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Unbeaten 38 wins in 38 league games - GYRFM Swansalona - Ultimate 4231 FM22 Tactic

Screenshots and video below.38 wins in 38 league games in holiday testing with PSG. League and cup double for BMG, Treble for Man Utd, double for Napoli and a double for A.Madrid. FM22 Swansalona!

By on Oct 27, 2021   189685 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 62922 / Size: 45.3 kB / Added: 2021-10-27
Football Manager 2022 Tactics - Unbeaten 38 wins in 38 league games - GYRFM Swansalona - Ultimate 4231 FM22 Tactic
Cover mage by @ScottPalfrey on twitter
Video by @SteveMHood on twitter

Thanks for checking out the tactic.

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Look out for more tactics on FMSCOUT and message me if you have any questions or want to let me know how the tactic works for you!

All tests were done by holidaying the season so by managing yourself you should get even better results.


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Download Now
Downloads: 62922 / Size: 45.3 kB / Added: 2021-10-27
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Discussion: Unbeaten 38 wins in 38 league games - GYRFM Swansalona - Ultimate 4231 FM22 Tactic

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • iipo100bax1988's avatar
    Real cheat tactic
  • ZeroDr's avatar
    Salut j'avais une question si il y avait un impact si je change de côté le IF AT je le met a gauche et le IF Su il y aurai un impacté sur le jeux Merci de repondre
  • Elbonf's avatar
    In my Odds BK save I changed mentality to attack and its even more effective finished 2nd in UCL grp with Liverpool PSG & Shakhtar just one loss in domestic season.
  • JV1992's avatar
    Brilliant. Just finished my first season with Valencia. Only signings were Puig on loan and Gnagnon on a free. Finished 2nd with 81 points. Some highlights of how well it worked...

    La Liga: Maxi Gómez top scorer (24) and second highest rating (7.4)//Domènech fewest goals conceded (11)//Guedes most assists (13)//Soler (252.15mi) 1st and Guedes (250.54mi) 2nd highest distance covered//Correia highest headers won % (93)//Gaya 2nd highest key passes (126)//Maxi Gómez most shots (200! 2nd was 100...) and shots on target (97)//Soler (30) and Gaya (22) 1st and 2nd most clear-cut chances created.

    Team was second highest (92) in yellow cards with Uroš Račić getting 10! Had 1 red all season but expect the harder tackling instruction to rack up them yellows.
  • FM Artisan's avatar
    Hey mate I tried this myself and did okay but nowhwere near as good as you were doing.

    Leicester = 5th
    Leeds = 4th
    West Ham = 6th

    Did seem to do well in all the cups though...
  • 8eebs's avatar
    Got Cambridge promoted from League 1 in my first season coming top. Now sitting comfortably 2nd in the Championship 33 games in. Yellows/Reds have been a problem of late, so have adjusted the "Get Stuck in" instruction, might be due to the quality of players, time will tell.
  • Iakovenko's avatar
    Tried with Ipswich once I'd got promotion so not the strongest team but took some absolute hammerings including conceding 7 against relegation rivals. Double the red cards of any other team and 60 more yellow cards. Not a tactic for underdogs I don't think
  • crazyblue's avatar
    Just working amazingly well, playing Valencia and haven't lost any match yet. Thanks for the tactic !
  • GYRFM's avatar
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Not much information there @anguskhan but happy to look at the save if you want to send it on discord. Sounds like you are dominating teams but without seeing your team, team cohesion, tactical familiarity, training and morale its hard for me to explain why your team isn't taking it's chances.

    Message me on discord and I'll see what I can do to help
  • fmchoosenone's avatar
    sorry this is terrible 36 shots to 11 lose to man utd 3-2 at home 40 shots to 5 vs Everton 0-0 and list goes on of terrible results
  • GYRFM's avatar

    Changing any roles will impact how it does but give it a try if thats the role you want to use.

    @romano.338 I'm not sure you have checked the tests we didn't use liverpool or inter we used Monchengladbach, Napoli and Man Utd. It's not impressive it won the league with PSG its the fact it won every game. Good to use PSG for tests because if it doesn't work with them other teams have no chance.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    Wow thank you for uploading this !! Been using your tactic since FM2021 and it was great !! :D

    Little bit question tho.. will the tactics still works just fine if I change the SS role let say into AP or AM?
  • Romano.338's avatar
    Why don't people test tactics with clubs that are a bit challenging? Winning with PSG, Liverpool or Inter isn't a sign of amazing tactic
  • GYRFM's avatar

    all tests are simulated for the whole season.

    BMG are predicted to finish 5th and won the bunders but will depend on the league and team. Haven't done any additional tests to the ones shown on here.
  • Greentrunk's avatar
    Always sceptical about using a tactic when no human has been using this. How does it work with mid or lower strength teams?
  • Scheyltjens's avatar
    How did you already played a season with Manchester, Napoli, BMG, PSG and Madrid? Did you simulated? Or Played all matches?
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