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GYR's Kante Be Beaten

Chelsea - Champions 61+ GD, Inter Milan - Champions 55+ GD, Porto - Quadruple 66+ GD.

By Updated on Nov 22, 2023   25081 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 4515 / Size: 407.0 kB / Added: 2023-11-21
Football Manager 2024 Tactics - GYR's Kante Be Beaten
Tactic Breakdown Video
Check out the video review of the tactic and test results including a breakdown of the team roles/instructions below


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All tests were done by holidaying the season.
When managing make sure you focus on building tactical familiarity, managing player fitness and don't be frighten to make changes to tackling midway through a game if you are picking up yellow cards


Inter Milan


Download Now
Downloads: 4515 / Size: 407.0 kB / Added: 2023-11-21
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Discussion: GYR's Kante Be Beaten

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • cikko15's avatar
    @gyrfm expect the tactic to be adapted to 24.2.1.
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Thank you @CarlosEsDios hope you like it!
  • CarlosEsDios's avatar
    It is good when the OP replies to comments, makes me more invested. I will download and give it a go
  • GYRFM's avatar
    @Poma I can only speak for myself but I would put them in IF I used them...I don't as I am trying to make them as easy to use v as many teams as possible.

    @cikko15 I appreciate the kind words and support! Always means alot when someone takes the time to come back and leave this kind of feedback. Thank you!

    @peterbolam78 I would never recommend changing anything as when I release it I beleive that to be the best combination of roles and instructions BUT it is your tactic once you download it so try it and worst case switch it back if it isnt working
  • cikko15's avatar
    I downloaded his tactic when he shared it on another site. I manage Samsunspor, I did nothing but select the v24.1.1 manager feature as "Tactician". As of now, the date is 08.08.2024. I had 23 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses in 38 matches in TSL. Number of goals scored: 97 Number of goals conceded: 50. I finished the league in 4th place. This result was achieved even though I could not correct my shortcomings during the interim transfer period because I had a 1-year transfer ban on 23.10.2023. Very good for this tactic. My BJK career, which was successful with "THANOS" in the previous version (24.1.0), was going well with "I'AM GROOT" in 24.1.1. I left that career short because of the problem of being fired because of the promise I made to the management. In short, friends who will manage Samsunspor They can use it blindly until the new update comes... Thank you, GYR, for the effort you put into the tactical files.
  • Poma's avatar
    IF you using Oi's write it in the description!?
    None of U tactic guys do that...
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    really enjoying this tactic with my Newcastle team, 2 queries, can the midfield roles be changed, also is there a way to get the striker playing well, my strikers Isak and Wilson are regularly the worst performers
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