dominated the game. Do you have any suggestions what to do? and also, what sort of training should i be setting up?
  • King_Tink's avatar
    Oh yes, I was only with Arsenal for two years but the core group I formed have gone on to dominate England and Europe for four years after I left, hoping to break their grip this year as I return to european club management.

    In the season I had Ronaldo he scored 65 in 57 games, and Neymar, in the two seasons, scored 41 in 33 and 53 in 58 respectively. Ronaldo is now 37 and the lowest his average rating has ever got with Arsenal is 7.87, last season he averaged over 8 in 35 games, so I'd say he was worth it to the club.

    The club took a major loss on Neymar when my successor sold him for 40 mil but he had done very well, he'd just struggled to get into the first 11 due to the tactics the new manager was playing.

    Pogba's lowest average was 7.41 and that was when he played under me, my successors have got much better form out of him.

    So yeah, I'd say they were worth the money.
  • Wolfi's avatar
    Expensive yes but i bet they made the money you spend in no time.Great transfers mate.
  • King_Tink's avatar
    One and Two

    That should answer those questions :)

    Neymar was unsettled, Ronaldo was getting on and unsettled, Pogba was just expensive. Fairly large chunks were paid over 48 months.
  • Wolfi's avatar
    How much Ronaldo, Neymar and Pogba cost? Did you have to pay a lot?
  • petesut9's avatar
    how did you get Ronaldo and Neymar?
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